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Fantasy Cutlesses, Sorcery and Sea Santies

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Lucky Laki Malakis

Hi all, thanks for those who showed interest and reading this likely very grammatically messed up interest thread I hope the RP idea is more than worth it.

The idea is simple one as the title suggests this is Pirates tale, a swashbuckling tale of Bushwhackers, Cutthroats and Skellywags set in a high fantasy world going through its own Age of Discovery and Industry.

A bit of lore:

Ariatra was discovered in the end of Age of Fire and so marked the start of what is now known officially as the Age of Discovery and to some the Age of The Scrumble. The Age of Fire was one of conflict, the rise of industry and technology had increased population of the old world nations and an insatiable need for resources by the old world nations. As a result wars became common place for living space and resources. Intrigue was rife, alliances were made and broken constantly meaning sides in war changed weekly even daily. Territory exchanged constantly, death of civilians and soldiers and their were heroes and villains. For the full details on the wars, see my previous work on the Age of Fire.

Principle concern of the old world nation was the dwindling of the crystal known as Samphire, critical source of the mana required for all magical abilities. It was once plentiful among the Old World but it was discovered that the wondorus blue crystal was becoming rarer and rarer as mines seemed to inexplicably dry up. The reason of this is officially unknown but some scholars, see the Warning Letters of Casius the Golden Tongued, blamed the rise of industry as magic is tied with nature. Though we now know that there were truth in those claims, it was back than rejected and covered up by leaders due to the value of industries. See the recently declassified Letters of the Council of Thelia.

The exact details of the discovery of Ariatra have become distorted by legend and certainly the discoverers own account is, in this writer's opinion, murred by exaggeration and self promotion as been disputed by various other sources. What is known is the discoverer, Lady Tria Prientiss, sailed on the Siren Call and two other ships to find the continent, funded by the King of Aretha and guided by ancient document from era of Great Thalian Empire, the ancient precursor Empire which stretched across the Old World and beyond. The journey likely took the three months as described in Thia's Odyssey but that is more likely due to Tria's lack of navigational skill rather than misadventures with cannibals, dragons or sea monsters. She landed first on Tria Island on the north west before finding the main continent. She returned a year later with stories of lash fields, tall mountains, Thalian ruins, exotic natives and plentiful Samphire. It was only natural that the nations of the old world took interest....
---Excerpt from The Age of Discovery: The Truth and Myth by Princess Regiana Sul.

As some of you may remember this take same lore as the Scramble to the New World RP i had done a couple of years ago. This takes place years later where nations of the Old World have managed to subtle in the new world making colonies and now trading Samphire and other precious resources back into the new world. This though has not ended the conflicts of the old world as hoped just moved the conflicts to the new. Sometimes these conflicts were open war with large ship battles of vast fleets others conflicts were fought more subtly through proxies. These proxies were usually privateers, ship captains working on their own hired by governors and kings to raid the merchants ships of their enemies in exchange for some of the booty from the ships. This became quite a valuable trade as the amount of precious resources collected in such raids can makes someone a rich man. Because of this it was not long before privateers decided to strike out on their own or others to take up raiding as well bringing on Age of Piracy.

This RP will be set on the adventures of one of the pirates ship, Tria's Dragons, lead by Pirate Captain Imrae Silvermain, an Elf who was said to have sailed as crew under Tria Prientiss herself during the discovery of Ariatra and so knows the new world well. Players will starts crew with various roles on the ship and then as the stories progress position can change. You can Mutiny, rise the ranks, even become captains yourselves. The story will have ship boarding, discovery, treasure hunting and all the good stuff. As said this is High Fantasy so you can be of various fantasy races and use magic, cutlass and flintlocks. Not requred but i would love it if you dont stick to stereotypes ie Elves being the magical nature lovers and dwarves bieng mining enginneers, and mix things a bit. Please not those who are using magic, it requires Samphire which means cutting into our the ships profit each it used. I will have a set of nations you can be a part of eventually, including an East India Company type run by elves, A dwarven lead equivalent nation to the Spanish empire, and the Thia Empire mentioned. however you are welcome to suggest your own.

Ship Roles:

Captain: Taken

First Mate (second In command):

Quartermaster (third in command and manager of the crew weapons):

Gunner leaders x 2 ( in charge of the ships cannons and the gunner crew, one for each side of the ship):

Carpenter (Manages ship repairs)

Doctor or Sawbones (looks after the health of the crew)


Various crew:


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breaking the laws of physics medieval style
In the immortal words of Robbie Rotten:
"Yarr harr fiddle dee dee, being a pirate is alright with me
Do what ya want 'cause a Pirate is free, you are a pirate."


forbidden maiden
Count me in, Capt! If I can take the first mate, I'd love to.
However, if anyone else interested in that role, I can take either quarter or cook. I'm pretty flexible.


Lucky Laki Malakis
We are up!

Lore page is a work in progress, planning to add a map with the division of territories and such at a later date. Any details missing you can always ask.

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Okay, I've been eying this for a couple o' days now and I'm relenting, I really wanna make a character for this!


The lord of randomness and the warp
We are up!

Lore page is a work in progress, planning to add a map with the division of territories and such at a later date. Any details missing you can always ask.

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Apologies boss sorta forgot this existed

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