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Fantasy Crossing the line 1x1 with Hazbin_Transformers



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Vampires and werewolves have been enemies for centuries. Both the Night Moon Pack and the Blood Rose Clan have been a war, sharing a border and fighting over different menial things for ages. No one knows what started their feud all those centuries ago but like night and day, earth and sky the vampires and werewolves have been enemies. Little did any of them know, but all supernatural creatures can be what is considered mates but when its between two different species, it can be harder to detect and usually its just a pull that they feel.

Alpha: Ryan
Beta: Paul
Warriors: Dean
Hunters: Claire

King: Andre Bradford Kain Bradford
Queen: Lucille Bradford Astrid
Princess: Lily Bradford
King’s right hand: Eric Dumont
Queen’s right hand: Jaylin Kennedy
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Post #1: Kain Bradford - Blood Rose Clan Woods
The vampire had just snuck out of the back of the castle. He’d left Eric passed out in his sitting room outside of his bedroom. They’d stayed up late last night drinking blood wine (the only alcohol high enough for vampires to actually get buzzed on due to its inclusion of highly potent blood) and playing stupid card games. He always had nights like these the day before he was to meet Astrid at the border.

The vampire had met the werewolf a while ago and he’d struggled for a bit before he realized that they were mates. Of course, he had yet to tell anyone because they’d been at war with the werewolves forever. There was still an internal struggle but the more time he spent with her, the stronger the mate bond was becoming and the less he cared that she turned into a wolf. It had been about two months since they started their weekly meeting at a small spot just on the border of their respective families.

Kain stepped into the woods, his mind filled with the excitement of seeing Astrid. His mind also taunted him, since he knew that they’d have to run away to be together or a war would ensue eventually.

He planned on bringing that up during their meeting. He passed by a field of flowers which was where he would roll, yes roll on the ground like an animal, to cover Astrid’s scent until he could get to his room, change and shower. He was halfway towards the spot when he heard something up ahead and stopped, focusing his hearing.
Astrid was creeping through the brush on the trail of a young deer near the outskirts of their land paying careful mind not to cross into the Vampire’s territory hoping she’d she catch up before it crossed. Her ears perked as she had it in her sights stalking closer, the deer getting dangerously close to the vampire’s territory but she wasn’t about to lose this meal. The pack was hungry between human hunters crossing their lands, rouges and deer moving into Vampire territory they were going hungry more often than they would like to admit. She was so focused however she didn’t notice the large male rouge stalking her.

About to lunge for the deer she was suddenly tackled which sent them both to the ground hard. She scrambled up right cursing internally when the deer bolted but snapped her attention to what had tackled her and stiffened. It was a rouge male with one thing on his mind if he had scared off the prey and didn’t give chase. She growled trying to look more intimidating but she was significantly smaller than him, while she was an excellent fighter this wasn’t one she’d win alone.

All she had wanted was a quick snack before meeting Kain for their weekly meeting and instead she’d lost the deer and was now in a fight. She watched the male circling her shifting defensively around meeting him when he lunged which sent them both rolling down the small hill, claws flailing and teeth snapping. She yelped in pain as the rouges claws sank into her hip but she sank her k9s into his leg before bolting when he let go only to be tackled again. He pinned her down to the ground trying to force her to submit only to stop, looking around and let her up bolting the way he’d came.

She scrambled up but froze realizing they had accidentally crossed over the boarder a decent bit when they’d fought.
Kain heard growls and then a yelp followed by the scent of werewolf and blood. He narrowed his eyes before taking off through the undergrowth. He thanked his heritage for his speed as he raced. He saw the rouge leaping off the still body of Astrid. He let out an inhuman growl of his own and increased his speed. He flew past her body, noticing she’d gotten up, but was focused on the one who’d hurt her.

He tackled the rogue a few yards away, still on his territory, and pinned the wolf on his side. The male growled low but Kain fixed him with his red eyes. He wasn’t hungry and so feeding wasn’t necessary but he’d teach him a lesson. He grabbed the wolves foreleg and snapped it easily and then smaller his fist in the wolves side, near his ribs and felt one crack. The wolf below him whimpered before the vampire let him go. The wolf limped away slowly, ears flat across its scalp.

Kain stood tall, his eyes keeping a red color while he spun on his heel and walked back towards Astrid. She’d still been in her wolf form but was looking around. He noticed claw marks on her hip and let out a low snarl/huff noise. Kneeling down, he reached a hand out so she knew he was not upset with her but that rogue.
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Astrid stood but a small whimper escaped when her hind leg touched the ground, yanking it back up as she watched Kain tackle the rouge. She flinched with a small whine hearing the crack shrinking down some, knowing how much damage a Vampire could do to her as well. Her ears flattened for a moment when Kain walked over, he smelled of blood and his guard covering his scent, so she was on edge momentarily. It only took him kneeling down to settle as she nuzzled her head against his hand accepting him but whined seeing she'd crossed the border fearing the consequences.
Kain felt her fur on his hand and gave a rare smile. He heard her whine and noticed her hind leg was lifted back up. He pushed his free hand through his own hair as he kept contact on her with the other.

