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Realistic or Modern Belleview High Characters



Just some guy
Okay lets keep this simple... Just the way I like it!

Here we have the characters page for Belleview High.
You are welcome to add as much as you want and use code but all sheets must have the minimum of whats listed below to be accepted!

Multiple characters are more than welcome just make sure you can keep active with them!


Year (i.e freshman, softmore, ect) or Class you are teaching.
Backstory (I am not too picky here but try for at least two paraghraphs give us a good look into your character)
likes/dislikes (at least two of each)

okay and thats that! I like to keep the requirments pretty simple but I love when people exceed them so go as crazy as you would like!
Screenshot 2023-03-04 10.28.16 AM.png(i am not good at coloring...)
Suetikina Momo(translates to Lovely Peach)
Year (i.e freshman, softmore, ect) or Class you are teaching.
Nickname(s):Suetikina,Momo,Lovely Peach,Lovely,Peach
Art,Theater,Anime Club,Cooking,Home Economics,Cheerleading(her older sister forced her to do it-)
Backstory (I am not too picky here but try for at least two paraghraphs give us a good look into your character)
Suetikina Momo was born in japan but was adopted and brought to the us after someone broke in her house and threaten to abduct and assault her. her parents and siblings were both killed the killer soon killed their self and momoo was sitting in that house for 5 hours straight around dead bloody bodies until the police arrived which that scene gave her trauma she soon got adopted by a mother with 6 kids suetikina lived there and lived a normal life until when she got into middle school she confessed to a boy she liked and he rejected her because she was weird he said she was cute but weird and freaky momo became depressed and isolated after that but her life just got worse when she got into 8th grade she almost got assaulted by a high schooler and she stabbed him with her pocket knife after that everyone called her a murderer so she became more isolated and quiet and she promised herself to never be around a male again if a guy talks to her she'll get scared and pull out her knife in self defense but sometimes if a guy says hi or good morning to her everyday she'll warm up to them but then she acts like a mouse and would get scared of everyone which for people who have gotten close to her feel the need to protect her even though momo can actually quite defend herself.
Quiet,Timid,Sensitive,anti social,geek,intelligent,casually despises everyone,thinks everyone is dumb,
likes/dislikes (at least two of each)
Likes:Girls,Anime,Manga,Menhera,Knives,Cats,Mice,bandages,Video Games,being alone,drawing anime(she can draw really good!)
Dislikes: People,people talking about her,being called a murderer,getting called out in class
Favorite Food:Meat Buns and Karaage Chicken
Favorite Snack:Taiyaki(custard flavor),cotton candy,Rakugan,lolipops

Fun Facts

she will smile at anyone or get comfortable around anyone if they give her, her favorite foods or snacks
she's good at cooking and helps the lunch ladies with making food
she has little to no friends
she carries a mouse plushie that she talks to named Zetsubo(which means despair in japanese)
she hangs out in the library and nurses office
shes the nurse's assistant
shes known by her class as the "weird girl"
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Name: Sloane Adeline Bell
Nickname(s): Addie, only her close friends call her this though.
Age: 16 almost 17
Year: Junior
Gender/pronouns: Female, She/Her
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Birthday: December 15
clubs/activities: Theatre, aka Drama
Sloane was born into a family where she was the only child, now you're probably thinking "Oh so shes a spoiled brat who has everything handed to her on a sliver platter," But that assumption would be very incorrect. 99% of the time, Sloane is the one making sure that she gets to school, and has money to buy food, whether its once a day a school, or once a week at the grocery store. Now your probably wondering "why aren't her parents doing that stuff?" Well to answer that question, Sloane's Mom and Dad are workaholics.
Her parents didn't used to be this way, they used to be home on the weekends and make sure Sloane was doing good in school, and making friends. They made sure she had the best things, everything was brand new; clothes, toys, shoes, backpacks, you name it and she probably had it. But when Sloane started High School, her parents started to drift away. Her Mom and Dad started drowning themselves in work, deciding that their only child wasn't important anymore. They quit the jobs that would allow them to work from home, and found jobs that had them traveling all over, so it was rare that her parents would ever be home.
Even though Sloane wishes that her parents were around more and still cared about her like they did when she was younger, she knows that it's probably better that her parents aren't home all of the time. Which probably sounds sad but sometimes being alone is better than being around people who don't really care, or only pretend to care until they are tired of dealing with you.

