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Futuristic Arcadia: Heroes World Brave

Albert shot the veteran super a sideways look and sighed. "Trying to keep a promise." Albert gazed over at the city of Ys. "What are we going to do about... that?"
The Alchemist shoulders heaved dramatically with a shrug, "Who knows. Time Kid and Demon Boy are down there right now, apparently. Surely they will have some ideas when they return!"
It was like trying to sew by hand. She was rushing putting the needle through, following that tug, and it was making the thread get caught and tangle. Akiko then had to pause and reassess as she tried not to think too much of the time she had, gently teasing the knot out and when it was free, following it once more.

To the tallest spire she went, a window letting her see two figures and a whole bunch of runes.

"Hey, uh," she said as she phased through the wall, re materializing between the two. "You two got a permit for that?"
Klaus looked around slowly, the nausea of abrupt time travel dissipating. The city of Ys surrounded him, not in just a physical sense but an emotional one as well. The city in 2045 was cold and hollow, yet this Ys was warm and vibrant, full of life and bristling with potential, nearly burgeoning into a utopia. He looked skyward, the salty sea air filling his lungs. The calm crash of the waves surrounding the city blended into the joyful tones of the music that echoed through every alleyway. The same alleyways that had hidden ghosts only moments before.

Klaus took a deep breath and made his way forward. Someone had called him here. Someone had wanted Klaus to see Ys in its prime, and he wasn't going to keep them waiting. The tower in the center of town shone like a beacon in the midday sun. Monsieur Mer and the Morgen knew the tower's importance; In his stint as a Time-Traveler, Klaus learned that some things in life and time are universal truths. A tower in the center of a city, dead or alive, will always be the most significant point. It radiates purpose and shows that intrinsically, there is no good or evil, simply perception. The city of Ys was neither Heavenly nor Hellish. It just was. As he drew nearer to the tower, Klaus had to wonder if it had been the city itself that had pulled him through time. A city so steeped in mystery and myth that it had gained a sort of consciousness, seeking the right person to resonate with, to draw to this time, and free it from whatever curse would take hold. To alleviate the suffering of the innocent, brought down by those whose hearts and minds are full of greed. On Klaus walked, ever conscious of the narrowing street and shrinking allies. Klaus wasn't simply making his way to the center of Ys as he was being escorted; some ghosts simply lose track of their place in time.
"YOU! INTERLOPER! SOUL-THIEF! YOU WILL NOT STOP THIS!" She shrieked, grabbing Akiko by the neck and drawing her spectral form further inside. "J’ai attendu beaucoup trop longtemps!" she hissed a dark, foul mist pouring out of her mouth as she shrieked in Sinigami's ear. "Les vivants m’ont presque oublié. Un souvenir abandonné jeté dans les profondeurs de la mer! Mais ils témoigneront à nu de ce nouveau royaume ! Mon chagrin sera gravé dans leurs cœurs... pour l’éternité!"

She then with one heave, launched Akiko out through the walls of the tower with a shot of this ghostly mist with enough force to launch her out of Ys entirely. "Je ne pourrai peut-être pas nuire directement aux vivants... mais je vais vous en finir !" the Morgen screamed.

Meanwhile, Monsieur Mer had finished carving out the runes onto the floor. "J’ai fini de dessiner les marques, ma chérie!" he called out to his ghostly love.

"Alors aidez-moi!" the Morgen called back. "Ensemble, nous mettrons fin à ces intrus!"

She beckoned Monsieur Mer and he followed, through the window and out towards the sea where Akiko was tossed. The skies were darkened as Mer raised a hand to the skies, manipulating the clouds using moisture within. With that came a violent torrent of rain, falling fast and hard enough to pierce human skin and powerful hurricane winds.

From the seas, a spiral of titanic tidal waves began to rise up, surrounding and forming a watery wall surrounding Akiko. Monsieur Mer, his arms folded, stood atop his spear, riding through the waves on it like a makeshift surfboard as the Morgen stood behind him, arms wrapped around his waist.