“It’s okay. You know I won’t say a word to my clan. If they ask about the scent, I’ll come up with something” He said. He could feel himself wanting to fix her leg. Certain vampires are gifted with abilities. Some can heal, some can wield different elements, others have various mental capabilities such as telepathy or telekinesis. He had been gifted with healing, though he didn’t usually use it. He pointed to her leg with his free hand. “May I heal you?” He asked.
Astird was using his hand to steady herself, so she didn’t have to touch her hind leg to the ground with the faintest rumble of a purr at his touch. She shifted to sit with a wince flicking her ears curiously but noddeds slowly. It was rather inconvenient she couldn’t easily communicate in her wolf form to him being unsure about it but she trusted him. She looked back in the direction the rouge had limped off to worrying how much trouble they would get in if they were seen.
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Kain frowned at the wince that crossed her face and felt a low rumble in his chest to try and reassure her. There are certain characteristics of the opposite species that mates will possess as a way to bridge the species gap. Kain for instance has found himself rumbling which is more of a wolf trait, and he was sure more would present.

Vampires are fairly basic with the only real myths being they cannot stand garlic and they fed on blood although they could eat other things. The daylight did nothing to them so they acted like any other creature. He moved over, still on his knees. Kain lowered his hands to rest gently on the claw marks. He could feel the wound had tore through muscle and ground his back teeth together with anger. He drew from his lessons and closed his eyes. A soft blue light encompassed her hip as he chanted a healing spell. Muscle reknit, skin formed back, hair regrew and then the leg was healed.

“How’s that feel?” He asked softly, leaning back to sit on his heels.
Astrid sat there quietly flicking her ears nervously but seemed to relax slightly at the rumbley purr. She was still trying to understand the pull of the bond she had to him, not fully connecting it was a mate bond between species just that it felt right. She flinched at his touch though, a growl escaping when he touched the wound but allowed him to work just watching in curiosity. She slowly stood tenderly placing the leg on the ground but perked up her ears when there was no pain, other than a small scar it was like nothing had happened. She moved to walk a circle around him and nuzzled her head against his side before moving to walk back across the border.

She disappeared behind a tree before returning in a tank top and pair of jean shorts "thank you Kain.. Sorry about crossing over the border..."
He had heard the growl, but hadn't heeded it. He knew it was a pain response and so it hadn't deterred him. He watched her slowly put the leg down and noticed that she seemed better. That made him feel much better and as he watched her walk a circle, he smiled. He felt the smile widen and his heart rate increased as she nuzzled his side with her head. He felt the loss and couldn't help the soft whine that emitted from his throat as she left. He knew she would be back, but it still created a loss feeling.