Personality: Sloane is a very stubborn individual. When she sets her mind to something, what ever that thing is, its going to get done. She stands up for what she thinks is right and wrong. Sloane wont just take attitude from a person, and wont hesitate to have attitude right back.
→Being outside
→The colors Black and Pink
→All types of music (except country because country songs are gross… except for a select few)
→Volunteering at animal shelters
→Sweet tea
→fluffy/soft blankets
→Certain types of tea
→Pink lemonade (It’s an imposter in her mind)
→Being in large crowds
→Situations that make her the center of attention
→Loud noises
→People yelling at her

Face Claim:
Cheers to my first character sheet on this site, haha.

Thiago Salvatierra [55] [He/Him]


Staff / School Security Guard (12 years.)

Standing at a humble 5'10 ft with a stocky build, Thiago Salvatierra is an Argentine man that has maintained a healthy build as the years passed and his age began to catch up to him. He is well kept and seldom found lacking in his professional appearance - in part from his experience, but mostly from his character. A number of tattoos in various languages can be found across his arms and back, one in particular on his right upper arm denotes a sigil with "T.O.E." written in the center. His posture is firm and confident, but his gentle expressions betray his more gruff demeanor.

Behind the veil of his rugged appearance, Thiago is generally found in a pleasant, amiable mood. Always happy to smile and laugh with the people in the school, Thiago has garnered a good rapport within the staff and amongst the students. His humility and kindness give off a very welcoming presence, and he is often found chatting with students during breaks and giving advice; when the moment comes and he is needed, however, Thiago evinces a razor sharp - almost frigid - focus. He is protective and loyal to a fault.

  • Helping others.
  • Motorcycles.
  • Old Music.
  • History.
  • Handiness.
  • ASADO! (Barbecue)
  • Being charitable.
  • Bullying.
  • Cruelty.
  • Posturing.
  • Ignorance.
  • Time being wasted.
  • Argentina.
Having been born and raised in Rosario, Santa Fe in Argentina, Thiago lived out his youth hopping between different small ranches owned by his extended family and helping to provide where he was able. At the age of 16, Thiago chose to strike out from his family's traditions and began training to become a member of the local police force. He easily qualified and began to excel within the ranks as his experience grew. Before long, he was chosen to fill a slot on the regional Police Special Forces group "T.O.E." He served within the T.O.E. dutifully and eventually became the commissioner for his branch. After a fair amount of years, Thiago spent his late 20's working as commissioner and then began vanishing for weeks at a time following a visit from a recruiter of a very selective group.

The years went on, and every time he returned from the trips Thiago was just a little bit less himself. He was jaded and solitary. Distant and disconnected. He felt changed and damaged, but his life found ample meaning when his children were born. He felt belonging and responsibility, pulling him slowly away from his work. In time, he separated from the group and abandoned his career, taking his family north to Florida to seek a better life than what his country could provide. With his experience, Thiago quickly found employment within various security firms and eventually remained loyal to a position working within the local high school, Belleview High. For the past 12 years, he's worked - finding complacency in protecting the students and teachers around him. As his son and daughter start to begin their adult lives, Thiago feels settled and comfortable with a wife and home to return to at the end of the day.
Name: Shotaro Connor Sanada. His parents and other relatives call him Shotaro. Everyone else calls him Connor. Buddies will sometimes call him Sharktaro. Detractors refer to him as Show-off Sho, but never let him hear you say that.
Age: 17 going on 18
Birthday: October 13
Year: Senior
Gender/pronouns: Cisgender male, he/him/his
Clubs/activities: Swim team
Backstory: Shotaro is Gosei, a fifth generation Japanese American. He and his parents are culturally more American than Japanese. However, they are fully fluent in both English and Japanese. His Nisei great-grandparents used to live in California, but migrated to Texas after World War 2 where he was born. He was born on the same day that his great-grandfather (his mother's paternal grandfather) passed away and was thus was named after him in tribute. Like his great-grandfather, his Japanese name is first. When he was three, his parents moved from the small town of Sutter in Texas to Belleview where they've lived since.

