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Realistic or Modern Belleview Hight OOC

Would the school be okay with my character being trans? Just realised I'm halfway through writing a trans character before I remembered "oh wait this is set in Florida"
Either way he's still going to be trans, just it affects his relationship with school obviously ^^"
yeah it is set in florida Buuuut don't worry I am not one to ever make an enviroment that is not accepting of people...all people so yeah the school is good with it!
Got that sheet done, finally. Let me know if anything is wrong with it. 😄
so when is the rp starting theres a lot of interest!
Got my sheet up! Lmk if there's anything that needs changing
also Everyone unless someone needs more time for something and lets me know we will be getting things started tomorrow I will be getting my character sheet up tonight!
Alright glad I was able to get that done.
Like I said we will be staring tomorrow.... well practically today at this point lol
Ill get the thread made and get posts started.

Please remember to try and give time for people to respond.
in some cases 1-2 back and forths between characters interacting is fine but we want everyone to have a chance to be involved and lot get left behind.

I will also be making a thread for different school info/ lore we comeup with.

Irinaka Irinaka were you still wanting to be a part of this?
Alright everyone the ic thread is posted!

I will be working on getting my characters first post up but I gave the startign premise on there so anyone is free to get a post up if they want. Even if mine isn't up yet.
I was under the impression (based on the interest check) that we'd be starting at the beginning of the school year so I'll have to amend a couple of small things in my CS
Was wondering do you have a timetable of the school day? I'm not from the US so I just want to make sure my understanding of things is okay ^^"
Time for me to wind the clock back for me. High school was last century for me.

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