"It really is no problem. I'm glad I could help" He spoke, standing up to his full height. He knew the pull, his parents had spoken so much of it that it had actually grown irritating to the younger Kain. He had been about 150 years old at the time when they had started and it took almost forty years for them to stop. He rubbed the back of his neck a little nervously. He wanted to give her a hug but didn't want to push anything she wouldn't be comfortable with. "I'll blame rogues if my parents ask. Which isn't entirely incorrect" He chuckled lightly, a smile on his face still.
Astrid smiled softly looking up at him, she was significantly shorter than him, only making it to his shoulder but it never seemed to deter her in the slightest. She couldn't help but blush faintly at his small whine, hearing the wolf like actions made her heart flutter only drawing her to him more. She just looked back the direction the rouge came from with a soft hum "I mean it's not a lie... A pack wolf was attacked by a rouge and fell off the hill into the clearing and immediately went back on pack land." She hummed with a soft smile " Sorry for making our meeting more eventful than usual."
He looked down at her, his face drawn in a small smile still. His eyes had calmed from red to dark brown/black as his turbulent emotions relaxed now that Astrid was out of danger. He placed a hand on her shoulder gently, watching her. "I'm just glad you're okay if I'm being honest" His voice was soft for him. He withdrew his hand before opening his arms. Ever the gentleman, thanks mom and dad, he asked "May I have a hug?" He asked, knowing that he'd have to roll twice as much but not really caring. All he wanted was to reassure himself that she was alright and if he was being honest, she had a beautiful scent of wild berries mixed with the sweet hue of chocolate and he kind of maybe wanted to smell it again. The scent wrapped around him in the air, but hugs and close contact made the smell stronger because you were closer to the person.
Astrid smiled softly but nodded softly wrapping her arms around his torso “I’m fine Kain it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle, he just got the jump on me this time. I was a bit busy hunting. Stupid thing scared off my snack.” She huffed with a bit of a grumble but the smile returned. She had a far easier getting rid of his scent though the hug would require more effort but she just wanted to soak in his lavender smokey scent. She missed his touch and the safe happy feeling it gave her, she still didn’t understand how or why she had a different species for her bond but she didn’t care
He wrapped his arms around her, placing his head on the spot where her shoulder meets her neck. He couldn't help the inhale as he felt his entire body go slack with relaxation. He got a little bolder and brought his head up off her neck to place a kiss on the top of her head. "I know you can handle yourself. I'm sorry he scared off your snack though. I would've held him down and you could've had wolf for lunch" He laughed, pulling slightly back, but his arms still wrapped around her upper back. He couldn't get enough of this scent and he knew that this would end in one of two ways, them leaving behind everything they'd ever known or a war between both their families. "I love meeting like this but we need to start thinking further ahead, because someone will catch us eventually" His voice was quiet, almost like he was speaking a truth that he refused to believe in.
Astrid looked up at him her body shivering slightly in response when he rested his head in the crook of her neck and inhaled but the smile only grew. She just rested her head against his torso too short to do much of anything else but just relaxed as his scent enveloped her. She laughed “I don’t know that he would have tasted very good but the offer is appreciated.” A frown began to form though at his statement as she sighed “I know..” she just stepped back slightly “I don’t know what to do Kain even if we both leave plenty will come looking for us..”
He watched step back slightly, noticing the frown. He hated that he'd been the one to upset the easy going conversation they'd started. "I know. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I talked about it. My parents wouldn't listen but they've been ruling for too long. Eric would understand, he'd be more open than my parents would." His words stopped as he sighed. All he wanted was to spend time with Astrid and everything but his parents and their old fashioned rules and this stupid feud that no even knows how it started which annoyed him. "I'm going to do some more digging on this feud, maybe we can end it finally" He said before pressing his forehead to hers, leaning down slightly. "But I'm not giving up on you" He added.
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Astrid smiled softly looking up at him again “I doubt anyone even knows why we are fighting anymore.. besides today no one has even crossed the boarders other than rouges in years….” She just wanted to ignore all their problems and soak in his attention but she stayed on alert concerned someone might find them. “I can’t ask you to leave your home though… you’re the prince you do have a chance to change things..”
He sighed, placing a hand on her cheek gently. "I think its time I claim my throne. If I take over, could you convince your alpha to a meeting?" He asked. He pulled his face back slightly, looking into her eyes. "But, you know what you will be if I become king right?" He asked, a twinkle in his eye as he boldly placed a small kiss on her forehead where his had been pressed a moment ago. He knew they should separate soon but he didn't want to. The more he spent close, the stronger he could feel the pull. He finally stepped away, the low whine again emitted from his throat but the longer they were the close, the more he'd have to roll to hide the scent.
Astrid lay her hand over his “I could ask him but I do not know if he would be willing… if you became king you could request an audience though in the idea of meeting with the alpha to discuss things..” She just blushed avoiding his gaze briefly, she knew what it meant but they hadn’t ever really actually talked about it “ya..I do.” She just smiled softly but whined slightly when he stepped away. They never stayed together long enough for the bond to truly deepen but it was enough it was uncomfortable when he left
All Kain wanted was to be with Astrid. He wanted to share everything with her, the fun nights he had with Eric to the best places in the kingdom. This gave him an idea, although it might get him in a lot of trouble. A mischievous grin crossed his face as he looked over at Astrid. Would she follow him? There was a beautiful pond about ten minutes from where they met, the entrance hidden by long hanging willow trees and the pond ringed on three sides with roses, orchids, lavenders and lilies with a waterfall on the fourth side. Underneath / behind the waterfall was a cave that he'd stumbled upon. As far as he knew no one in the clan knew of this spot either, since he'd never told anyone. "Next week, I want to take you somewhere new. Hopefully by then I'll have good news" He said, pausing before adding "Until next time love?" He asked, hoping the little nickname wouldn't make her upset.
Astrid smiled softly “I can’t wait… but please be careful Kain…” She hated how short their little meetings were and how careful they had to be not to draw any attention to themselves. She was getting to be desperate though, her inner wolf struggling more with every time he left and she was getting progressively louder in her head about it. She just gave him one more hug smiling softly as she memorized the scent.