"An interesting ability, mon ami..." Monsieur Mer chuckled, speaking in English. "None of your peers have stood up to my beasts and fared well! We have thoroughly dismantled Europe's newest upstart superteam, Yet you and your comrades have slaughtered one...Non! Two?! Impossible..." he shook his head for a moment before shrugging. "Tis a great shame...I would very much like to question you, but my love demands your very life be wrung from your body. Perhaps your allies will prove more talkative, non?" he laughed cruelly as, without warning the Morgen launched herself at Akiko.

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Noting the darkening sky as well as keeping in mind his own time in this state running out, Macroman had to put a quick dent in Scylla's stride. Swiping out his arm, he shot out a thin rectangular blade which flew out and sliced Scylla's octopus legs from under her, cutting them clean off and causing her to fall backwards into the sea. Unable to fight for much longer he leaped up and soared into the sky, giving a pitying glance towards Scylla before he ascends through the darkened clouds.

Henry, back in his human form, reappears inside the VTOL, walking out of one of the rooms in the back. "Are the hostages doing well?" he asked Liz. "I've lost contact with Cobalt and Koschei. Some kind of magical interference from Ys, maybe?" He looked over to the spiral of water out at sea not too far from the risen city. Narrowing his eyes, he looked back at the two other heroes gathered on the VTOL. "Got a feeling we might wanna do something about that..."

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"If it's energy, I can absorb it," Albert said, pumping a fist into his hand. "Kinetic's the easiest, the other stuff's not perfect but..."

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Sasha descended into the tower of the present as Klaus approached the tower of the past. The deep water hummed from the depths, its darkness thickening and pulsating like it was alive. The heat made the water tumultuous to navigate, but Sasha let instinct guide him downwards.

Abruptly, Sasha entered stagnant water. He'd crossed the threshold, entering the center of the power that had built Ys and still flowed within its every crack and crevice. Sasha halted, understanding he had reached his destination. He allowed his eyes to adjust to the new surroundings. Something was there, something ancient and alien.

"Koschei? Is that really you?" came words from the depths, as an ever-shifting form began to coalesce. The voice, if it could be called that, was cracked and broken, like metal scraping against stone.

"Darm," Sasha said, identifying the voice not from its sound but from the presence that was as thick as the water surrounding the Russian hero. Anger surged around him, lashing at him like physical whips as the being reacted to his name being called.

" MY NAME DOTH NOT LEAVE A TRAITOR'S LIPS, " Darm's voice boomed, becoming clearer with each passing moment. Sasha had nothing to say to that, so kept silent, and Darm's rage subsided to a more steady pulse.

"I shall grant you a chance at redemption, Koschei," Darm said, smoother now, like paper sliding across sand. “My servants above work to restore Ys, restore me. Ensure their success, and I will request for you an audience with the Imperium . "

"Gee, thanks," Sasha said sarcastically. "What a generous offer. Here's my counter suggestion: Screw you."

"Very well," Darm hoisted after a very brief pause, and wasted no more time on pleasantries.


The city of Ys guided Klaus gently to the tower at its center. Outside the tower, a young woman stood, her hair dark and her blue eyes shadowed but strong.

"Welcome traveler," the woman said, bowing to Klaus. "The city of Ys welcomes you from the future."

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The moment the Morgen touched her, an electric shock ran through Akiko's body. It stunned her for a few moments as she went flying out of the spire but her instinct kicked in and she became incorporeal just as the brutal rain descended. She hovered there for a few moments, within the prison of water, as Monsieur Mer made his threats. No response save for her holding out one outstretched hand even as the Morgen launched itself towards her. A lantern materialized which Shinigami took hold off as she slipped backwards through the watery walls just as the Morgen's hands closed where her neck would have been.


When the Morgen moved forward to follow, Shinigami Earth Shaker stood on a makeshift platform of sand and seaweed that rose from the depths below. Gauntlets of green and copper covered her raised fists as she swung forward, a blast of sand shooting towards the Morgen with the deadliness of a bullet.

