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Realistic or Modern Belleview Hight OOC

How's this going,
Alright glad I was able to get that done.
Like I said we will be staring tomorrow.... well practically today at this point lol
Ill get the thread made and get posts started.

Please remember to try and give time for people to respond.
in some cases 1-2 back and forths between characters interacting is fine but we want everyone to have a chance to be involved and lot get left behind.

I will also be making a thread for different school info/ lore we comeup with.

Irinaka Irinaka were you still wanting to be a part of this?
Sure, why not? Let me know what I need to do.
KaiMedia KaiMedia Is it cool if James and Isaiah are in the same homeroom? I imagine they have a lot of classes together too actually
Sorry it took me a bit there, amigos. Got caught up with work and all haha.
Question for today. How big it the town of Belleview? Is it big enough to have a Japanese grocery store? I'm working on my next post and I want to mention Shotaro shopping at one. It wouldn't be the size or an ordinary grocery store. It'd probably a quarter of the size.
well the size of Belleview and what not is based off of the real Belleview whitch only has about 5000 people so its not too big however that being said Belleview is one of those towns with many other towns really close by like minutes away soo it wouldnt be weird for him to have been at a Japanese grocery store or at the very least a general Aisan Market

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