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Realistic or Modern Detention - CS




Group Description
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Diane Matthews
Nicknames: Junkyard Jane
Age: 15 (16 very soon)
Grade: 11th / Junior
Clique: Indie - the Indie’s indie if ever there was one.

Height 5’6”
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue (very intense)
Clothes: Has a tendency to go with jeans, or blue jeans looking blues like the shirt above. Also has a brown leather jacket for cooler weather, and a jean jacket.
Jewelry and Tattoos: None
Scars: Covered with them. Mostly small ones that will fade over the next year that she uses makeup to cover. Looks like she might have tried to kill herself by slitting her wrists - straight across and jagged.

Someone apparently broke into the head cheerleader’s fancy car and poured skunk scent all over the interior. Poor thing, she couldn’t use it to go on a date with her wrapped around her finger on and off boyfriend after his football game now. Not saying she had anything to do with it... But the cheerleader’s boyfriend got detention for filling her guitar case with very smelly garbage - probably at the head cheerleader’s coaxing. The whole skunk scent thing was probably an act of revenge.

Her parents turned her in.

  • General:
    Quiet unless she has been triggered by a dislike
    Workaholic mentality (this includes homework)
    She avoids social media for the most part, though she can't completely avoid it given her blogging. She's a bit of a hippie / treehugger. She is not in the slightest bit squeamish about gutting a fish ... and laughed herself silly watching an episode of TBBT where Penny is teaching how to bait a hook and gut fish to the boys.

    Health nut (won’t drink sodas, eat junk food)
    Rock Climbing
    Computers (building and coding)
    Digital photography and video
    CGI fantasy art
    Blogging and Vlogging

    Bullies in general
    Drugs, smoking, alcohol

    Thinks Vegans are silly. (“Pass me the A1.”)
    OCD (not extremely so. She’s not like Sheldon from TBBT. But her books are arranged on shelves by subject, alphabetized. When she buys groceries she organizes everything in neat rows and in set numbers - like 4 of everything. If bored she’ll start organizing everyone else’s stuff.)
    Writes in calligraphy. Sometimes uses words that most people have to look up in dictionaries.

    Demophobia, mild
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Professional Daydreamer

Name - Elliot Nathan Creed
Nicknames: Eli
Age: 16
Grade: 11th
Clique: Indie

Appearance: Elliot has dark hair, uncombed, to his mother's everyday chagrin. His eyes are a blueish dark hue, and his wardrobe is mostly consisted of Star Wars jackets and plain shirts.

Mr. Creed was caught in the Elementary's science laboratory with an active lighter, presumably with an intent to burn his own backpack. Suspension and expulsion was considered, but after he provided a suitable enough alibi (he was returning it to the lab's lost-and-found after finding it unattended on the floor. Then, he accidentally switched it on after setting his backpack down to write a note pertaining to said lighter. Further investigation into the matter and true intent will resume after the disciplinary actions required are finished.) he was ruled to the light punishment of detention.

  • Elliot is quiet, wandering through fantastical ideas that would be right at home between the pages of a dog-eared book or shown in a cinema. His mind is detail-oriented, to the point where he could spend hours debating on what shade of blue he should use for a corner of his painting. However, he can be overly analytical and judgmental, losing him friends and time, all wasted on putting meaning into simple actions. He could turn his brother's breathing into a point for an argument.
    However, he is good at listening and takes criticism well, unlike the rest of his family. He can sound callous and insensitive, though it's probably in retaliation for another accidental breath.

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sexy queer-coded villainess

Name: Pia Navarro
Age: 15
Grade: Sophomore
Clique: Art kids/Drifters

Appearance: Pia cowers beneath the average student population at a mere 4’8. She’s a bit chubby
and has a rather unathletic build. Her wardrobe consists of mostly sun dresses and cardigans.

Pia was found with a juvenile possum in Western History, which falls under dangerous and disruptive materials. Claimed she found the animal on her way to school and refused to set it free when asked. Her guardians have been notified and further discipline is required after she completes detention. Possum has been detained by animal control.

  • Pia is an odd girl who’s head seems to always be in the clouds. Whether it’s her poor understanding of the English language or just being an airhead, she’s slow to understanding things/coming to logical conclusions. She has a hard time relating to her peers and consequently spends most of her time alone, drawing or just daydreaming. She’s a natural artist who sees the world a little differently than others, through rose colored glasses that give everything its own unique beauty, no matter what it is. She’s superstitious and believes in ghosts and aliens without question, and is slow to doubt any folklore or legends she happens to hear about. She seems to have a bit of a childish view of the world; things like dating, school and her future career concern her about as much as what she’s going to have for dinner tomorrow. Might have ADHD.


To stay alive you've got to kill your mind.
urban-punk-girl-600w-105184310 (2).jpg

Amalia Cardea

Nicknames: Amy
Age: 16
Grade: 11th
Clique: Punk, Outsider

Appearance: Amy is rather short with her 5'1, but that doesn't make her any less scary. Her body is average, but espectailly in PE, you can see that she puts a lot of effort into being fit.
She usually wears trousers with a lot of bags, plain shirts or band tees and army boots, all black, of course.

After the history teacher asked her to quit drawing on her desk, she told her to go pull that stick out of her ass. Since this happens regularly, there was no other discussion needed.

  • Well, it has to be said: Amy has a problem with authority figures. You try to give her an order, she will most likely come back at you with resistance. She is loud and antisocial, with a wicked sense of humor; but if she wants to, she can be the sweetest girl in the world (she doesn't care enough, most of the time). Most people are scared or in awe of her, some bully victims wished they were her.
    When she is wronged, she has no problem with taking revenge to extremes, sometimes destroying things or threatening the person to a level that you would not expect from a high school girl.
    It seems like she's not afraid of anything, always looking for that adrenaline rush, which often makes her part of dangerous, borderline illegal activities.



Ian James Fleming
Nicknames: Goes by his middle name
Age: 16
Grade: 11
Clique: Jock, secretly Artist.

British Exchange Student (Not exactly true, but he isn’t correcting anyone)

Height: 6’4”
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Scars/ Other Facial details:
Body Type: Athletic, ripped
Attire: He could wear anything he wants, but he simply doesn’t care.

One problem with being an exchange student, tall, handsome, a bit of a rebel - every girl in school notices you whether you want them to or not. Supposedly it is the accent. Well, since coming to Model HS, the football team has been making all sorts of wins - all thanks to James. And the Coach takes every chance to point this out, while asking the rest of the team why they don’t do better. This hasn’t gone over very well with the team. They hate him.

So he got a little annoyed with them … and went to all of their lockers, and slid tampons into each one. Probably not his brightest move as his locker was the only one without a tampon left in it.. He just smirked and called the evidence 'circumstantial.’

  • Passive aggressive, suffers from abandonment issues. Couldn’t give a damn about money. Hates team sports and combat sports - though he has all the right skills. He’s a natural athlete. But he prefers any sport that he can do alone.

    Snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing
    Extreme biking

    Rich snobs and Entitled brats
    Football, Baseball, Boxing

    Interests and Hobbies
    Art (comic book, fantasy, sci fi, nature, sketching)
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