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Fandom Deadman Wonderland Group


AKA Kami~Sama
Hey. Me and @Amyleii are forming a Deadman Wonderland group rp. All those who would like to join us. We haven't decided on an overall plot yet, though most likely it will follow an incredibly similar plot to the source material. For now, we're simply recruiting people. If you have any questions, direct them either to the comments (for in general ones) or private message me (for character-related questions).
Da Rules:
1. Let's not spoil the manga for any of those that haven't seen it.
2. Avoid having an over-powered character without consulting me or Amyleii. If you're worried, just talk to us about them ^^
3. Don't kill/severely harm other people's characters without permission.
4. These rules might change as we better understand the plot and world we'll be using.
If you're interested in reserving yourself a spot in this rp, then simply post you're interested on this page. That way others can see how many other people are interested.​


AKA Kami~Sama
@aDistraction @Ian Temero
Yup, we had a bit of a delay due to me picking a terrible time to deal with stuff, but we're back on track now ^^
We'll be working on a basic plot for the next few days max, then we'll provide the basics we need from you guys (character wise), and then we should be good to go.
Are you both still good to join?

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