Kain hugged her back with a smile, inhaling her scent one more time. Each time they parted, he felt this hole in his soul like a piece of him was missing. Each time they parted the hole got bigger and bigger, gnawing at his head. He started getting headaches a day or so before their meet. "I'm always careful" He winked at her as he smiled, stepping back and giving her a small wave. He didn't want to walk away, he didn't want to see her back disappear into the foliage. Kain sighed, a whine emitting out of his throat as he turned away and walked into the forest. He couldn't see her disappear if he left first. The vampire sighed before he headed towards the flower patch. Just as he reached the patch, he stopped and stiffened. A scent crossed his path woodsy and a little spice. Eric He thought, looking around with anxiety written on his face. If his bodyguard caught him now before he'd rolled then this will explode.

"Hey Kain!" A voice shouted and Kain groaned, his head dropping as all hope drained from his face. He looked up and over at Eric who'd appeared through the foliage to his left. "Hi Eric" He stated, trying to move his position to stay down wind of the other vampire. Eric may be his friend, but until he was told the truth then he didn't want to risk anything. The bodyguard stopped, sniffing the air and looking over at him. "Why do you smell like a wolf?" He asked, his eyes narrowed turning a dark dark red. Kain stood straight, letting his royal aura increase.

"A rouge had attacked a pack wolf, they rolled over the hill and I sent them both fleeing back across the border" His words fell out of his mouth in practiced ease. What he didn't take into account was how well Eric knew him. He knew when the magic of his healing was used and the magic's unique scent because they've gotten into several scrapes just so Kain could practice. "Why do you smell like you've healed something?" He asked, taking a step forward. "Why am I getting the third degree? I healed myself because one of them got a lucky hit in" He responded. "Now if you don't mind, I'd like to go get this wolf stench off" What Kain actually wanted to do was run back to Astrid and allow the pull to relax him. He pushed past Eric who seemed suspicious now. Kain went to his room, washed his clothes and took a shower to get rid of the scent.

Meanwhile; Eric was speaking to Kain's parents who instructed him to follow the prince next week and work on not getting drunk the night before by watching his intake.
Astrid just stared watching him with a sad sigh, watching him leave hurt every time yet she couldn’t pull herself away from watching him vanish into the trees. She turned shifting again, shaking out her coat and scrambled up the hill. She trotted to the nearby stream to wash off before any patrol member made their way this way. In her wolf form she could already hear her inner wolf desperate for his attention and closeness back, it only worsening with each time he left.

She slunk back into the forest to return to her hunting, at least if she brought food back maybe her Alpha would be less angry about the accidental crossing. A short while later she managed to take down a deer and drug it back with a grin when the whole pack came to see what she had drug back. She went to her alphas office after and explained what “happened” and received a whole lecture about being more carefuk but was sent on her way.
Once Kain had showered, he went to visit his parents. He saw Eric walking away from the throne room and frowned, looking after him. He entered the large area and found his parents seated on their chairs. His chair sat to his mothers left and his father was to his mothers right. He walked up to the base of the two step rise up and knelt on one knee. "Rise Kain" His father spoke and so he did.

"Eric told us of two wolves who crossed into our territory" His father stated. Kain only nodded and proceeded to explain everything to his parents. They only nodded before he swallowed hard to ask the one question he'd been preparing the entire afternoon. "Father, why are we are in a feud with the wolves?" He knew this would probably provoke them but he had to know.

"They stole land from us eons ago and never admitted it, in fact, to keep that land they had murdered several of our clan when we had tried to take it back" He all but snarled the explanation. Kain flinched at the tone, but refused to back down. "So we keep that going over a piece of territory?" His question brought his father to his feet. His father was three inches taller than him and it always made Kain shrink. "Yes" He snapped. "Why do you ask all this now?" His mother asked, her voice was lighter but curious all the same.

"Because how many of our clan have been deprived of mates due to this feud? How is that fair for those that will never have their other half?" Kain asked. He tried to keep it so that he seemed like he wanted to learn this stuff for when he'd be king. His parents looked at each other and frowned. "Being mated to a wolf, especially from that pack, would be a disgrace to our clan" His father said firmly. Kain nodded before he asked the second question on his mind. "Um, when will I be king?" He asked his father.

"When you have your mate and you can defeat me in battle" His father said, before dismissing the prince. Well, check off at least one of those although I could defeat my father Kain thought as he bowed his head before walking off to the training room.
Astrid slowly walked towards the boarder laying down beside a small berry bush to disguise her scent so no one would be able to see or smell her at a distance. she flicked her ears listening to the sounds of the forest while she waited for Kain.

She was truly excited to see this surprise he had talked about, her tail wagging at the thought of him. Her inner wolf had been nearly screaming in her head the last few days and the resulting headache was driving her insane.

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