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Fandom DC Dog Days



The Lonely
The day had come. The new heroes had gathered together at the Watchtower, awaiting the arrival of the Justice League. The young and hopeful teens had been told to gather today here to begin the formation of a new team under batman.

Arriving through the Boomtubes the Members of The Justice League had arrived. In through the portals came Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Flash, Aquaman.
"Martian Manhunter and Shazam are busy today. But as the majority of the members of The Justice League we will begin." Said Batman.

Gathering around the Justice League table, Batman had stepped up to the front, pulling out a device that had the Bat Symbol on it, although it seemed to have been incorporated with Apokoliptian tech.
"As you know we recently had to deal with an invasion from Darkseid which had left Apokoliptian technology which vastly increased the amount of metahumans in the world."
The device projected a Hologram, showing the Justice League fighting Darkseid and his army of Parademons throughout Metropolis."
We were left thin and it took all our efforts to scrape by and defeat Darkseid. The rise of metahumans has increased the amount of crime and super villains by tenfold.
Batman continued pressing a button on the device, changing the image to civillians having their metagenes activated, panic, suprise, and many more emotions as people realized they have gained superpowers.
"As such we have come to the decision to take action. All of you today will be members of a new team I have put together. You will be known as Genesis."

Wonder Woman stepped up.
"You all will be a discreet and secret team that will take missions from us when we need you too. You will be given a place to stay here at The Watchtower, should you need it. But otherwise you are free to continue your normal lives. You all have your own room here on the Watchtower.

Superman had stepped up and began to look the heroes in the eye. The holograms began to change to downtown metropolis showing strange red swirling portals and liquid creatures seemed to be made out of blood.
"But the reason we have called you today is to discuss your first mission. Strange portals have been popping up over downtown metropolis. I have rescued a few individuals who were seen near it from strange creatures made out of blood. But the trail gets cold after the seamingly harmless portals disappear. I'm afraid this might need a less noticable touch. Whoever is behind this doesn't want to be found. We want you to go to downtown metropolis and get rid of these portals before tomorrow night

Batman turned off the holograms and faced the heroes one last time.
"I am placing Zatanna in charge of this team. You all will need to learn how to work together. Take this time to familiarize with eachother. Being able to get along with be important for the success of this mission.
That is all."

So there it was. Their first assignment. They had some time to kill and greet eachother before they would head out into the streets of downtown metropolis.

Meme Man

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"Genesis, like the band?" Pat said from behind the battle scarred ballistic mask that had a skull decal on it. He himself was a result of Apokolips technology, if you considered technology shrapnel that buried itself inside the body and coated the hosts major organs, bones, and muscles. He was popped by Bats for his methods of fighting crime, Which usually involved kicking down doors and blasting whatever was on the other side into pink mist. Where deathstroke was an assassin known for his stealth and subtlety, and deadshot who could snipe a man discreetly from miles away, Slayer as he had come to be known was like a wrecking ball, destroying whatever his target was in the quickest and often most brutal way. "Honestly Bats I was expecting something a little more..." he gesticulated with his hands, "I dunno, but do you really think someone's gonna get the fear of God in them if they think Phil Collins is coming to beat their ass."

He was being a nudge on purpose of course, but seeing as he would be serving multiple 20 to life sentences if it wasn't for Batman, Bruce probably wasn't the best person to pester. "
By the way where's Nightwing, I thought he would be here if he wasn't to busy drooling over Star." him and Nightwing had an interesting relationship to say the the least, the dude went and broke his arm in two places because Pat had given him a couple warning shots. Despite his one arm being out of commission he had done a good job of making Dicks face look like ground chuck. "Also one last question, can I use real bullets?" After his release one of Batman's rules was no killing, and he had to use rubber riot rounds. He was too "trigger happy" as Nightwing had put it.
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Gravitys Momentum

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Gerold looked around, everything was so fancy. He was scared of the invasion but thankful for the chance it gave him.

He watched as the mushrooms grew from his skin and fell off. That he would never get used to.

"Hello, the name's Death Cap. I am a fungal biomancer and I hope it'll be nice working with you folks."


One Time Luck
Lillian grins bouncing on her toes looking around. "I can't wait to kick some ass." She states almost maniacally. She walks over to Death Cap holding out her hand "I'm Blackbird nice to meet'cha"


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Azeroth stood in the corner of the room listening to the league members give their speak, he looked around at the other teens present anyone else might have been interested in what powers or abilities the others had. Not him though he merely looked at all them them with an expression of disinterest. He pulled a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and pulled one from the pack, he stuck it in his mouth and superheated his thumb until it was glowing before pressing it to the unlit cigarette.

He takes a long drag and exhales a cloud of smoke before dismissing the heat from his finger. "I told you guys I didnt want to be a part of this a million times and yet you insist on bringing me here" he says calmly his face expressionless. "But I ran out of ramen at home so I guess I can do this until I get more" he continues taking another drag of his cigarette, he takes it out of his mouth and puts it out in on the palm of his hand.