"Je ne peux pas vous voir comment vous pensez tous les deux que vous allez gagner ça!" Shinigami shouted, not remembering how bad she was at translating puns into different languages.
The city of Ys guided Klaus gently to the tower at its center. Outside the tower, a young woman stood, her hair dark and her blue eyes shadowed but strong.

"Welcome, traveler," the woman said, bowing to Klaus. "The city of Ys welcomes you from the future."

"I trust I have you to thank for bringing me here then?" Kalus asked with a smirk. He'd long since recalled his suit. There was no reason to hide his identity here. The city seemed to know him, welcome him. This strange woman was even expecting him. His heart beat in time with the vibrations of the lively city. Everything felt real yet dreamlike at the same time. Klaus knew he was in the past as much as he was in 2045. He hadn't time traveled so much as shifted. The ghosts of the city painted themselves up, prepared food and drink, and are now putting on a show exclusively for Kalus. The woman beckoned for Klaus to follow her inside. The door closed behind the pair, and Klaus felt the atmosphere change. A coldness began to set in, threatening to take his breath away as the two climbed the spiral staircase up to whatever awaited Klaus.
"Yes, and no," the woman said, a small smile gracing her lips as they climbed. "I am a caretaker, one chosen to be the voice of Ys. The city has its own will, which perhaps you have felt and seen as you walked through its streets. The magic of Ys transcends time to call such a traveler as you here, to learn of its past." The smile faded. "Before the dark future that awaits us all. Come now, we must hurry."

The Voice of Ys began climbing faster, seemingly unfazed by the many steps of the tower. "Ys was built by magic, raised in a day, with this tower raised above the chamber in which resides Darm." The Voice's words quavered slightly. "Darm is the source, though what it is I cannot truly say any more than I can explain the magic this city holds. It is a power beyond me."

They reached the top of the tower. Around them stretched the city, the celebration lighting up the streets in a beautiful display. The Voice paused for a moment, then pointed above her. "See the runes painted here. They hold Darm sealed. Darm is a demon, traveler, a devil from beyond what we know and hold dear. The founders imprisoned him, or perhaps Darm imprisoned them. Darm gave us magic, and through that magic Ys was born. Ys has done much good, but the power that sleeps within is evil."

The woman's voice trailed off and her eyes glazed for a moment, before turning back to Klaus. "Ys speaks that in your time a demon like Darm walks among you. He will fight Darm, but he will not win. It is up to you and your allies to return Ys to the grave."

Suddenly, screams of horror could be heard from around the tower. Huge waves of water poured into the city as the floodgates abruptly opened, washing out the lights and lives that Ys had kept safe for so long.

"Open the floodgates," the Voice repeated, only a deep sorrow remaining in her face and eyes. "Ys begs you, drown this city once more."

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"There must be another way," Klaus pleaded. The city of Ys began its descent into the sea. He could feel the fear in the air, the voices of Ys' residents silenced one by one as the flood waters rose and the city drowned with her people. "Darm gave this place life; these people were happy. Why must this be the answer?" He studied the runes painted on the wall and ceiling, using the chrono-dialer to take a snapshot. If what she said was true, Sasha would be duking it out with Darm, and maybe the runes held the key.

Klaus felt the breath ripped from his body as if he, too, was being drowned in the rising waters below. "Please, you are the spirit of the city. I can't simply watch as you drown. You cannot ask me to drown Ys. There must be something I can do to protect Ys?!"

The Chrono-Dialer began to flash, and the Ys Klaus was standing in began to fade to cobalt. "No! You cannot simply accept this! I will find a way!" Klaus opened his eyes to see the Ys of 2045, its waterlogged buildings, and silent cries for help surrounding him once more. "Dammit!"
"Mmm, yeah, if it's energy, he can absorb it." Liz jabbed a thumb toward Albert, completely ignoring Henry's question about the poor hostages huddling in the bay of the VTOL. After receiving a pointed look from both men, the woman shrugged, "Yes, yes, I can do something about it too, I suppose."