Ryan Kunio Sanada, his father works in a forensic lab. His mother, Anne Emiko Sanada, is a family court judge. Sho continues the family tradition of athleticism. His father used to play football for the Sutter High Sentinels while his mother was on the track team for the same school. High school sweethearts, they stuck to each other like glue even during their college years. Sho's athletic activity is swimming which he excels at. His ranking is high enough that some people think he's part fish. To emphasize this, he started wearing a shark tooth necklace which prompted some to refer him to a shark. It was easy to think of him as a shark from the ravenous way he ate to his expressionless face when in the pool during swim meets. Over the years since starting competitive swimming back in middle school, he has established a following. While he is well known for swimming, he does have other interests. He is also known for his culinary knowledge and collected menus of the various restaurants he has been to. Regarding his drawing, another talent, one can find him at a table in the library or a bench with sketchpad and pencils during off-times before and after school.

Mixed opinions have followed Sho for years, all for legitimate reasons. He is an attractive young man with a lean swimmer's build and he has take steps, nearing obsessiveness, to maintain that image. He regularly uses facial skin care products as well as hair care products which he applies to his quiff haircut. He also makes sure to eat right. He regularly wears jeans, oftentimes during fall and winter. Otherwise, it is common to see him wearing cargo pants and shorts. Nearly exclusively wears Henley style shirts. Elements of vanity. He is prone to acting smug and considers the letterman jacket he wears to be like the mantle worn by a king. On the other hand, he is known for being helpful and thoughtful. Without hesitation, he once took off his tee and made a tourniquet when a classmate fell down.

The past year has been momentous. Last fall, he came out of the closet as gay. In the spring, he got his first vehicle which was a red Toyota Tundra which he refers to as Red Tundra. In the summer, he got his first job which was being a lifeguard at the neighborhood pool.

In his final year, he looks to the future with optimism.

Personality: Positive: Helpful, honest, perseverance. Negative: arrogant, vain, brash
Likes: Swimming, Drawing, Astronomy, movies especially horror. Favorite subject is Biology.
Dislikes: J-Pop, eating beef (He and his parents rarely eat beef. The Sanada family eats chicken and fish mostly). Least favorite subject is Math.
Theme song: You're the Best by Joe Esposito
Image from iStockPhoto, edited in FaceApp

Name: Isaiah Richards
Pronouns: He/him
Gender: Male (transgender)
Year: Sophomore
Age: 15
Birthday: November 29th
Clubs/Activities: Looking to join drama club to do work behind the scenes

Appearance: There’s nothing extraordinary about Isaiah’s appearance, which suits him, as he likes to fly under the radar. He has a slim build, and stands at around 5'5 with a little growing left to do. His hair inherited his mother’s tight brown curls, and falls to his shoulders. Usually, his expression is relatively flat, and he has difficulty smiling on command - in photos, it tends to come out as more of a grimace. When he smiles subconsciously, however, it is warm and soft. His eyes are a deep brown, and are honestly quite beautiful… You’d know if he ever made eye contact for longer than a few seconds. Which he doesn’t.

Isaiah dresses for comfort and practicality. Soft t-shirts, soft jeans and shorts (the comfortable type with a drawstring waist), hoodies, sneakers. Things with reasonably-sized pockets. He hates the feeling of anything that leaves a scratching feeling on his skin. He wears a binder to flatten his chest in public.

Personality: Throughout the years, Isaiah has been described as reserved, shy, polite, etc. While most brush this off as having good manners, or being mature, the reality of the situation is that he usually doesn’t know how he should be portraying himself, and simply wants to appear as though he fits in. With years of practice, he has learnt to be a chameleon, closely watching the mannerisms and behaviours of those around him, then applying them in the required contexts. He is somewhat of a perfectionist, and is conscious of doing things the “correct” way. A slight faux-pas can throw him completely. Once one thing goes wrong, he becomes easily overwhelmed, and struggles to move past whatever happened, which sometimes creates a domino effect. He always tries to hold things together until he’s home, but sometimes there’s simply too much to cope with, leading him to completely shut down.

