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record red

🌻 welcome 🌻


//lowercase is for aesthetic

hello! you may call me bean, i go by they/them pronouns. i am a highschooler with a bit of an obsession with fantasy. i've been writing and rping for around six years now and am semi-literate to literate although i usually mirror post lengths. i only write in third-person and play characters of all races and gender identities. i love talking ooc and making new friends, i'll probably send moodboards of our characters and gush about them a bit too much. being in school i can't reply all the time. i also struggle with my mental health and my mom is very sick, so i may need a break at times. i love to worldbuild and double so don't worry about that! i will let you know if i grow bored of our rp or if i will be gone for a bit.


some rules:

× i don't care what you're age is, just don't be creepy. your gender does not matter either.

× your time zone does not matter.

× i only ask for a reply once a week. i will bump after two weeks. if i hear nothing i will assume you are no longer interested and will leave. if you couldn't get back to me, feel free to message me back. please try to let me know when you'll be gone for some time.

× please be semi-literate to literate and know basic english and punctuation. it's okay to get lazy sometimes but i do ask that you try. literacy isn't just about paragraphs, try to show some detail. if i notice you not following this rule from the beginning or not, i will leave. people like to not be honest about their literacy and grammar skills.

× be open to ooc.

× be patient and do not bump me constantly.

× no godmodding or mary/gary sues

× be respectful and i'll be respectful back.

× please be able to double if it's necessary.

× please pitch in

× be respectful to lgbt and poc and how you represent them.

× no fetishism.

× no smut and no rushed romance.


(all of these plots are optional romance: bxb, gxg, gxb)

(medieval fantasy) (mystery) (darker themes)

× a series of brutal killings have broke out in the quiet city of fernworth. city knights have gone mad under mysterious reasons and with no one to examine such occurrences, fernworth's king has no choice but to build an investigative agency. a group of individuals was picked and will be paid hefty coin if the situation is solved. the king is messing with some shady folks although there is no time to be choosy. little did anyone know, they are dealing with ancient and powerful beings, a cult if i am honest. they resemble that of vampires though more beast than human. it is said that these creatures only appeared in times of a corruption in the neverending which is essentially the afterlife. jealous gods were often associated with this, ripping through the borders of reality to have things their way. it would take more than just a group to solve this mystery, where will this take them?

(medieval fantasy) (steampunk)

× staromadasa is a planet resembling that of medieval fantasy and steampunk genres. it is a vast world with many distinct countries, creatures, and people. this is set in the largest country of staromadasa, trabota. trabota is most well known for its crime and child labor. a group of young boys labeled the lost boys have gathered together for one purpose, to state their rights. they typically range from ages 13-17. they are diligent workers who aren't afraid to expose or kill to get their message across. in this rp, it will cover the adventures of these boys as they take down greedy business owners. we may also create an older group or one with both genders. i have plenty of information to give about this world.

(cyberpunk) (modern fantasy) (sci-fi)

× 2078, the government has smuggled random individuals and injected them with a serum that turns them into superhumans. they are breeding them as well to create machines to handle crime and war. however, their plans didn't end up going so smoothly. some experiments became far too powerful for their own body and either went mad or morphed into abominations that only wish to kill. alongside that, plenty of superhumans just escaped. there can either be a group or duo out to destroy what created them, stating that nobody else should have their curse. along the way we can create street gangs and supervillains to distract our characters from their goals and provide some extra action.

(modern fantasy) (loose Idea) (powers)


× a group (or duo) of demigods have joined one another in hunting down and assassinating those who wish to cage them and use their DNA to find an ancient artifact that could destroy the world. (greek, roman, asian, and made up mythology works).

(medieval fantasy)

muse a is a witch, they often do dirty work for petty individuals who would request a curse be done on someone for stealing a cup. however, a surprising customer has paid the enchanter quite a few visits. royalty in fact, heir to their noble parent, was rather interested in many dangerous artifacts. typically, muse a would refuse muse b’s service or dash off while they could, bring no stranger to harassment and the threat of death. muse b is however, rather serious about their exchanges with the witch and proposes a deal. muse a would assist in the killing of muse b’s father and in exchange hefty coin and safety. agreeing, muse a sets off with muse b and they must make do with one another's company along the way.


final notes

all of the plots above are open for ideas. i also welcome your plots as well. i am available via pm and comment. if you would like an rp with more romance, pm me and let's come up with something!
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