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Theme 1 –
Theme 2 –
Theme 3 –

Full Name:


Eye color:
























Costume Identities:







Name -
[Type of Power – Level (#)]

Power Origins:

Color Code:[color=](insert color code here for easy reference)[/color]​
Also, please note that the "Broken Image Links" are there by accident. Those are just placeholder spots for where you can place your character's images in these profiles.
Zima Kratka was a Belarusian war orphan taken in by the global security company Vanguard Industries, as a subject in the blackbox experiments known as the Mastima Project. She was given new abilities, a new family, and a new name - Sheri Galloway. She was also given an occupation as an operative for the company's Interest Security and Contract Enforcement Division.

Sheri left this life three years ago, becoming a wandering bounty hunter and mercenary before the events in Atlas City in March of 2045 ended in her being drafted by George Carlisle into his new anti-apocalypse unit The Brave.

Blackmailed into saving the world, haunted by visions of a dead woman, and suffering under the recent discovery that she cannot seem to die, Sheri is presently circling the drain of her absolute psychological rock bottom. Yet still she continues on, and will continue to do her utmost to circumvent the calamity encroaching upon the world - whether she likes it or not.

Age 26
Height 5'3"
Weight 124 lbs || 56 Kg
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Hazel

Pack Hounds Master - 7 Conjures a duplicate of herself, within her range of sight. The strength and tactical complexity depend on how far from her they are - in close range, they are fundamentally equal to the original, potentially making her extremely dangerous in close quarters; however at distance they become far more simple, and when deployed through the scope of her sniper rifle at a distance of up to 1.4 miles/2400 meters, they are only capable of following basic commands such as "chase this person" or "grab that person". She most frequently uses them as "hunting dogs" to flush out targets, either for capture or elimination. She can have between 3-10 active at once, based on how far away they are (the further they are, the more she can summon. She uses this with a "discard and draw" tactic to cut off possible escape routes, forcing targets where she wants them to go, as well as to overwhelm with sheer numbers.)
Nerve Blast Blaster - 5 Striker - 3 A nerve blast used to incapacitate targets, which she can focus through the use of firearms. Its strength ranges from "slight muscle cramp" to "elephant tranquilizer". She's far less adept at controlling it at close range, only able to use it at full power or no power, and runs the risk of recoil ranging from minor electrical burns to necrosis.
Shade Stranger - 2 A weak perception filter used to avoid detection. Causes minor electrical interference and data corruption in machines, and makes it so she doesn't stand out to people. They can still see her, but struggle to remember her once she's out of their direct line of sight. Useless if she does something which would naturally call attention to herself, such as getting in a street fight or running around naked. Also less effective against people who already know her personally.
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  • DATA

    Full NameRichard Mackenzie
    AliasWhite Death (Great White Death)
    EthnicityCaucasian: English, Scottish, French descent
    Hair ColorDark chocolate brown, almost black in some lights.
    Eye ColorBlue
    Body TypeSlim, but athletic


Color Code: #3B444B


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Lilian Anderbilt

Violent || Mechanical Animal || Just Like Me ||Kourland's Last Legionnaires || Panic Attacks in Paradise || Red Stars
  • NameLilian Anderbilt / Emma Montgomery / Talulah Phelps
    AliasesThe Bodhisatvva, Chameleon, Skinwalker
    Weight119 lbs || 54 Kg
    Hair ColorHoney Blonde
    Eye ColorHazel
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Full Name: Melody McGlass
Alias: Melware
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair: White
Eye color: Pink
Body: Amazonian
Height: 6' 6" (Varies)
Weight: 230lbs (Varies)

Hometown: Great Falls, Montanna
Affiliation(s): N/A

Hot-headed, loud, childish and Impulsive, she holds a flair for the theatrical and chaotic, being prone to getting into trouble while putting on a show. When going about her actions she shows a remarkable about of confidence and motivation, with a somewhat childish mask often hiding her real intentions, seemingly treating even the more serious matters as a fun game or show and laughing as she goes about her business.
Likes: Music, Media, Excitement, Speed, Action, Circus's
Dislikes: Boredom, Staying Still, Restrictions, Dark Topics.
Fears: Being Forgotten or Forgetting

Skills: Mathematics, Multitasking, Musician, Magic, Media, Martial Arts, Motocross,

Costume Identities:
Forgoing any efforts to conceal her identity, if anything Melody's chosen costume instead flaunts it in several ways. She uses no mask and wears a costume constructed from modified motorcycle leather. The outfit however has been created mostly for durability rather than protection.

