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eternally simping for the galactic empire.
Good afternoon everyone! Diana here, realising that I should've probably posted here from the get-go. After a period of pause, I'm back and looking for a long-term, novella-esque based roleplay. I strictly roleplay high-fantasy until I've gotten to know you. Then I'm happy to do some small, AU-type roleplays on the side. Admittedly I'm not a whiz with posting, therefore I'm just going to write exactly what I'm looking for below. Don't be put off by the dryness of this post, I just struggle with glamming-up my advertisements. :closedeyescryingfrown::bishiesparklesr:Let me introduce myself and my style of writing.

TLDR; Do you love writing in an original (or possibly fandom) universe? Do you love D&D and the Forgotten realms and enjoy telling tall tales, to smaller intimate ones? Then hey, hi! Give me a quick look. 👀

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽about me .* :☆゚. ───

:bishiesparklesr: 25+ F! with a long, tireless portfolio of writing. I've written in so many different universes but namely, I enjoy writing in an original one. Typically a high-fantasy, faerun-inspired world. Think Dungeons and Dragons 5e material. I draw so, so much inspiration from there. I'm hoping to meet a fellow Forgotten Realms enthusiast. ✨
:bishiesparklesr: I chat A LOT. OOC is deeply important to me and I would love it if we could gush over our characters, our story but also any similar hobbies, especially videogames. Though this is a mainly a search for a homebrew world, I am also more than happy to roleplay in a pre-established world or a fandom universe.
:bishiesparklesl: Doubling optional, but not necessary if we find a 👄👌 main couple. I can play any character of any gender/identity/sexuality. However, most of my characters are gay-adjacent but I have so many of them, that finding the right fight for your character/oc won't be an issue. I guarantee it. I also enjoy playing more than one character, not every coupling has to be romantic I just want our world to feel alive.
:bishiesparklesl: My responses vary massively and I would describe myself as lazy-literate. Some of my posts sit about 400 words and others at 800+, all dependant on what's happening, who's speaking and how many characters we have present. I also do not mind smaller replies for tender moments, or just building of a character.
:bishiesparklesl: I'm also an artist, so I'm able to draw up my characters or show you some of my pre-existing ones. Though, when I'm finding life too busy to draw I typically use things like Heroforge or Pinterest to capture my character's likeness. A lot of my characters are quite flamboyant and so, sometimes a normal face-reference won't suit them.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽what I'm searching for .* :☆゚. ───

:bishiesparklesl: Someone over the age of 21+.
:bishiesparklesl: Will communicate over Discord. Plan, chat and decorate our own little server. I hate to be left to do all the work, all the chat for it all to be for naught. Let's get creative!
:bishiesparklesr: Someone willing to write our own little section of Faerun or to write in some of the select fandom universes. Some of my favourite universes to write in are: TES: (Skyrim), Dragon Age (Thedas) and BG3 (Faerun & the Forgotten Realms generally!) I'm also fine with injecting characters from one space into another, if they line up nicely with the theme.
:bishiesparklesl: Will, PLEASE, play more than solely F or solely M. The more variations the better, wouldn't you agree?
:bishiesparklesl: Beyond that, I'm just looking for someone to create something beautiful with.

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽fandoms, plots.* :☆゚. ─── i'll highlight the role I wish to play in bold!

:bishiesparklesl: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. One of my favourite games to this very day. This game is responsible for a lot of my OCs and throughout the years, they have evolved and changed. For this particular setting, I would love to do a fated one/dragonborn x thalmor overseer/ veteran. I have an old character who I have also imported into the Forgotten Realms and I think, after all of his hardships he deserves some love. Some genuine affection. Though, I wouldn't mind doing a similar fated-one/overseer plot in the Forgotten Realms. If you have any other suggestions for Skyrim, please let me know. But please don't be upset if I reject the idea, I have roleplayed Skyrim to death and there's just so many scenarios I've seen over and over again.

:bishiesparklesr: Dragon Age Origins/ 2/ Inquisition. Who's excited for Dread-Wolf? With this, I honestly wouldn't really want to relive the events of the game again, but rather explore the pockets of time between each game. Especially the bridge between Dragon Age 2 and Inquisition. What happened to Hawke and her friends after Kirkwall? Where did they go? How did the Inquisition come to find them. This one is very loose, once again- This is a game I have roleplayed over and over and played even more. Pitch some ideas should you fancy! I should say I am most confident with playing the DA2 cast, over Inquisition and Origins.

:bishiesparklesl: Baldur's Gate 3. Game of the year, literal masterpiece. What can I say, Baldur's Gate 3 provides such a beautiful story to jump into. Full of interesting characters. I am happy to play any of the canon characters against the right Tav, probably all with the exception of Gale. 🤢 Sorry, he's just not MY cup of tea. In this, I would also think it to be interesting if both Tav and the Durge survive. 👀 I have a couple of BG3 characters to select from and I'm sure you do too. I don't mind if we follow the story, or if we take a different angle and approach it in another way.

