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    I take it back -- you've made my job easy enough. :D
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    @Beckoncall accidently posted it in IC again x3
    Finecian Guild List for @Beckoncall

    SCIENCE GUILD - 1 Capo delegated (Botanist), Amber Encased Giant Red Ant, Ember Encased Automaton Hand, 2 units Automaton fragments(head and torso)

    GROCERS GUILD - Sontio (1 Capodelegated to help ensure production meets colonies food requirements. Water Plants, Fish, Mushrooms

    BREWMASTERS GUILD - 2 Capo (Brewmaster and Botanist), 5 skilled worker, 5 unskilled worker delegated, Ale, Wine, Beer, Potentially Mead and Honey based brews

    LUXURY GUILD - 2 Capo Delegated (Brewmaster, Jewelry), Honey, Amber, “Heaven’s Aroma”, Fish

    SMITHS GUILD - 1 Capo Delegated (Jeweler), Amber Jewelry

    MAGES GUILD - 2 Capo Delegated (Illusionists)

    Andrei Connic - Illusionist badass assassin. Elite Assassin. Mages guild..

    Jonti Capro - Illusionist. Mages Guild.

    Mikkoleti Sonto - badass rogue/assassin lite. Master biologist/scientist. Specializes in discovering useful materials in nature, especially those of an illicit or magical nature. Science, Brewmasters guild.

    Kreig Varn - Metalergist/jeweler. Smiths and Luxury Guild.

    Mr. Mallothew - Baddass/Assassin lite. Politician, planner, businessman, Wheeler dealer type.

    Yuln Orsona - Master Brewer/drug grower. Perfects brew and illicit drug recipes, manufacturing techniques and related activities. Brewmasters, Luxury Guild.

    "Sontio Ornolldo" - "Jack of all trades, master of none" -- real specialty is serving to improve the work of other specialists. Hes the guy who gets shit done. Grocers guild.
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    Tyren guild list.

    Farmers guild
    1 Skilled, 20 unskilled Tyren workers
    bringing LIVESTOCK
    10 Springborn
    bring mushrooms/ root vegetables and Sunwatcher plants

    Luxuries Guild
    6 skilled Tyren workers
    (4 skilled craftsmen, 2 merchants) 4 unskilled tyren workers (craftsmen apprentices)
    4 Springborn
    List of goods now includes: Darkleaf, Gem bushel jewelry, Fine silver goods, Woolen goods, Sylvan wooden furniture. Pottery.

    Learner's Square
    2 Skilled Tyren workers. 1 Shaman
    6 Springborn

    Grocer Guild
    2 Skilled Tyren workers
    (1 Merchant, 1 dedicated grocer)
    5 Springborn
    List of goods now includes: Mutton, Milk and cheese, Root veg and Mushrooms.

    Healers Guild
    2 Skilled Tyren workers
    (Anuc and Weome the healers)
    5 Springborn

    Mage Guild
    1 shaman (Bruul)

    Archeology guild
    1 shaman (Umuush)
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    Sorry for the delay in everything for a while guys, life kind of got away from me for a while but hopefully I'll be able to get a follow up post talking to people and dealing with some smaller matters soonish.

    In the meantime here's that guild labour list:
    The Healers guild: 5 Monks
    The Smiths Guild: Sir Margaret Kinsey (Skilled Metalworking) 5 Squires
    The Learners Square: Sir Bruford (Skilled Linguist) 5 Monks
    The Glaziers Guild: Sir Benison (Skilled Jeweler) 5 Squires

    The Mages Guild: Onri Ghol (Lesser cleric/mage) 5 Squires, 5 Monks
    Archeology Guild: Archivist Canonate (V.Skilled Archivist) 5 Monks.

    Also @Beckoncall are there any noticeable changes from the influence I spent with my drill master while she was working with the constables?
  5. Beckoncall

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    YES. This is a perfect instance of players keeping me honest when I miss something. The attitude of constables in the depression and platz, as well as their ranging in harun'taras is INFINITELY less abrasive, and fellows who just beat asses because that is what they were good at have taken a new stance of pride and respect for duty, and also retstraint. +3 influence VICTORIAN.
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    WIP, changing some stuff due to recent updates/new guilds

    Attolian Guilds:

    Grocers: Capybara, Nuts, Wheat, Barley, Redwood Blackbirds, Bread, Water Plants, Preserver, 5 Unskilled Workers
    Farmers: Wheat, Barley, Water Plants, Nuts, Tea, Spices, Jade Saffron, Bramble Gem, 5 Unskilled Workers, Falconer (Keep them pests away)
    Luxuries: Tea, Spices, Continual Lights, Capy Leather Goods, Sharkskin Goods, Clay Ovens, Attolian Beer, Preserver, 4 Unskilled Workers
    Healers: Dr. Fleming, Cassandra
    Glassmakers: Clay Ovens, Quartz, Sand, Coal, 5 Skilled Laborers, 5 Unskilled Workers
    Archeologists: Geologist
    Performers: Linguist, 10 Sirens, Attolian Ampitheater, Attolian Fairytale (5 Inf)
    Learners: Linguist, Castellan, 5 Sirens
    Blacksmiths: Coal, Quartz, Iron/Iron Mine, Smelters, Light Weapons and Armor, Piston Weapons, Geologist, 5 Skilled Workers, 5 Unskilled Workers
    Mages: Cassandra, Nicholas, Blood Scourge, Ivory Scepter, Continual Lights
    Science: Chemist, Engineer, Makeshift labs and equipment, Carapace Project (2 Wealth)

    Attolians also seek to form the following Guild(s):
    Masons/Builders: Architect, iron, stone, quartz, glass, clay, brick, cranes

    Colonial Garrison (for guarding and patrolling the Colony for enemies and crime): Sir Tristan (Sundered King), 5 Halberdiers, 5 Constables, 5 Sirens, 2 Augmented Stone Constructs

    New guilds: (since this post)

    Brew-masters: 5 Skilled, 5 Unskilled, Wheat, Barley, Attolian Beer, Spices
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    Firebeard Guilds (I Think :S)
    Archeologists: Archeologist (Or Dwarf equivilent) and a miner
    Blacksmiths: 10% Of all ores mined (Likely more once we start mining and see how rich the ground actually is) 8 Skilled Workers(Smiths), 1VSkilled Armorer and 1VSkilled Weaponsmith.
    (All for now, though I will likely get my fingers in some more pies soon.
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