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Fantasy Dragon Bonds - selective

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Not really that radical.

Welcome to Dragon Bonds!
Links: Lore, OOC, to be added.

Synopsis dragons.jpg
Hello and welcome to Dragon Bonds! This roleplay is centered around a monarchy whose main offense against invading attackers is a league of dragonshifters and their pledged knights. The main plot revolves around the newest fledgling and knight being bound to one another at the beginning of the thread and each one learning their new duties, responsibilities, etc.

As it develops, several other storylines shall pop up and change the way your characters perceive the world (or so I hope.)

What I'm currently looking for in roleplayers– someone who has time to respond (at least) once a week, has an interest in adding to the storyline and is capable of using correct spelling and grammar. Those are my basic requirements! Anything else is just brownie points.

Intrigued yet? Good! So, the lore page shall be posted within the next few days as well as the OOC and the CS forum.

Feel free to ask questions and declare interest– or both if you'd like!
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Hello! im new to the site but im interested!
EDIT:could you explain me how exactly can i make a character in PMs? thanks!


Not really that radical.
radicalthinker radicalthinker
I have a quechon.
Does this mean the dragonshifter is played by one player, and their knight/handler is played by another player? (Basically pairing system?)
Do we play as both a dragon and their assigned knight?
It just depends on your preference honestly. I would prefer if it was a pairing system but if you'd like, you can play your own dragonshifter and knight.


Not really that radical.
Would it be alright to develop a character who is either part of the monarchy or in society's elite? Do you have any info about them?
Sure! I should have the lore page posted today that lists the nobility/noble roles you can take.

Interesting what type of dragons can we have?
Any type of dragon! I'll have the types listed on the lore page (that I'll be posting tonight) but I'm sure whatever you have in mind will work.


Time Stands Still
This seems a bit saturated with characters, but this has peaked my interest, I've been wanting to get back into fantasy.

EDIT: I wanted to ask what exactly what these dragonshifters are and look like. I assume that they are shapeshifters, based on the name, but what would their other form look like, more human, more dragon, something else entirely?

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