While having a preference for getting her hands dirty, Melody does however carry a firearm in the form of a modified Thompson contender along with a range of custom cartridges. In addition, she is known to carry a variety of miscellaneous items such as coins, ball bearings, metal wire, nails, screws and more. In regards to transport, she has a tendency to use a newly acquired motorcycle boosted through the use of her abilities.

Melody would grow up among the more rural areas of Montana, though reject the mundane in favour of adrenaline-fueled adventure and fame. It was only natural then that she was drawn into heroics, though given she needed some form of revenue as well this has also led to her pursuing various endorsements, sponsorships or even odd jobs in the form of hiring out her services and bounty hunting. One such job was what led her into her current circumstances, namely the test flight of an aircraft powered by a new energy source. Unfortunately, when the craft was empowered by her ability to increase its performance, it accidentally resulted in an energy surge followed by it vanishing and reappearing in the Hadeon world, and promptly being destroyed in the ensuing crash. Since then Melody has been trying to find her place once more in the new world given her way back was destroyed, as well as has little information on how she even got here in the first place.

-Numerical Precision (Thinker8)
Melody is capable of solving, measuring, and calculating problems through numbers without using mathematical operations, but through pure intuition. They can clearly identify any variables in a given situation, viewing such numerically.

-Multiplicity (Striker10+/Blaster10+/Shaker10+/Brute10+, Mover10+, Tinker ? ) (Exact Ranking has yet to be confirmed due to the variability in each encounter)
Melody has stated to hold the power of Multiplicity, which she explains as being able to Multiply whatever she pleases from its base state, though claims it is somewhat limited on targets other than herself requiring physical contact and being only temporary. The higher the base value, the higher it can be multiplied, though she has said 5 is as high as she can go.

Power Origins: Unknown, Has stated to be able to see the numbers since birth however her Multiplicity power has been developed at a much later date.

Color Code: #D9668D
Peter Radovan



Theme 1 – Good Cop, Bad Cop
Theme 2 – Nobody Speak
Theme 3 – Dear Hearts and Gentle People
Theme 4 – Dream a Little Dream of Me
Theme 5 – Da Doo Ron Ron

  • Full Name: Agent Peter Radovan
    Alias: ██████████████
    Age: ██
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Caucasian, American of ██████████ descent.

    Hair: Chocolate brown

    Eye color: Green

    Body: Slim, average but healthy build

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 150-160lbs

    Hometown: █████████████

    Affiliation(s): SINS

    Personality: Peter is described as ██████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████

    - ████████

    - ████████████

    - █████

    - █████████

    - ███████

    - ███████████████

    - ████████████

    - ███████████████████

    - ██████

    - ███████

    - ███████

    - ████████████

    - █████

    - █████████


Color Code: #CD3333
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Hudson Li

  • Name Hudson Li || Li Bao Ping || Li Toyohira
    Age 32
    Height 5'11 || 156 cm
    Weight 176 lbs || 80 kg
    Hair Color Black
    Eye Color Black


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  • GDSx5Ep.jpg
    Full Name: Mochizuki Yukisa / Jap: 望月 雪咲
    Alias: No official alias but many people call her, the “Blizzard Girl,” “Ice lady,” and “Snow girl.”
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Japanese

    Hair: Naturally black with some slight silky waves. Currently dyed a platinum silver-purple with her natural black underneath, sort of a two toned vibe.
    Eye color: Very dark brown, almost black.
    Body: Decently built with lean muscles, a little thick in the hips and thighs, pear shape.
    Height: Human form: 5”8 ft | Transformed: varies
    Weight: Human form: 145 lbs | Transformed: varies

    Hometown: Itoshima, Fukuoka prefecture, Japan.
    Affiliation(s): None at the moment

Color Code: #9970ff >> Hello~






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    HEIGHT / WEIGHT5'1" , 113 LBS


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"I'm not here to save the world, I'm here to rock out in its final encore."

