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Realistic or Modern Choral Fixation; The Yearbook



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choral fixation


application info.

full name.
vocal part.
status in glee club. dancer, park & bark, star quality, etc.
3-5 likes.
3-5 dislikes.
3-5 fears.
personality. this can either be 3-5 bullet points with explanations or a paragraph.
background. please be sure to include if they begin the group in glee club or not, any other extracurriculars they're a part of as well as how they ended up in the glee club.
theme song.
*note* please remember the glee club at Seaside is much more popular than we're used to, so keep that in mind when making characters!




the lowest voice role, almost exclusively sung by men, but if you're chloe from 'Pitch Perfect' and get nodes apparently your voice can also get this low.



again, mostly a male dominated vocal role, this is the next step up from a bass, so their range is a bit higher.



if you've ever been in theatre or showchoir, you've probably fallen victim to a tenor boy. these are the boys who can sing most 'i want' songs written for men and are usually considered leading men. they just also happen to usually be flirts.



finally moving onto the ladies of this group, altos are the lowest vocal part for women. their harmonies are either extremely simple or extremely difficult... there's no in betwen. a lot of altos tend to feel like they're under utilized because they can't hit, or nobody thinks they can hit, the 'money notes' like the higher voice parts.



just below sopranos on the list are our mezzo-sopranos. they rest right in the middle of altos and sopranos and usually have quite a large range. much like tenors, they tend to be the stars of the show.



last, but certainly not least, are our lovely sopranos with voices of the angels. they take those high notes and sustain them whether they're background vocals or soloists. they've been known to be a bit snobby due to their superiority in knowing they can hit notes nobody else can, however they can also be jealous when it comes to not getting solos.

extra information.

For now, the due date for character sheets will be July 16th at 11:59 pm Central time. Obviously if you need more time either separately or as a group, just tell me and I have no problem extending it!

The descriptions of each vocal part are really just ideas when making characters, so don't feel like you have to stick to them. Do try and spread out vocal parts so we don't have a group full of mezzos and/or tenors because what fun would that be?

Also, I lowkey want a Sue Sylvester type character as the narrator of the group, so either I can take care of it or I can have someone help me when writing out starters and skips, let me know if you'd be interested.

once you've posted your character,
I will pm you the link to the ooc : )

let's all have fun and I can't
wait to see your characters!

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petra grey

gender: female
age: 17
year: junior
face claim: linda cardellini
orientation: lesbian
vocal part: alto
status: auditionee/backup singer/dancer
theme song: bad reputation- joan jett


likes: weed, poetry, chocolate, rock music, alt music, driving
dislikes: oranges, math, the smell of fish, yoga, beer
fears: living a boring life, snakes
personality: some people say that petra has an attitude problem. they'd be right. petra is pretty apathetic, not making an effort to accomplish anything during her time in high school. a grade obsessed nerd all throughout middle school and freshman year, she has a terrible case of burnout and just stopped trying when she discovered that just doing what you want is so much more fun than worrying that you'll never be good enough. she comes of as unapproachable and uses sarcasm to shield herself from the world. if you get on her bad side, you'll be on the receiving end of her killer eye rolls (which have been complained about by the teachers at seaside high) and sarcastic insults. however, petra doesn't have too many people on her bad side. she mostly keeps to herself, so you stay out of her way and she'll stay out of yours. most of the people she dislikes she doesn't care enough about to retaliate against. despite her closed off nature, if you get to know her she's a blast to be around- especially if there's weed around. shockingly loyal for someone so lazy, she's a friend who'll fight for you. seeking the simple pleasures of life, petra is always down for an adventure- just as long as she doesn't have to put too much effort into it.


petra's early childhood was completely unremarkable. middle class family, raised by a loving father and mother. she had it pretty good. nothing of note really happened until a year before she started middle school. her mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away soon after. this loss at such a young age was devastating for petra, and ever since her life has been a rollercoaster. her father, robert grey, was now a single father- a college professor putting his daughter through private school. petra saw how devastated he was from the loss of his wife, and just wanted to make him proud. so, she tried to be the best student she possibly could. in middle school she put so much effort into academics and was always at the top of her class, in addition to being in choir and on debate team. she pushed herself to her furthest limits, and started high school of at a high, excelling at her classes and joining the high school's debate team and newspaper club. then, it all came crashing down. she was already exhausted near the end of freshman year, and a c in math caused her initial spiral. petra was holding herself to remarkably high standards, and her self worth plummeted. her exhaustion prevented her from trying too hard and she dropped her extracurriculars. by the end of freshman year, she had fallen in with the wrong crowd and discovered an affinity for weed. over that summer, her actions were erratic, going to parties- experimenting with both substances and people- and she discovered that she liked her life a lot better this way. she entered her sophomore year not giving a shit anymore, she became a c/b student and was most often be found under the bleachers smoking out. now there was more to life than her academics and school related accomplishments. she found that she didn't want to put effort into things she didn't like- and it so happens that petra doesn't like too many things. the one thing she has consistently done is keep up her poetry journal- which she keeps a secret. she showed no signs of change the summer before her junior year- but her friend seymour (one of her few non-slacker pals) did come to crash on her couch for the foreseeable future after a nasty run in with his mom. petra entered her junior year completely embracing her slacker/burnout label and ditched more than a few classes. she was called into the guidance counselors office the first week of school, to be reprimanded and the counselor gave her a talking to about her future. you were such a bright girl. what happened? so, petra was offered a choice. join a club or face suspension. knowing just how disappointed her dad would be with her getting suspended, she chose to try and join a club. with some encouragement from seymour, she just may be auditioning for the glee club this year. hey, it's better than joining those dorks in marching band.

- petra is a really good dancer when she's high
- petra's starbucks order is a grande caramel frappuccino
- petra was really into polly pockets when she was little
- petra has a framed picture of her mom in her room on the wall next to her door that she says goodbye to every day before leaving for school




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سيمور بارو

  • Seymour Barrow

    the star






    jeremy jordan



    vocal part.



    the star captain


    little shop of horrors, carrie, any and all 80s musicals, singing, acting, classic rock, gardening, axe throwing, siamese cats


    shakespeare, tragedies, any and all cw shows, being ignored, punk rock, dogs, people hurting animals


    mildy claustrophobic, giant plants, also cannot watch any movie adaptations of stephen king


    entp-a (assertive debater)


    six, wing seven


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