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  • Why was 'you can't create new tags' added? Like you now have limited my creativity.
    Because we had literally thousands of tags, most of which were duplicates (misspellings, alternate spellings, alternate phrasing). You can suggest new tags here if there's something you think should be added, but it's a fairly extensive list already.
    • Love
    Reactions: Fyuri
    Had to put my do down recently and it's been tearing me up. I'll be back making pointless RP ideas soon X'D
    Yet another failed RP idea, but this time i didn't waste my time by pouring 1-3 days into it! So really it's whatever, I'm 100% never making another RP idea ever again as none of them work.
    Hm...I want to make an rp, but everytime I make one it never gets off the ground, should I waste my effort again?
    That sad feeling when you see a really fun looking rp but then realize your sentence count isn't up to par with the people in the rp so you just sink into a pit of sadness
    Ooh, idea, maybe this idea has already been mentioned, but id like to see a new genre in the genre category! Apocalyptic! Where apocalyptic RPs reside! :D
    They're meant to be settings, not genres, so apocalyptic would generally go in sci-fi/futuristic :)
    Microsoft:We need to add something to edge
    Random jerk who needs a butt whoopin:Set aside tabs, so people accidentally use our pointless and stupid feature. And make sure when someones typing something up, it's not saved
    That face when someone bashes SAO because the main character is op. Then they go watch naruto, bleach, DBZ, and one piece -insert suspicious fish face from spongebob HERE-
    Well... I might not even look into other rps. Because the leaders(of the rp, not RPN leaders <<) ignore you after a mistake in a character sheet, or they're disrespectful. Or both... -Sigh- Glad it's Friday... My only rp and my fav rp, will spark to life again... hopefully...
    When you've been dissing the little bubble like devices on military vests but realize they are IR strobes so they're marked as friendly for drones and what not....
    Still got my mass effect rp idea... Wonder if anyone would be up for that? I'm in an rp ive been waiting forever for so I'll be on more :3
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