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Fantasy [CLOSED] The Children of Dawn: The Revival

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Adventure, LGTBQ, Magical, Platonic, Romance


Do you remember when we were two beautiful birds?
Update 4/8: Thread closed! I'll be assigning groups in a moment, so look for pings. Thanks to everyone who posted <3

art (c) andreas rocha

TIDINGS, TRAVELER What's kickin', chickens? I'm looking for 4-5 players who enjoy fantasy, adventure and some good ole' party bonding shenanigans. Players should be able to write novella style responses (several paragraphs). While this will be a chill and 'respond when you can' type roleplay, players should be relatively active as you'll have other players depending on you for responses. Thank you for our interest in this group role-play! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reply to this thread or shoot me a PM!

Please post the following:
▹ Character (Name, Idea or Profile)
▹ Virtue They'd Fit Best
▹ Age (# or age group)
▹ Class or Occupation
▹ RP Location Preference

1. [OPEN] | Valiance
2. [OPEN] | Hope
3. [OPEN] |Kindness
4. [OPEN] | Wisdom
5. [OPEN] |Freedom
6. [OPEN] | 6th Virtue (Optional)

1. [OPEN] | Valiance
2. [OPEN] | Hope
3. [OPEN] |Kindness
4. [OPEN] | Wisdom
5. [OPEN] |Freedom
6. [OPEN] | 6th Virtue (Optional)

There are 6 slots but it does depend on how many players join the part. I’m hoping to find 5 players where each of us would play one main character. The sixth slot is optional in case an extra player shows up and would like to join the adventure (characters can be any age from childhood to elder). As for me, I have a variety of characters who could be fit to play any of these virtues so I'll pick last or choose the one that no one seems to want lol. I won't lie, Wisdom would probably be my weakest choice but I will try my darn diddly darndest if I'm left with that one. Note this isn't first come first serve! We want to see which characters would have interesting chemistry together first.


THE FIRST DAWN AWOKE TO HER WARMTH. . . In the first dawn of an infant world, the continent of Ardunia stood tall and alone for none had known of what lay beyond the endless seas. But Ardunia began its infancy as a beautiful oasis crafted by an earth goddess mortal kind called Enya. In the safe shadow of her wings, every man, elf, orc and beastman thrived in their sacred Eden.

BUT THE AGE OF MORALS IS ENDING. . . Yet as time passed, the whims of man overwhelmed their desire to be good. As selfish princes became ruthless kings who oppressed their people, monks sworn to serve Enya lined their pockets with bribes and blood money. Slave markets lined the streets in place of fruit stalls and the narcotics trade became more valuable than water. This promised land that was once Ardunia had grown into nothing more than a den of thieves and cutthroats, heathens and defilers.

When Enya looked upon the valley to see what had become of her children, the goddess wept. Her sorrow sizzle into seething hate as she realized that what she had made who no desire followed the ways of the good any longer. The sky darkened as Enya vowed to wipe clean the slime

YET, WHAT IS THIS FADING LIGHT I SEE. . . But there was one who saw light within the growing darkness. A creature named Cyphos, a spirit of mischief, searched for the source of this light and stumbled upon five special persons whom not even he could justify their destruction.Their mortal natures left them flawed and imperfect, yet Cyphos found each of their light was powered through the strength of their virtuous hearts.

And thus, Cyphos relayed what he had found to his mistress Enya and named to her the five lights whose purity remained intact. He pleaded with the irate goddess to spare the world for the sake of the five, but Enya would not listen for she believed that mankind was tainted by nature and that any soul regardless of their purity would eventually fall to corruption. When Cyphos saw that he could not persuade his mistress to cease the world’s end, he instead proposed a test. A wager. A prospect of a second Dawn.

