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Fandom ☕ "B*tᥴh, bᥱ hᥙmbᥣᥱ..." Mᥲყor of Kιᥒgstoᥕᥒ RP (OC x CC) ☕


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Characters included:

Mike McLusky
Allicia Wilson (OC)

mike mclusky.png

Short plot summary:

Allacia is one of Mike’s personal assistant in the fictitious town of Kingstown, Michigan. Mike is currently the mayor of the town, however one night, Allicia goes to check on him in his office, Mike is not there. His phone in the locked drawer of his desk.

Where the hell is he?

After she finds him, Mike finds out about her past and the fact she used to work for Milo Sunter.

download (21).jpg
Character info:

Mike McLusky [Wiki Link - here]

Allacia Wilson [Google Doc link - here]

download (22).jpg

Author's notes:

I haven't seen any RP requests about this show yet, and I'm like obsessed with it atm 😂 If you're interested and you're obsessed like I am, just reply below, react to this post or DM me a message! 🥰
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