  • NameVictoria Martel. Prefers Vic.
    Alias(es)Vicki Vortex, Nobody
    Height5'7'' - 170cm
    Weight107 lbs - 48.5 kg
    HometownSalem, Oregon, USA
    AffiliatesCold Front (band) STAs (agency), Club Shapeless (loiterer), The Brave (spy?)



Killing Butterflies || One Woman Army || Hand that Feeds || Miss Murder || Rät || All Eyes on Me

  • NameSophia Katelyn Sibyl, Anima Moonlight Sibyl, Danielle Gabriella Sibyl, Emiri Sibyl, Cadence Marie Sibyl
    Hair ColorVaries
    Eye ColorBlue

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  • Full NameNone
    AliasEzekiel Walker, Efreet, The Pyromancer
    HairBlueish black
    Eye ColourHazel, maroon (left eye, demonic taint)
    Body TypeShort, with lean muscles
    Weight145 lbs
    AffiliatesClub Shapeless
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HADEAN NATION - Scourge.jpg

  • Full NameCarnifex Unit-04
    Eye ColourLeering yellow
    Body TypeMonstrously huge, with muscles that swell and stretch out the skin.
    Weight360 lbs
    AffiliatesClub Shapeless
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Img Source

Theme 1 – Greek Tragedy (Oliver Nelson Remix) by The Wombats
Theme 2 – Feel Better by Penelope Scott
Theme 3 – DIVE IN! (Sped Up) by Jeleel
Theme 4 – Be Nice To Me by The Front Bottoms
Theme 5 – Back Against the Wall by Cage the Elephant


  • Full Name: Avery McCulloch
    Alias: The Shadow, Iris, Lensflare
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: White; American

    Color Code: #aeb6bf

    Hair: Blonde; short

    Eye color: Blue

    Body: Slender, lithe; ectomorph

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 136 lbs.

    Hometown: San Francisco, CA.

    Affiliation(s): SINS

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  • Full NameEzra Bartholomew Stone - Chosen name sometime after waking up.
    AliasSparky, Deadman, Bone Head, Stitches, and "Hey Stupid!"
    AgePhysically and mentally in his early to mid 20's
    EthnicityLiving dead through dubious means.
    HairA dull, golden blond with hints of darker strands to give it more of a sandy color. His hair is commonly in a messy, wind swept style that almost looks like he just got out of bed.
    Eye ColorA rich navy blue, similar to open ocean water. While not mood related, they will appear lighter on some days but have a sky blue glow to them when he is using his powers.
    Body TypeLean and well built with skin discolorations and various body modifications easily hidden under cloths.
    Height5 feet 8 inch / 178 cm
    Weight203.lbs / 92.Kg
    AffiliatesTo be announced, Currently a Thief and occasional Vigilante
    ✖|| Clothing Attire ||✖
    Mostly stolen and modified clothing. Ezra's outfits consist of urban, Techware, and street clothing. Usually stuff one could find at malls or local skate shops. But no matter what the outfit, you will never see him without his favorite off-white beanie.

    BBcode color - Darkcyan | 008B8B
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Theme 1 – Hate or Glory
Theme 2 – Maze (AKA: Omega)
Theme 3 – Viol

  • Full Name: Maxwell Landon
    Alias: The Shape
    Age: 37 (Born 2008)
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Caucasian, of English descent.

    Hair: Maxwell's hair is naturally "platinum blonde", or silver.

    Eye color: Amber

    Body: Slim but athletic.

    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 156lbs

    Hometown: Wilmington, North Carolina

    Affiliation(s): The Union (Defunct), Landon Technical Enterprises (Defunct), others (?)

    Charming, polite, usually a bit courteous, and can hold a good conversation. People feel like this man is a good listener, who really brings them into the conversation, and they sometimes find they can’t help but feel compelled to open up. Likewise, they can’t help but feel compelled to listen to him, to linger on every word he has spoken.

    That’s one side you might see.
    Cold. At times it can be impossible to catch Maxwell showing emotion, but when he does, it's difficult to be sure if it's even real. He has neither real love nor hate for people on the whole, they're just tools or obstacles to achieving goals. On one hand, he has a cool collectedness, seemingly completely confident in what he does. On the other hand, he is completely detached from other “beings”, caring little to nothing for them on a personal level.