THE TRUE TEST IS STILL YET TO COME. . . If these five souls could carry the beauty of humanity through their good deeds, then Enya would spare them and any they saw worthy to live in the wake of a new world’s creation. If they could not, then they would be justified to perish with the rest of mortalkind. Enya anger subsided and she took favor from her servant’s quick wit and steadfast determination. And so, the goddess agreed to give him and the five lights one year to prove themselves.

Cyphos began preparations to bring the five lights together and set them forth on their quest. Yet his work was still unfinished. In the vastness of eternity, Cyphos searched through Enya’s infinite mind and found a bounty of memories she still held dear. Through further mischief and an ounce of luck, Cyphoe stole five of these memories and sculpted their magic into forms that mortal eyes could both see and understand.

I KNOW YOU BEAR A HEAVY BURDEN, CHILDREN OF DAWN. . . He carried them to the mortal world below and lured the five lights together on dark night while the sinful world slept. And upon each light, he placed a memory in the form of a gift:

To one, a silver star that shines even in the darkest nights.

To one, a golden flower that gives healing through sacrifice.

To one, a flame that burned at the sight of cruelty and injustice.

To one, a bestial strength that is untamed and wild in unbridled glory.

To one, a foresight that is heightened by humbleness and cautious pursuits.

BUT YOU WOULD NOT BE HERE IF YOU COULD NOT BEAR IT. . . Each gift was designed to match for its keeper, to act as a guide to aid them and protect them. Yet their true power were fueled by the will of their own virtue. The five lights were instructed to pave the path to the new dawn through their good deeds. And by doing good, the path to paradise would be opened to them; a mythical land above the mountains and below the sea that Cyphos called the Everdawn. It was a place untainted by wickedness, made for them and any they believed were worth saving. For one year and one year only, they have the task of proving the truth worth of humanity.

For this role-play, your character can be any of the four races (or two half races) below. I'm definitely willing to hear ideas for additional races, though I don't think we should add too many for the sake of our own sanities. You can use either a character you've already pre-made and RP'd with before or you can make up a character specifically for this role-play! Please ensure that your character isn't OP, has sensible strengths/flaws and could into the shoes of relatively virtuous persona. The current races are as follows: Humans, Elves (Wood, Dark, Snow, High), Orcs (Goblin, Hobgoblin, Orgres), Beastfolk (Wolf, Lynx, Fox, Scalesmen), Half Elves, & Half Orcs .

Here you can find the starter lore I have for this world so far. It includes world map, kingdoms, demographics, and guilds. This certainly doesn't have to be set in stone if everyone wants to do their own world-building once the group comes together! But, this should hopefully be a good base for us regardless of how much or how little world building we do.

art (c) me
Kodaline || House Verayne || Humans
Aubergine || House Greygore || Hobgoblins
Del Varde || House Rosewood || Wood Elves
Seracosa || House Junn Sao || Fox Folk
Gourne || House Vecathaar || Wolfmen
Aria || House Corvus || Dark Elves
Neorn || House Faerwyn || Ice Elves
Gloria || House Lachance || Humans
art (c) me

The current year is 1375 and Ardunia has been held within a societal dark age for almost 300 years. It's not only a time of great economic and social deterioration, but the strength of the church has reached its highest power in over a thousand years due to its religious perversions and not to subtle hand within the slave trade. There are currently eight realms, each one is ruled by one ruling house (or greater house) with several noble houses (or lesser houses) underneath them. Ardunia follows a in feudal caste system similar to medieval hierarchies, where the lower class serfs are governed by nobles (enforced by knights) who in return, swear fealty to the royals of each realm.

FALLEN EMPIRES. . . The year 1375 began the aftermaths of two collapsed empires - the Snow Elves of the Old Illyia and the Wolfmen of the Caessian Empire. The invasion of Orcish tribeswas the final factor to the fall of the Snow Elves, who were already engaged in internal conflicts over poor leadership, religious conflicts from wood elf diaspora in their southern regions and the divisions of its once enormous size (they once spread through the entirety of the northern realms of Ardunia.) This conflict is referred to as the Greygore Invasions or the Sacking of Vyrthur. The Orcish invaders forced the remnants of the Snow Elves into their final safe settlement of Neorn beyond the frozen wastelands. The Snow Elves remain willfully ignorant to the current state of the world, knowing that their people could not survive another war.