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽general fantasy ideas .* :☆゚. ─── purely original here. No fandoms please x

:bishiesparklesl: Anything to do with demons, devils, incubus, succubus & cults. I have one tale I'd love to tell with you. One of my characters begins his days a slave to a cult but through the genuine affections of another, they both escape. I want to keep these as vague and open as possible. Tales about breaking habits and escaping dark situations is always one of my favourites. :bishiesparklesl: Anything vampire, gothic, dark and dire. I absolutely love the Castlevania series and would love to write something a dark and foreboding. Particularly anything from the CoS (5e) module. :bishiesparklesl: Magical universities- not something I'm too informed in, but would love to do something small-time like that. Less Harry Potter, more Fire-Emblem Three Houses...


I will add more to this post as I see fit! :bishiesparklesl: If any of this rambling makes any sense then please, send me a message! We can converse over discord once we've got everything sorted. As one final parting text, I shall post an example of my writing below. It's an excerpt from a Curse-of-Strahd based roleplay I did. I hope y'all enjoy! :bishiesparklesl:


(n). Abnormal physical weakness or lack of energy.

Creeping decrepitude raked at the calves of the Tiefling as they staggered ahead into the asphyxiating mists; the reach of the smog seemingly endless as they clawed their lithe fingers through the curtain ahead of them to no avail. Between the gnashing of teeth and the sound of paws battering against the poisoned earth, the fiend found themselves retracing their steps — the cursed undertaking that had brought them to this suffocating place. Vervain Buckthorn, renowned connoisseur of the heart and travelling poet, damned the ebony-planking of the carriage that had brought them here, their knuckles blanched as they tightened their grasp upon the neck of their lute; an improvised and regretful use of their favoured instrument. In an attempt to escape the yearning of a man-scorned, Buckthorn had floundered into the plush innards of a stygian hansom — intended for another — and watched as the creases of his pursuer’s brow unravelled and an expression of delicious consternation unfurled upon their venerable visage.

The Tiefling recalled with tickling warmth the elation they had felt then; their lips parting to reveal a particularly snaggle-toothed grin. The sensation of freedom — liberty, it superseded any and all other feelings. Save one. The Bard had allowed themself to grow drunk with somnolent thoughts of deliverance and in turn, permitted themself to stumble and tumble into the barbed jaw of danger.

An elongated muzzle, lined with teeth pierced the fluttering cape that danced at Buckthorn’s posterior; the fabric tearing with ease. The wolf’s teeth tangled with the threaded trimming of the Bard’s coat and while thoroughly rallied by its packmates, the hound was able to wrestle the foreigner to the wizened earth beneath its paws. The wolves attacked accordingly, their teeth striking at the Tiefling’s flank; the arch of their thigh and the length of their forearm. “Get thee to—!!” The Tiefling shrieked while kicking their right leg towards the snapping jaws of a wolf; the heel of their boot connecting hard with the grey profile of the beast’s muzzle. “—Infernal swine!” Mockery of the wolves’ unbroken, wild opulence did little to dissuade them and when one retreated, another, and another, replaced it.

Their confidence intensified with time, flaring hotly in their flaxen eyes as they continued to rip and tear into the boysenberry flesh of the fiend. One perhaps too assured launched itself towards the guarded, golden throat of the Tiefling and attempted to crunch at the core of cartilage that bobbed behind the collar. The wolf was met with immediate resistance as its muzzle bonked against the resplendent coils; its lip pushed upright as the creature’s muzzle brushed against the fervid face of the Bard. In response, Buckthorn raised the neck of their beloved lute and repeatedly bashed it against the nose of the hound and when it yelped in pain, they rammed the girth of the lute into the beast’s jaw. The strings of their lute wailed as they were severed. Now freed from their taut bonds, the gutted-strings turned on their monarch and lashed cruelly at their lip; the metal length of twine now soiled in sanguine starlight, bled from the aureate-Tiefling.

Prone on their back, Buckthorn continued to hold their fanged assailants at bay but with each passing moment, the weight of the mists coupled with their new lacerations coaxed and lulled them into a numb surrender; their resolve fractured like the neck of their lute.


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Hi, If you are still interested, I'd be willing to do something Dragon Age-related, specifically the DA2 timeline or the Inquisition post-Inquisition timeline. I would also be willing to do something Baldur's Gate related; I will admit I only got to act 2 but had major aspects of the plot spoiled. (I don't see the appeal of Gale, he comes off...desperate)
BUMP! Sorry I was inactive for two weeks. 🥲 If you messaged me before, feel free to again.

Feeling some original fantasy ✨💕
I'd be willing to do original fantasy as well.

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