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Fandom AU Marauder's Era RP (Hogwarts)

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Action, Adventure, AU, Harry Potter, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Romance, School, Slice of Life


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oh, also! i know we aren't supposed to have any characters related to canon characters, but if i want to play a pureblood oc, could they be part of one of the more obscure sacred twenty-eight families?


drmr boy
Hey! I don't typically play Canon characters but Regulus is really calling me. I keep coming back to this so I figure I may as well express my interest here.

Dark lord steel

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As Bella, can she only date Roldophus, or can she date other people as long as she gets married to Roldophus in the end? Sorry if it seems like a stupid question but I thought I'd check


We are Lord Buckethead
Its an AU. So everything can change and be shifted by our interactions. Moldywort can even win depending on how things go. So everything as far as I know is up in the air for how it turns out. Good, bad, weird and even normal.

Dark lord steel

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It's just that I'm not sure some people will want their character to remain fourteen for the whole story depending on how long it lasts

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