The Wolfmen of Caessia on the other hand fell due to conflicts within themselves that had been building up for nearly 500 years. In a shorter (yet far more bloody) war labeled as the War of Thorns, the survivors of this war of succession would eventually split themselves into three tribes (representing the three colors of Vecathaar) living under one banner under a new kingdom of Gourne. Yet the unrest continues to this day.

ACTIVE WARFARE. . . At the time of our story, there are three main conflicts that plague the land of Ardunia. The Normandy Crusades, named after the third king of Gloria - Normandy (The Lionheart) Lachance, are a series of religious wars spurred by the Church of Emporem. These campaigns' objectives are religiously and racial based, with the objective of securing the holy lands of Ardunia from Elven rule and their pagan gods. The Church of Emporem is a religious sect branching from the teachings of the Old Word, who corrupted Enya's ancient text by advocating the beliefs of human supremacy over that of elves, orcs and beasts. While they also promote the balance of the crown and the church, it's evident that the church holds the true power. Influenced by of Emporem Teachings, the realms of Gloria and Kodaline pushed the borders of Aria to the west and Del Varde to the east. House Corvus and House Rosewood were made accidental allies.

The War of the Three Kings is a civil conflict between the three wolfmen tribes of Gourne. After the fall of their empire (the Caessian Empire), the three remaining people groups vie for power over what's left of their territory. The three kings are Aldrun the Ash Lord, Urvos the Scourge and Daodurn Bloodbone (also known as the King of Bones).

Following the sack of the Vyrthur Empire, The 2nd Cerulean Conquest was spurred by the bloodlust of the young Orcish princess Shaegora Greygore. Unlike her mother, whom she saw as weak for integrating many influence Snow Elf and Fox Folk customs, she sought to return to her people to their old roots as coastal raiders through a realm wide conquest of all of Eastern Ardunia. With Neorn as the last hold for their elven enemies, the Orcs of Aubergine have turned to the Seracosa Fox Folk as their next target of invasion. The Junn Sao are unable to turn to their wood elf neighbors for aid and they fear the stories of the warring Wolfmen across the Hollaen sea.


[Lagosi's Traveling Theatre | Circus Troupe Ran by famed ruffian Victor Lagosi, the traveling theatre is made up of mistfit minstrels, struggling performers and curious creatures from beyond the Endless Sea (or so they say). Yet there's something sinister behind their painted faces. [The Iron Circle | Mercenary Company Mostly made up of dishonored knights and soldiers who fled the thralls of battle, this order of warriors are feared for their cruelty and bloodlust - they nail those they conquer upon crosses overlooking their iron fortresses. [The Gilded Swan | Merchants Guild An ambitious group seeking to weave their ways into the upper nobility, these traders turned bankers help keep the rich lined with gold and the poor barely able to pay the outrageous taxes set upon them.
[The Keepers | Slavers Guild A roguish order, they prawl the southern coasts in search of lost travelers to sell or deserted soldiers to bring into their folds. They abduct by chance, though sometimes they may plan the kidnappings of those they believe to be valuable. [The Blackblades | Assassins Guild Artists by day, assassins by night. These cultist cutthroats worship a pagan entity known as the Screamer, whose cries direct them on what to paint and who to murder. They aim to satisfy these endless screams with the blood of their victims. [The Children of Ember | Scholars Guild Started by the Church of Emporem as a way to spread their evangelism. They claim to be historians and scribes, humble servants of the goddess. Yet they hold the realms they manage to persuade by the fear of their words.

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Hi, I am interested very much so actually. is there a place to create the character, or do we just put it on here?? I would like to reserve hope.