Praise the sun
Nick stood at attention, he couldn't quite believe the Justice League had seeked him out for this kind of thing but he was willing to give it his best. He listened silently as the other people in the room introduced themselves. "Hey. I'm Nick it's nice to meet ya" he said to the group. He felt a little flutter in his stomach and got that fuzzy feeling in his head that usually meant Shadow was getting excited. Can I come out the weird little creature. "Sure they're gonna see you eventually" Nick said. A little tendril of shadow came out of his shirt and the little thing grew a pair of purple eyes and a white mouth. A tendril came out of the first tendril and did a waving motion. "Hello" hissed Shadow. "And this is Shadow" said Nick pointing to the shadow monster.


One Time Luck
Blackbird turns and sees the shadow creature and under her mask, her face lights up. She teleports over to the creature saying "Aww he's so cute. Can I pet him?"


The Lonely
"The point of this team is not to be flashy. It's to be discreet. As far as anyone besides the Justice League, Genesis will not exist." Said Batman.
"You are not to use real bullets. We are heroes, not soldiers." Real bullets were against Batman's moral code.
"Anyone last questions before The Justice League takes it's leave?" He spoke.
@Meme Man


The Lonely
Piper was ready to get to the mission as soon as possible. Whatever stupid portal creatures needed to be anhillated then she was ready to do it.
"We need to plan our attack. Head out there as soon as possible. Speaking of which, what powers do you all even have?"
The weird mushroom guy claimed to be some fungal biomancer and the others didn't really speak much about their powers.
"The longer we stay here the more people we endanger. I say we head out as soon as we can and deal with this issue."
The redhead was ready to fight. Although everyone else seemed fine going around introducing themselves..
As much as it'd be nice playing around with shadow creatures and getting giddy with eachother, heroes had a duty to fulfill and Piper had been itching to test out her powers.

Blitzkrieg Bob

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"Good morning, you can call me Raijin". Said the boy with a black trenchcoat and white mask who was in the back of the hall. "Lets' get to work then" he said seriously but gently while stretched his arms.
He didn't like to play to the hero, watching Wonder Woman and Batman giving the chills, indeed he had done many bad things with his powers and he was willing to do it again for the sake of his country, therefore he simply wanted to get the job done and leave.
"Zatanna-san, I'm awaiting for your orders", he said looking straight at the brunette girl through the holes of his mask.


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Azeroth took another cigarette out of his pack and used his finger to light it again, he took a long drag and looked at the girl who had asked what everyone's power was. He stared at her blankly for a moment "elemental abilities" he says flatly before looking away and taking another drag on his cigarette. He didnt want to be here he would rather be at home watching TV or sleeping, he knew the kind of stuff superheroes had to go through, all the work they had to put in.

That wasnt his deal he wanted to do as close to nothing everyday as he could, but he was here now so he had to just bear with it.


One Time Luck
Blackbird looks over at the other redhead and with a skip in her step makes her way over, cheerfully saying "I can control birds and teleport. I know... I'm pretty amazing." She grins under her mask and wraps her arm around the other girls, stage whispering "I know that we'll be the best of friends."


Random Schemer
Rapture stood off to the side, her imperceptibility keeping her unnoticed. She wanted a look at these new potential friends before introducing herself. She was tempted to just glean what she could from their minds and her psychometry to get what she needed, but that was cheating. At least JP said it was. If you wanted to know someone, he said, you had to put in the time. Well, you had to start sometime.
“Optimism is good.” Rapture commented to Blackbird, turning off her power.
If she was lucky, the other young heroes would attribute her sudden appearance to the usual Batman protege talent for stealth.
“This line of work can be very grim.”


Praise the sun
Nick was a little surprised when that girl teleported over to him, he remembered her name was Nyx. Shadow's eyes widened curiously as he inspected her. "I don't think that'd be physically possible" said Nick taking a hand and poking at Shadow. His finger went through the wispy mass as if Shadow wasn't even there, STOP! That tickles. Shadow screeched wriggling around a little before disappearing back into Nick's shoulder. He turned when the others started to give their powers out. "I can kind of team up with Shadow to gain greater physical abilities and we can stretch. Shadow says he can grow claws but I... Haven't really tried that out yet" Nick explained rubbing the back of his neck a little nervously.


The Lonely
Zatanna was excited to be here. She had been waiting to really show to the Justice League what she was capable of.
So when Batman had decided to make her leader she was suprised. She never saw herself as the leader type. More of a backline fighter providing support with magic as she wasn't really the most durable or strong when it came to direct conflict.

"I...Guess we go to the streets and just look for these portals..." She said.
It really didn't seem like they had alot of time to research these portals and she wasn't sure how to coordinate a team.


One Time Luck
Blackbird jumps a little with excited energy, she looks over at Zatanna and cheers "Yay! I've been waiting for this."

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