    His morals are as ambiguous as his feelings. He's capable of great cruelty but doesn't seem to seek it out with any particular preference, nor does he seem interested in inflicting it on any particular kinds of people.

    As for his feelings on parahumans and normal humans, his feelings are equally neutral. He shows little to no preference (or hatred) for either. He will help or hinder (or even kill) both as he sees fit.

    To what end? Only he can really say.

    - Learning. Any new information or ideas that Maxwell can pick up, he likely will.
    - Understanding people. He likes to know how they think, how they feel, what keeps them “ticking”.
    - Coffee. Black, with a little sugar. Generally enjoys Americano’s, but Maxwell has varied tastes as well.
    - Fine wines and liquors.
    - A mixture of musical genres, from classical, to forms of industrial techno.
    - The News. Maxwell tries to keep himself as informed as possible on current events, including business trends.
    - Success. Winning. Earning something for his hard work.

    - Beer and other “cheap booze”. He hated seeing it growing up, at BBQ’s, or other events. He always felt those drinks represented “mediocrity”. “Lower class”, “Middle class”, “alcoholics”, or people “just having fun”.
    - Useless people. People who cannot personally contribute to what he wants.
    - Begging. It gets obnoxious when people won’t fight for themselves, either to survive, or to win.
    - Repetitive, generic music (of many varieties). It gets bland, dull, boring rather quickly.
    - Threats. Not only are they annoying, they’re annoyingly patronizing. And that’s something Maxwell does not accept.
    - Losing. Failure. Hard work being lost. It’s one of the few things that will provoke Maxwell’s truly angry, violent side.
    - Mediocrity. Weakness. Lack of Ambition.



#03A89E - Willoughby and Ulysses
Akiko Bong



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  • ATLiens
    Take Me Higher
    Battle For Asgard


Art credit goes to ice-vision on deviantart​
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  • Wolfram:
    Fly Me To The Moon
    Cuban Pete
    Are You Ready

    I Just Can't Wait To Be King
    Cabin Fever
    The Gremlin Rag
    Smile Darn Ya Smile
    Dare To Be Stupid

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Full Name: Sasha Belov
Alias: Koschei, the Undying / The Demon
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Russian

Hair: Reddish Brown

Eye color: Hazel

Body: Unassuming

Height: 5'7" or 5'8"

Weight: 180 lbs.

Hometown: Vladivostok, Russia

Affiliation(s): He formerly "worked" for the Russian government. He has been claimed as part of "The Brave", a task force of heroes put together after the Beast of Decay's attack on Atlas City.

Personality: Relaxed, and easy to get along with. He's pleasant but doesn't like talking about himself.

- Cinnamon buns

- The ocean

- Birds

- Running, especially cross-country

- Martial arts

- Suits

- Shopping

- Raisins

- Winter

- Competitions

- Shorts

- Octopus

- Fishing

- Martial arts

- Making friends

- Disappearing in crowds

Costume Identities:

Sasha doesn't wear a mask or have a uniform. Due to the nature of his powers, he has no need for the former and no reason for the latter.


Sasha uses whatever's at hand, if need be, but has no regular equipment he utilizes.


Sasha doesn't like to talk about his past, but it's apparent he was originally a Russian asset. How he broke ties with the Soviet Union is a matter of debate - perhaps he killed his handler and escaped, perhaps he was deemed no longer useful, or perhaps he is still working for them, even now.

Regardless, what is known of Sasha is that he was born 33 years ago in Vladivostok, where he worked with his father on his fishing boat. His father died of cancer before Sasha entered high school, followed by his mother's death a year later in a car accident. Sasha finished high school, but details are scarce after his mother's death, perhaps due to the government's growing interest in the young man.

During the next 10 years, Sasha was utilized by the Russian government as a reconnaissance unit (or at least, that's all they'll admit to using him for). However, this activity slowly came to a halt, and for the last five years, there is no data on Sasha's whereabouts or activities.

Six months ago, he appeared in Atlas City. This was noted and his activity was monitored, although this surveillance was considered low priority. Reports indicate that Sasha was a part of both the Witchfinder terrorist attack & the assault on Atlas City by the Beast of Decay. He disappeared shortly thereafter, although he has been claimed by "The Brave", alongside other heroes who were involved in the attack.