Without further ado, the Alchemist began to pilot their ship toward the risen city that was threatened with looming destruction. Several times she tried to tap into the comms of Sasha, Klaus and Akiko, but to no avail. She glanced up at Henry as they approached the swirling storm, "You know, this is why I always say we should come up with some sort of plan before diving out of a moving plane."
"Thank you, Alchemist," Albert said, adjusting his goggles as he stared at the maelstrom. It was clear to him the Alchemist was reluctant to join the fight; he chose to think it was due to the survivors that were huddled in the back. "I'm going in. Depending on what's in there, it may take me a minute but I'll do my best."

True to his word, Albert leaped from the helicopter into the whirlpool maelstrom, his powers instantly activating as the waves of water washed over him. Holding his breath, Albert did his best to swim forward. With each passing second, the waterspout began to lose power, its energy diverting to the Baron. This would undoubtedly be noticed by the one who created it, but Albert had a plan up his sleeve. He just had to not drown before he could use it.


Klaus was at the base of the tower now as he returned to the present, the echo of the city's last words still audible. The city lived on the magic of the demon at its heart, had recognized the evil there and attempted to destroy itself. The pain and sorrow felt like a heavy weight on Klaus' shoulders, a miasma that had burdened the living Ys for eons. Perhaps there was no other way - Darm and Ys were intrinsically tied together. There was no telling what releasing Darm would do, but the city's fear of Darm was strong.

The city shuddered as the battle Klaus had been warned about continued deep below the surface. Klaus needed to find a solution and fast.
"In most instances, I'd agree but with all due respect, there wasn't much time for plans in the midst of everything going on," Henry responded. "We took one second longer to act and the hostages lives would've been forfeit or all of Europe could've been flooded over. He tapped comms again, receiving no response. "That's about the third or fourth time. I'm gonna go in and see if they need some backup," Henry nodded at The Alchemist. "And hey feel free to join me, once you're feeling a little less grumpy," he joked, allowing the VTOL to get low enough to Ys before he jumped out on his own, landing on the stone tile floors of the legendary city.

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"Nous n’avons pas besoin de penser à ce que nous SAVONS!" Monsieur Mer screamed back as Akiko's earthen fist passed through the Morgen and towards him as he formed a wall of water before him to absorb the impact of the blow. Too occupied with her to notice the ferocity of the vortex he created slowly starting to dissipate, he continued, "You've been sent on a fool's errand, you imbecile!" As he spoke, the Morgen swooped over to Akiko, her eyes a blank white as she began to utter a beautiful melody. One that was so soothing and relaxing that it began to make Akiko feel as if she needed to simply relax and fall asleep.

Meanwhile Mer raised a grand as spears of water erupted from the sea to attack Akiko. "I do not simply, manipulate the sea...Je suis son maître! Et une fois que les mers envelopperont la planète, je ne serai connu que comme un dieu avec la plus belle déesse de toutes à mes côtés!"

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"Merde," Klaus swore as he felt the city shake beneath his feet. A quick tap on the Chrono-Dialer and the nano-bots comprising his suit formed over his body. He took off into the city,
Zeittasche flew from his fingers, sticking to the closet building. He'd programmed them to be activated remotely for now. If this city was alive, he was determined to find a way to save it.

He went back through the city to the spire and searched for any way he could to reach Darm's domain. The battle rocked the city streets; steam hovered over the cobblestones as the water below grew hotter. "Merde, merde!" he cursed, "Enough!" He shouted, snapping his fingers, triggering the hundreds of Zeittasche around the city. "Forgive me," he muttered, feeling guilty about taking the will of an entire city into his own hands.
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"Grumpy?!" An indignant shriek followed Henry out of the VTOL.

