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Futuristic Battle for Humanity

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Dystopian, Horror


Feet First into hell
Months of Suspicion

On January 14th, 2122, in the United States of America, Washington DC. The Arlington National Cemetery, The Ellipse, National Mall, and Colmar Manor community park had multiple instances of small-large sink holes. Taking multiple people with them, these people were never recovered.. On January 15th, areas in Russia, China, Britain, Australia, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Africa, and South America suffered the same fate, multiple holes opening up and causing damage and supposedly killing people. Seismic activity began to worsen and a large crack opened up in Russia and Canada. Though all these pointed to unnatural seismic activity... Areas where these holes and cracks were located were 100% controlled by a joint military alliance called "The Entente of Terror Response", from here on known as ETR... The ETR would set up in areas heavily impacted by the sinkholes and cracks. Areas with minor sinkholes would be heavily monitored and a 1 mile radius of these sinkholes would be put under martial law with the respected Countries military guarding these areas.. On February 5th 2122, these sinkholes would begin to make strange sounds. Distant screeching, scuddling, scrapes and at times emit a strange non-toxic smell... Expeditions into the sinkholes showed signs of digging and large tunnels, exploration of these tunnels were pending...

First contact

On February 15th, 2122, the holes had sounds of human like screeches and groans coming from within. At 6:23pm EST, Washington DC, at the Ellipse, a loud roar emitted from one of the larger sinkholes, it was followed by a howl that was near deafening. ETR combative forces converged on the massive hole and lit the hole up with bright LED lights... Soon, the ground began to quake and then a large creature flew out of the ground and landed on an armored personnel carrier. This creature would resemble a Scorpion, except the stinger is replaced with a device that fires large long sharp spears that can pierce medium vehicle armor, ETR forces quickly engaged it with small arms before utilizing Rockets and tank sabots. Quickly killing it. Afterwards-approximately 2 minutes- , the ground shook again, and multiple loud screeches followed suite, as many as one thousand large spider like creatures emerged from multiple holes in the area of the large hole. These creatures had large jaws that could cut a man in half, two appendages with a sharp end that can pierce standard body armor, and light armored vehicles. But were easily dispatched after sustained fire to where the creatures mouth(?) is located, eyes, and after enough trauma is applied... The ETR in DC was almost wiped out, with a total of 467 killed and 1034 wounded-counting semi minor wounds-... The other countries mentioned would also suffer the same fate, though creature numbers varied. Desert areas would suffer heavier casualties and larger numbers of these creatures, even a loss of communication with them.

The now
It is now September 17th, 2122. Multiple safe zones have sprung up around the globe, though the major ones are located in Guam, Hawaii, Cape Verde,
Iceland and Socotra. The ETR reformed into the 'The Coalition of World Preservation'-CWP from here on- and all hostilities towards one another were set aside. Sort of, there are new territory disputes, world powers scrambling to gain more land after some areas are reclaimed. There are specialized CWP combatives called 'Tactical Extermination Groups' or unofficially, 'Pest Control'. These are highly skilled, heavily armed, and mobilize at a moments notice, they are sent in to deal with nests. They are usually dawned in Class S Armor, though still in prototype stages, the armor is meant to protect the wearer of most small arms fire. This will matter later... Later tests on captured creatures showed that after enough pain is applied the creature commits suicide by some how shutting off all internal and neurological functions. Though in some cases, a soft shut down of internal and neurological functions is a sign of an attempt to heal the wounds sustained. If the creature has no missing limbs or can still properly function without support, it will hibernate for 1 week to 2 months... The world was not ready for such creatures, the armor, weapons and vehicles were not meant for this new threat. Though there were some recent inventions that assist in battles. The DSH 1 Hell Hound, designed in March, prototyped in May, and recently deployed in July, it is a valuable piece of equipment and only used in dire situations. As they are expensive to make.. Thankfully hard to lose.. The DSH stands at 8 feet tall, and quite bulky, it is considered power armor. The weapons available to it are vast and varied.

The parasite is a form of wormlike being that can connect itself to the brain stem and spinal cord of any living creature it can enter. Easily hidden and is the controller of compromised human beings. Spy parasites are physically impossible to see, and hide under the skin quite well, the CWP has invented a handheld scanner for soldiers and checkpoint security guards to use to make sure the people they allow in, are not spies for the hostile creatures they fight.
There are 2 different styles of parasites. Combat Parasites 1569095979868.png
And Spy Parasites 1569096079635.png
The secondary enemy that human soldiers and guards face. Large spider-like creatures that are quite weak in terms of armor, but make it up with large attack groups. Taller than a human, and usually the size of an minivan.
"Take a look in the mirror, are you really you?"
Compromised humans vary, and are hard to tell if not scanned beforehand, though there are blatant compromised, they're also the main fighting force...
Actual image taken by combat photographer. As you can see, these creatures never leave caves/sinkholes, or venture too far from their guarding area. Their outer shells are tough to break with standard ammo types, and require high caliber rounds or incendiary ammo types.
Wasps are the flying creatures that the hostile beings use to combat the airforce. They fly as fast as a jet and their stingers can be shot out, when they hit the ground they either explode or splash acid in a 10 foot radius. Easy to take down, if you can hit it.. Even when it hovers, it can move around quite quickly, heat seeking missiles and IR strobes do not work on this creature and require standard aiming to hit.