Once you get to know Isaiah, he remains quiet. He’s not one of those “quiet but crazy once you’re their friend” types. But his reserved nature shouldn’t be mistaken for disinterest. He greatly enjoys spending time with friends in small groups and comfortable environments. He is extremely loyal and caring to those he trusts. If that trust is broken, it can be near impossible to repair, given his rather black-and-white views on truth and lying, accompanied with a strong sense of justice.

Biography: Isaiah grew up in a household with both parents, one brother, and one sister. For the most part, his childhood was free of conflict. He was a nervous, but mostly unproblematic child. He did well in school and was invested in his hobbies, making his family proud. The transition to middle school, however, was not one he found easy. He had never been fond of change, and the jump from fifth to sixth grade was too much too fast.

Along with increasing awareness that he felt alien to his peers, and having recently come out as transgender, his anxiety skyrocketed. The school did not support him, and the bullies were relentless. Isaiah started refusing to attend, and ultimately stopped going altogether. He spent most of seventh and eighth grade being homeschooled.

Despite everything, he was determined to return for high school. By no means was the transition to Belleview easy, but support from the school enabled him to persevere. Academically, he has always been plain sailing, but there’s no denying that surviving high school is more than just getting good grades. Now entering his second year, Isaiah yearns for a sense of belonging - maybe even some actual friends instead of just acquaintances.

Likes: Cooler weather, sour candy, indie games, turn-based RPGs, animals, musicals, The Muppets, collectables, board games
Dislikes: Participating in sport, people who think boys shouldn’t have long hair, being made to feel different, storms, lying

- Isaiah is not his legal name, as that cannot be changed until he turns 18
- Undiagnosed autism
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James Callahan
  • 01
    James Callahan
    Male (He/Him)
    date of birth
    February 5
    Academic Decathalon,Tutor, Also known to hang out arounf the drama club but hasn't taken part yet (fears it would be a bit on the nose and out him)

    Despite being a more academic kid than athletic James has a very athletic build, From working out several times a week. (who said nerds cant also be fit?) James has blonde hair and blue eyes and is slightly above average height for his age. He has a scar about four incges long on the underside of his right forearm from a surgery he had when he was younger. He is usually dressed pertty casual usually a pair of jeans of some kind a tshirt and ocassionally a flannal button up.

    when at school tryign to study or do work James is usually pretty quiet and just prefers to be left to his tasks. However get him in a social situation or get him to stop focusing on academics and he comes alive turning into quite the outgoing guy and sometimes a bit too loud. He is not shy by any means and will gladly jump at the chance to make friends.
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✨pinterest_ @theyloveamarie 🍯.jpgName: Frankie Sidney Williams
Age: 16
Year: Junior
Gender/pronouns: Nonbinary/ he, she, they, him, her, them, his, hers, theirs
clubs/activities: Drama club, and choir
Backstory: Lisa and Jake Williams welcomed a bounce 5 pounds 6 ounces baby boy, who got his frist name from his mom's mom, and his middle name from his dad's dad. Next, Frankie was taking home from the hospital the very next week, and his siblings named, Bobby
Keith, Lindsay Skyler, Jamie HayWard, and MacKenzie Kai welcomed him home with happy open arms & hearts too. After that, his first word was Family, which made his family members smile so very much. Then, at the age of nine, Frankie came out to his family as bisexual, it took sometime for his parents to support him like the rest of his family did. Lastly,when he started hitting puberty, he noticed that something was awfully wrong with his body, and what he noticed that was wrong with his body was, that his body was developing like the other girls in his grade.
Frankie told his parents what was going on with his body, that they asked him what he want to do about it, and he decided to embrace his changing body, which they came to support him with all of their love just like the rest of his family too. After that, he started dating a guy at 14, but the guy cheated on him with a guy that he had meet at the coffee shop in their neighborhood. Then, Frankie came out as pansexual and nonbinary to his family, and they all accepted him with open arms; open hearts too. Lastly, he started his junior year of high school off with a wonderfully awesome start.
Personality: Frankie is caring, brilliant, helpful, loyal, cheerful, and etc. Also, cute, mellow, crafty, odd, silly, and etc
likes/dislikes: Cute outfits, having fun, awesome music, singing, cosplaying, and etc/nasty food, loud & rude people, being late, being disorganized, procrastinating, and etc

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