Liz crossed her arms and threw herself back on the pilots seat with a huff, muttering a string of sentences about being too old for this shit and how someone had to stay here to make sure that their ship with all of the hostages within it wasn't stolen while they were off on an adventure in an underwater city. Midway through her internal rant she spotted a young boy staring at her with big, curious brown eyes, his hand grasping on to his mothers as she anxiously rocked back and forth in her seat, watching the chaos outside. Liz frowned at the boy who smiled wide with crooked teeth and spoke with an adorable, French accent, "You are the Alchemimst?!"

"That's right, kid."

The damp boy tilted his head with a laugh, delivering to Liz a fatal blow with his next words; "You don't look like your figurine at all!"

With a grunt, the older woman sunk further into her chair. The ability for children to stay so annoying even in times of great turmoil never failed to surprise her.
Shinigami's raised fist lowered as the Morgen's singing enveloped her, sinking into her bones as the fatigue smoothed over into drowsiness. The sound of the suit powering down rang out as the lantern came free, her Earth Shaker form breaking as the platform she had been standing on did the same. And then, Shinigami was falling, spears of water hurtling themselves towards her.

Just as The Morgen and Monsieur Mer were certain the hero was to be impaled, a lantern appeared besides her. A sinister and deep, resonating voice announced, “SHINIGAMI WITCHFINDER, WITCH FIRE, I'M ON FIIIIIIIRE, BUAHAHA” and flames shot out, completely enveloping Shinigami. The spears made contact and steam erupted, hiding her from view.

When it all cleared up, they didn't see Shinigami though they had heard the distinct sound of something hitting the water. With the tumultuous state of the sea, it was impossible to see any ripples but still, no gasping or vengeful hero to continue the fight came out.
"Bah!" Monsier Mer sneered, waving his arm to manipulate the waves, opening "pockets" in the water to try and locate where the ghostly hero was hiding.
Time froze all around Ys as the Zeittasche took hold. The shuddering of the city only seemed to worsen, however, as if Klaus had just clamped a lid on a boiling pot of water. The pressure was tangible as it built. It would only be a matter of time until it burst.

Time was running out.


Albert's powers weren't only contained in his fists - he could direct his powers into a ranged blast that felt like a burning hot, electric punch from the sun. But he was only going to get one shot. He wasn't going to be able to hold his breath much longer and once he left the water, he would be falling.

Albert burst from the vortex in front of the Morgen and Monsieur Mer. Having gotten glimpses of what happened to Shinigami from inside the swirling waters, the Baron had no thoughts of attacking the Morgen directly. He wasn't exactly sure if his powers would even hurt a ghost, having not had a reason to go out and test the theory.

"Heads up!" Albert snapped at the super as he launched his Backlash forward at Mer.
Within the depths of the water, Shinigami sunk, Witch Fire's form broken so only her base suit remained. For a few moments, the sea embraced her, lulling her down into the depths. Then her fingers twitched. Gray's lantern spun out and popped itself into her belt, the belt crying out, "LIGHT ON. SHINIGAMI GRAY, AWAKEN."

She emerged from the depths, incorporeal, as she saw Bertie's attack go off. Invisible, she shot forward as the blast did, coming up beneath the Morgen and Monsieur Mer, Witch Fire's lantern in hand. If he didn't finish them off, she was going to or back to the depths she would go.
"Attendez, quoi..." Monsieur Mer paused, hearing something whittling toward him. A blast shot forth, punching through Monsieur Mer's armor, sending him spiraling backwards. A giant watery hand rose from the ocean and caught him, Mer slouching in pain atop its palm. "Vous osez..." the aquatic villain uttered. Raising a fist, all of the water surrounding them instantly burst into millions of spiralling droplets of water that soon shaped themselves into thin razer sharp needles. "Un autre?! Comment vous vous rassemblez comme des mouches... Je vais te transformer en coussin d’épingle, bâtard!"

Launching his hand forward he shot the watery needles forth at Backlash. Meanwhile the Morgen hissed and her jaw unhinged, infuriated that Shinigami had escaped a watery grave. She let out an unnatural, murderous wail as she spotted Akiko and began to charge at her.

