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Fandom dead by daylight/dbd partner search

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thunderkiss '65

hello there! back from the dead to check if a partner or two would be interested in a dead by daylight roleplay.
i'm currently looking for someone who is open to doubling - thats the only requirement. i can write canon x oc or
oc x oc for this one, including survivors (or) killers. i have a preference for canon x oc atm but no pressure.

my idea, that i've come up with at 2 am omg, is a more fleshed out version of the entitys realm. outside of trials,
survivors can get hurt and retain permanent injury (until moved back into a trail, where the injury will dissapear until
reappearing when they return to the campfire or, until they heal.) the campfire is their "spawn-point" of sorts and
they can feel pain, hunger, sickness, thirst, etc, etc. it requires them to scavenge the entitys realm in search of items
and maybe something in hope of escape? this will lead to angst as well as run ins with killers and the like, just ur
casual drama and chaos.
i am very open to fleshing this out or changing some things if it sounds interesting to you! <3
i'm also thinking that survivors only have the perks they come with. they can't learn new ones ..
to keep it unique and more interesting !! same goes with killers.

mk, now for the information of the survivor/ original character i want to write. this is something i've
also spontaneously come up with at 2am so.. def needs some work. i don't have specifics on gender,
so that can be discussed, but i do have perk ideas that i would like to play around with!

the first perk is called thick and thin.
somewhat similar to jakes perk, calm spirit, except more.. quirky lmfao. since the survivors and killers
have things that follow them, i imagine the character i would be writing has the same issue. BUT, their
middle school pet joined in for the ride LOL. a hamster that died years ago is somehow back ?? but in
all seriousness, rats and crows are everywhere in most of the maps so i'm sure it wouldn't be too strange
to see some ditzy rodent running around. (like how the clown has the circus horse stuck to the carriage.)
this is for comedic relief as well as an excuse to involve my current obession w hamsters.. i mean cmon
basically, mr. hamster would be a scout of some sort and grant the survivor the ability to see the
killers aura and generators for a minute. cool down would be pretty long though and, if caught,
the killer would be able to get rid of him. :-[

the second perk is copy cat.
pretty simple, a perk where the survivor can create decoy scratch marks in order to throw the killer off.

the third perk is bird of prey.
this survivor is going to be pretty elusive/stealthy, so this perk is another decoy one. basically, can set off
a murder of crows in a totally different location. kinda like spies from the shadows except survivor-sided.

anyways, if you're interested or want to work some things out then don't be afraid to message me!
i'm very flexible and if the plot/perk ideas i have in mind don't wrk for you then let me know. :-) hope to hear from ya.


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