CWP Glossary
Class S armor is designed to take on small arms fire, light and silent. The suit comes with an exo skeleton and boots that reduce noise when moving. The armor comes with adaptive camo, that is almost see through, the downside is it cannot work when the user is running, or under heavy winds. Though when close enough, even standing still reveals the wearers presence due to the blurring and mirroring of the surrounding area of the suit. Though it is very handy when used against the creatures, as their eyes are not the same as humans. The armor allows the user to move fast and speak quietly, virtually undetectable when whispering. It can be deactivated at will using voice commands.

Due to the amount of soldiers needed to be supplied, and the fact armor protection for said soldiers is almost null, soldiers usually wear any combat gear that is blacked out with their countries flag on the shoulder, followed by their rank within their armed forces, though some ranks are equalized to US standards

Mainly used by the worlds special forces. Hell hound armor uses a specialized exo skeleton and prototype air incendiary launcher. The AIL-Air Incendiary Launcher- is used in enclosed caves or sinkholes, as it sets the air within said areas ablaze, it is best used as either a last resort or outside fired in. Though it has little effect in open areas, the fire that shoots out from caves or sinkholes can travel for one hundred feet. And are to be used only when an area is deemed apart of the 'scorched earth policy', as the network made by the creatures can extend far and wide, and the AIL will travel for half a mile if given the chance, and also create large fire craters, like Darvaza gas crater, but much larger.. But attempts to fix this issue are in the works. Though there are reject suits, ones with defects that cannot be fixed.. These suits are given to criminals who are on deathrow, and are rigged to implode if the user tries to run away from the mission area. They are told: "If you survive long enough to see this war end you will be granted your freedom. No strings attached.".. These suits are colored in orange with their inmate numbers where the unit number would be, and their prison origin on the its back. The main weapon varies. From quad rigged LMG's to M2 Heavy machine guns, Flamethrowers to miniguns.

The Tusk is a super heavy battle tank that works with the infantry ground forces, a symbol of power and destruction. The two main cannons fire artillery napalm shells, the front machine guns fire 14.5 Armor piercing rounds, and the side turrets are flame throwers, it's made to be a mobile bunker, sadly it's large size and armaments cause it to move slowly-10 miles an hour- and at times fall through weak portions of ground...

Walkers are the answer to areas tanks cannot get to, fast, versatile, armored.. This is the mechanized corps standard security mech. Made to escort convoys and aid in defenses for soft infantry soldiers. There are variants designed for frontline combat, equipped with .50 cal gatling guns, flamethrowers or large shields for assisting foot soldiers to their destination.

The Ground Hog is a specialized tank with a GAU 8 gatling gun for a main cannon, designed to attack with the main force of foot soldiers and decimate the hostile creatures in one spray.

1569098099532.png1569098110248.png1569098123985.png1569098133525.pngBradley IFV

The Denel NTW 20 rifle is a high caliber anti material rifle, used for anti personnel to anti tank. Coming in 4 calibers. 20x82mm (NTW 20), 20x110mm (NTW 20), and 14.5mm (NTW 20). Each caliber can be used against tanks, just matters where you put the shot.

The SG 543 Bullpup automatic rifle fires a .45-70 govt round, given the weapons design, recoil is almost not an issue.

There are modified XM8's that fire .50 beowulf and come with grenade launcher attachments.

The MP10 PDW fires a .50 AE meant for last resort and given to mechanized soldiers(Air force, Tank crews, and coming standard with any vehicle).

Standard infantry sidearms are usually high caliber handguns, such as the desert eagle, .44 revolver, etc.

Explosive launching devices have not changed and remain the same with new ammo types, mainly incendiary.

Hellhound weapons have no deviated far from most heavy weapons, such as the M134, generic flame throwers, etc.


This RP is inspired by multiple games and movies, many weapons and armor will be used along with vehicles.
List of games:
Gears of war series-mainly how the war started-
Halo Series-mainly armor and possibly weapons-
Last of Us series-read the 'creature glossary'-
Starship troopers Trilogy-Mainly some of the bugs from the movies-

Rules for this RP:
RPN common sense, ALL RPN rules apply
I am the GM, what I say goes
Take making your character seriously(i say this to avoid an issue i had in another RP i ran), no meme/joke characters.
The RP's universe has a standard military enlistment service age of 17-27. Officers may exceed the age of 28 but not exceed 52.
No billy bad asses/milly bad asses
Semi lit (at least a paragraph, even i get stuck at some responses so don't worry!)
Nobody can play any of the 'bugs' YET. Besides maybe one compromised in a city, but that might come later
I'd prefer no real faceclaims. Kinda doesn't work with the aesthetic I have in mind.

Standard safezone/settlement security-least used for the start of the RP-
Standard Infantry-Most used for the start-
Tactical Extermination Group member-Recommended character design path, almost 100% focused upon-
Civilian-Least used for the start of the RP-
Mechanized Hell Hound Operator-Most used for the start-
Tank Commander-works with Ground Hog and Tusk, or you can pick any modern era tank-
Suggestions welcomed.



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