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Akiko swapped her lanter for Moon Oath and used the momentum from her ascent, putting up a shield that would hopefully block the Morgen't attack. However, the moment she swapped, she began to fall like a rock, the shield still up until she hit the water.
"Open the floodgates," The words echoed in Klaus' mind as the City's will succumbed to his time tech. The sounds of battle filled the air, rising over the crashing waves. The tide grew more violent with every passing second, and soon Ys, and the entire world, would be drowned. Klaus shook the dark thoughts from his head as he raced to do the only thing he could think to do, obey the ghosts and open the flood gates.

Klaus had wanted to save the City of Ys, preserve its history, and allow the streets to feel the sun's warmth once more. However, he couldn't sacrifice the entire world to resurrect one City. The most complicated choices are often the right ones; in this case, sinking Ys beneath the waves was the right call. Ys never asked to be used as a prop for a madman's endgame of flooding the planet, and Klaus now understood that saving the City meant putting an end to it.

Klaus found the floodgates one by one. Each more difficult to open than the one before it. Soon they were all wide open, ready to accept the torrent of water that would seal the City's fate. With a snap of his fingers, he disabled the Zeittasche and made his way to the Spire. It was time to end this nightmare.
The city of Ys had been asleep for a long time, slumbering in darkness deep beneath the waves. The ones who had opened the floodgates all those years ago were long gone, the priestess who had acted as its voice sacrificing her life in turn, all under the desperate plea of Ys. Darm had been weak when it first arrived, but still strong enough to impress and trick the first king of Ys. Darm had buried itself in Ys' core, bringing magic to the citizens, all while feeding off their lives and growing in strength. Darm would have broken free that fateful night if it had not been for the flood.

Ys didn't have sentience, not in the way you'd expect from a human or some other type of animal. Its memories were magical in nature, echoes of the past that took tangible form. The exposure to the chronos particles from Klaus threw this magic into chaos. Ys' past & present collided, violently.


Klaus made it to the tower as the past broke loose. Around him, Ys began to transform. Water poured into the city from the floodgates, vanishing in uneven patches only to reappear in another street. Buildings rose and crumbled, smashing together. Figures popped in and out of existence in flashes. Everything was shaking. Ys was tearing itself apart.

In front of Klaus, the Voice of Ys appeared, her form solid and tangible as if she too had traveled through time. The priestess was pale and shaking. "Hurry traveler!" she pleaded. "To the top of the tower. Darm is breaking free!"

As if to accentuate her point, Darm and Sasha burst from underneath Ys into the city itself, and the Brave got their first glimpse at the dark heart of Ys. Four arms, each with a corresponding wing, spread into the air as Darm tossed Sasha to the side and stretched. Black skin contrasted sharply with the white feathers, and chains floated up and around Darm's humanoid body. A dark mist surrounded everything, oozing out of Darm's fanged mouth each time he breathed, and two bull horns protruded over six glowing yellow eyes.

*** A few moments earlier ***

Sasha was annoyed. He was losing the fight, and he knew Darm knew. There was an overwhelming feeling of contempt pouring from the demon, even as Sasha hit Darm so hard he felt his own bones creak. Darm returned the favor, and Sasha grinned through a mouthful of blood. This would have been a lot easier if he'd gotten some cooperation, but he'd have to make do.

Darm transformed again, and Sasha clicked his tongue in annoyance. Darm's size kept increasing, a trick Sasha had yet to master, and fighting someone three or four times your size wasn't easy. Darm laughed, a horrendous sound, and summoned more mines. Sasha dove, barely escaping the concussive blasts, even as the shockwaves rocked the city above and the earth below, and made his bones rattle.

Darm followed Sasha easily, lashing out with one of his four arms to launch Sasha back up, cratering into Ys above. Darm screamed, a blast of sound that shattered the rocks around Sasha and would have turned his organs into jelly had he not been prepared. Darm rushed forward, tackling Sasha and sending the two upwards.


