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Fandom Dead Space RP

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The previous post got scrambled so now I have to repeat everything I'll be super quick.


A space freighter called in a distress signal since it couldn't dock on a civilian resort called The Deep. The CEC or Concordance Extraction Corporation, sent the USG Helios which consists of a pilot, co-pilot, Engineer, Microbiologist and Security personal (Your OC) to investigate the loss of signal. Since the CEC is briefed of the situation they sent a security specialist (your OC) to assist in any problems we might face and to assess if the situation is dire. The Microbiologist is the only one that stood out in the group. There was no logical explanation to send a doctor to what is essentially a minor disturbance or so it seems.

The rest will be briefed in the story and the layers that need to be added shall be in due time. PM me if interested and if you have questions please ask I'll be glad to respond.


No god modding, no taking control of other OC's, two paragraphs at least and at least one reply per two days.
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