Do you remember when we were two beautiful birds?
Hi, I am interested very much so actually. is there a place to create the character, or do we just put it on here?? I would like to reserve hope.
Hi there, thanks for stopping by! You can post it here on what your idea is for your character, we'll have a place to start working more fully on characters once everyone has joined in ^^


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This is such a fantastic and well-developed idea! I'd love to do a young adult half-orc shepherd with the virtue of either kindness or valiance. Probably from Aubergine? I am truly very excited to see where this goes. Oh! And I would prefer to do the rp on-site, but either way works for me!
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Interested! I'm leaning towards ice elf fron Neorn with the kindness virtue? Name pending, but around the elf equivalent of early 30s. I'm flip-flopping on a guild still.


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Very interested, if this is still open!! I’m thinking an older character, 45+, either human or Scalesman(or half and half) who’s the grumpy wisdom virtue!! Guild undecided.

Or perhaps a younger, probably human or elven, character as the 6th virtue, perhaps idealism/visionary?

Either way, I’d love to participate if y’all will have me (:


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It looks like you have your slots already filled from the posts above, but this idea is so cool, I would regret passing by without at least leaving a post. I'm thinking of a young human man (mid twenties) from Kodaline, but he's now affiliated with The Iron Circle. His reasons for landing with The Iron Circle would fit either the wisdom or freedom virtue (?), albeit in a twisted way (since he would've fled from battle).
But! Like I said, I can see that your slots are filled already with cool character ideas. But I had to put this out there because I would feel guilty for passing it over. Maybe I could be an understudy? Either way, this is a very detailed and impressive idea.
Thanks for reading!


"I lost myself under the sun"
Interested! (assuming not first come first serve. If so, apologies) Very impressive lore and I love the idea in general.

The current muse is a exiled bodyguard, plagued by grief and shame as he tries to find closure after the death of his principal and good friend. Either a half-orc who once served as a rogue-archetype bodyguard for an elven ambassador/noble or vice versa (elf on the orc sides). early 30s (or elven equivalent) Perhaps born to a lower noble family, and sent as a show of goodwill/diplomatic exchange. (open to change since I'm not sure how you imagined elven/orcish relations were before the sacking) Remains loyal to the noble, despite being constantly distrusted by others since he's stopped enough assassination antics to be able to carry one out himself and untrustworthy origin as well.

When he failed to protect the noble during the greygore invasions and the other perished, he escaped barely in one piece, the last ounce of good name shredded. Only escaped from cyphoes guide perhaps? Though he was fiercely loyal to the noble and a very duty bound person, it's a duty he accepted and not out of obligation to a particular side (though sometimes he doubts if he truly chose it) Quiet yet determinedly opinionated, he's always leaned towards having company over none. Due to spending most of his life under strict duties and a sheltered view, he tends to be more kind than he appears and hesitant to live for himself again. Definitely not above using any antics avaliable to get to a mean, still a rogueish archetype after all. Either valiance or kindness works, though leaning on kindness as he's not prone to anger. Wisdom can fit, but I'm not sure if I'm wise enough for that haha

I'd prefer discord, but rpn is chill too.
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This sounds like a lot of fun!

I love the background story as well as the world which seems to offer a lot of potential for exciting plots. Definitely interested.
For the character, I could imagine writing the role of wisdom.

The idea that popped into my head was to write a character that is still a child (age 12 - 16), but somewhat premature with an 'old soul'. Due to their younger age, they have a very innocent and curious view of the world. However, difficult experiences in their past, as well as specific traits, made them mature earlier. I could imagine them to either visit a school where they show specific interest in alchemistic/scientific/(...?) subjects or living with their parents who work in this sort of area and therefore acquiring knowledge at home out of curiosity. I didn't decide on the gender yet, but I'm slighting leaning towards a female character. As for the race, I think human or half-elf could be quite fitting.

I think I'd prefer this site for roleplaying, but I'm open to other options.
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It's a shame I only copped on to it so late! If you have room, I'd love to take part again! :closed eyes open smile:

If it's at all possible for me to join, do you think I could use Senán with updated lore?