Albert gritted his teeth as his blast went slightly wide, only striking Mer a glancing blow. It wasn't enough to take down the empowered super, not when Albert had already spent the vast majority of his energy eliminating the sea dragon earlier. Water needles stabbed forward and Albert shielded his eyes as he was struck, the impact accelerating his fall to the water below. He wasn't injured, but there wasn't much he was going to be able to do from down here other than hold his breath. He saw Shinigami also hit the water, and began swimming her direction.

Breaking above the surface, Albert felt more than saw Darm breaking through Ys. Twisting, Albert blinked in consternation. More monsters?

"Shinigami!" Albert yelled at his ghostly ally. "We might be in trouble!"

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Darm took a deep breath and grew again, his size increasing rapidly as his gaze turned to the tower. The demon had to be approaching fifty feet in height now. Darm lifted a hand towards the tower, power concentrating in his palm.

Sasha picked himself up and wiped blood from his mouth, his form shifting as well, more armor appearing over his chest and back. "Bastard just won't stop getting bigger," Sasha growled. With a grunt, he launched himself forward, leaping into the air and kicking Darm in the side. Darm stumbled, and swatted at Sasha. Sasha grabbed Darm's arm, twisting with the blow and tossing the massive demon over his shoulder. Darm hit the ground heavily, and the impact rocked Ys again, but gave Klaus precious time.

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Henry swore under his breath. Not too long after he stepped foot into the city, it had become swept in complete chaos. Taking flash floods to a whole new meaning, Henry felt a rush of water sweep him away for one second, only to land on a busy city street in another. Some sort of time dilation causing him much confusion as to just what Sasha and Klaus had stirred up here.

The answer would be obvious soon as he witnessed Sasha emerge from beneath the city's catacombs, combatting what appeared to be some sort of demon. "An old friend, I'm guessing?" Henry narrowed his eyes before pinging Liz on comms. "Alright so....lower the VTOL. I need evac, quick!" A message he had to repeat several times over as the signal could only align within the time period it originated from. Running to where he last spotted the vehicle he dodged crumbling architecture one moment and confused citizens of a long ancient past in another.


Monsieur Mer watched as Albert fell to the water, eyes on him like a hawk as a watery hand grabbed the energy-absorbing hero by the ankle and pulled him out of the water upside down. Monsieur Mer grabbed his spear, arching his arm backwards. "Ne pensez pas que vous pouvez vous en éloigner vivant, vous petit pissant! Il n’y a pas d’échappatoire tant que je suis maître de toute eau!" And with that said, his arm sprung forward, launching the spear at Backlash.

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There was a loud splash and Shinigami swam to the surface, Bertastic crying out that they were in trouble. She felt like she was in trouble with how heavy Moon Oath's form was but when she saw a hand of water reach down to grab him, she figured her problems weren't so bad. Especially since she could just swap forms.


Monsieur Mer's arm went forward but it didn't make contact with what he was expecting. Instead, there was a heavily fortified shield of seaweed and sand and whatever she could rake up with that that. Akiko suspected she may have accidentally also brought up a fish but she was pretty sure that was just some really weird bit of debris. Regardless, she stood on a platform of the same material, one hand on Albert's arm for the next part would have to be quick.

"Try not to squirm too much, Berto," was the only warning Shinigami gave before the belt announced, "LIGHT ON. SHINIGAMI GRAY, AWAKEN"

The shield and platform broke instantly. Monsieur Mer may have expected to see our heroes fall yet again but instead they both hovered in the air, incorporeal. Shinigami was awkwardly holding onto Bert's arm with both hands. She shut her glowing eyes in concentration, extending the ability to fly to him. He would feel lighter and would be floating as she was though she felt like falling again, the belt giving its warning beeps.

"So long as we remain in contact, you'll feel like this," she explained quickly, looking over at Monsier Mer. "Got a plan for him or we raising our anchor?"

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