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This seems really interesting!

I think I'd play a character surrounding freedom or a 6th virtue which corresponds with fortitude and with both physical and mental strength. An unbreakable will and will never loose hope, even in the most dire of times.

Anyways onto my character idea. I was thinking about playing either a human or half elf sailor who used to sail around the southern coast. Like most sailors in the south there was the constant fear of The Keepers and on one unfortunate night a storm hit his vessel and subsequently sinks it leaving those aboard a cold and wet demise. Though on sailor survived, awaking on a beach not far from Gourne. Now between drowning in a salty sea or being sold into slavery the sailor would schoose death. Though fate had other plans and he was picked up by The Keepers.

This is where things might be subjected to change, one interesting idea would him being sold as a slave soldier in the War of the Three Kings being essentially a fodder soldier sent on suicide missions and only surviving on his own willpower and desire for freedom. So he kept fighting and fighting until he finally made hiw way out either by his own feats or running away which would take place right before the star of the rp.

I'd prefer this site rather than discord, but it isn't a deal breaker.


Do you remember when we were two beautiful birds?
It's a shame I only copped on to it so late! If you have room, I'd love to take part again! :closed eyes open smile:

If it's at all possible for me to join, do you think I could use Senán with updated lore?
Larry! It's so good to see you again! We haven't picked players yet, but it would be great to have you in this adventure :closed eyes open smile:

I'm still waiting to hear back from others from our original group too but - I just wanted to check if you were set in using Senán for this adventure or if you'd be ok with using another virtue if we had to do some re-arranging. If you would like to keep Senán, then I'll be sure to make some room for you!


Your resident bibliomaniac!
Not at all, I really enjoyed it the first time around, so it was a shame that it didn't go as we would have hoped. On that note, how are you getting on? I hope you've recovered well and doing dandy! :closed eyes open smile:

I wouldn't mind changing Senán's personality at all, especially if someone would live to reserve Wisdom for themselves, that'd be no bother at all to me. And thanks for thinking of me, hopefully a few of the others might express their interest as well. 👍


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wha this looks crazy good !! I’d love to apply :v

my first thought was a dark or high elf with the 6th virtue as something to do with loyalty, faith, or maybe gratitude? can’t decide pahah

the vague idea was an ultra straight-laced, would-blush-at-an-exposed-ankle type who’s a devout champion and follower of this paladin/saviour/saint-like (and possibly a massive fraud on the dl but yanno) individual to whom they owed an all-consuming life-debt. oh so tragically for them, they’ve been cut adrift in the big wide world ever since they outlived their very much human and mortal idol thanks to their elvish lifespan - or maybe more unnatural reasons, who knows - but the rest is undecided :0

I also def thought of making a friendly neighbourhood necromancer for the hope virtue but I don’t know if that’d fit the vibe lmao


Do you remember when we were two beautiful birds?
Not at all, I really enjoyed it the first time around, so it was a shame that it didn't go as we would have hoped. On that note, how are you getting on? I hope you've recovered well and doing dandy! :closed eyes open smile:

I wouldn't mind changing Senán's personality at all, especially if someone would live to reserve Wisdom for themselves, that'd be no bother at all to me. And thanks for thinking of me, hopefully a few of the others might express their interest as well. 👍
Aw man, It was a huge bummer - I felt so bad having to pull the plug! But the good news is that me and my gf are practically back to how we were before COVID so that leaves our schedules more open now! So we're doing much better now.

Great! I see that Hana has made herself known lol - still waiting to hear from Fred and Kitten, but I can't wait to get this back up and running again.

Don't worry, because I am here!

At last - our chaotic evil returns to us!


Your resident bibliomaniac!
Well that's the only thing that matters, that the two of ye are doing better now. I'll try not to talk too much more, don't want to clutter up the the thread even more. 😳

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