Name - The Revisionist
[Changer – Level 7]

Sasha's powers are much easier to demonstrate than to explain. At its root, Sasha can manipulate any part of his body, whether that be his skin, bones, muscles, blood, etc. In practice, Sasha has used this to become another person, disappearing in crowds or infiltrating target areas for information. Another noteworthy example is his ability to harden his skin, making it nearly impervious to attack. It's highly likely that Sasha has some sort of ability to regenerate as well, giving his title of Koschei.

The exact limits of Sasha's powers aren't known, but it's very possible the man has yet to demonstrate the full range of his abilities.

Name - The Nine Hells
[???? - Level ??]

Sasha's Revisionist abilities seem to have a secondary force behind them, a template of sorts that Sasha follows. On the beach fighting the Beast of Decay, he transformed into a demon of fire, with magic spells to match. Other devil forms have also been noted. Further, Sasha survived several shots to the chest even after supposedly losing his Revisionist abilities. What strange energy lies within Sasha to give him these powers?

Power Origins:

The most likely origin of Sasha's powers (from evidence found within Russian files) is of either random chance or an anomalous incident. It appears that the government became aware of Sasha's powers shortly before or after his mother's death. Sasha himself has been less than forthcoming.
drifters-mahou-japanese-seifuku-guardian-anime-drifter-pilot (1).jpg

Full Name: Baron Albrecht von Richthofen (goes by Albert)
Alias: Baron (gave up on people calling him Crimson Shield)
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Polish

Hair: Brown

Eye color: Light Brown

Body: Stocky, Muscular

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 150 pounds

Hometown: Wrocław, Poland

Affiliation(s): Atlas City Heroes Incorporated (ACHI)

Personality: Rather loud and brash. Respects strength. Full of energy, likes to keep moving. Driven by his desire to be the best.

- Power

- Eating

- Fighting

- Attention

- Cowards

- Licorice

- Sleeping in

- Failure

- Not living up to family's expectations

- Building, fixing and upgrading engines, guns, and airplanes

- Flying airplanes of all sorts

- Boxing

- Shooting

Costume Identities:

Wears an old school fighter's jacket and uniform similar in style to his ancestor's.

- Has a personal triplane stylized after the original Red Baron's Fokker DRI dubbed "Blood Wing I." The original model was destroyed during the Beast of Decay's attack on Atlas City; he has since replaced it. Mostly uses it for recreational purposes. He has a personal Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II that he has outfitted with experimental and upgraded technology, dubbed "Blood Wing II."

- Has a rifle and pistol he built himself

- Has a motorcycle he uses for ground missions

Background: Born in Poland, Albert moved to the US at a young age with his mother and younger sister, where he spent most of his time daydreaming about flying. Enthralled by the legend of Manfred, the ace-of-aces of World War II and the original Red Baron, Albert joined the Air Force while in high school. His preternatural abilities at tinkering with engines and planes was quickly utilized, and his almost unbelievable instinct as a pilot was further honed.

While running a routine reconnaissance mission, Albert's plane experienced a strange malfunction. Albert bailed from the aircraft but his chute was damaged, causing him to plummet thousands of feet to the ground with nothing to halt his momentum. It was at this time his powers first manifested, as he landed safely. He was honorably discharged from the Air Force, but six months later chose to ally himself with ACHI, on his sister's suggestion, rather than SINS.

Albert's powers continue to show extraordinary growth, and he has taken on subsequently tougher missions for ACHI as his time there goes by. After two years, Albert's name as Backlash was whispered as the new face and champion of ACHI, although some of the more veteran heroes there scowled at this.

During the attack on Atlas City by the Beast of Decay, Atlas found himself underprepared to take on the Beast, and was forced to watch helplessly while many other heroes perished. Using all his power he had stored up, Albert smashed the massive cannon that was being controlled by the Beast. This, alongside Cannonade's attack, proved the final blows during that encounter.

Albert, since then, has been experimenting with absorbing other forms of energy, with the goal of never been caught off guard again. He seems to have been approached by George to join "The Brave", but that invitation, if it occurred, must have been declined, as Albert's speech at the Memorial Service showed his steadfast desire to remain in ACHI and rechristened his hero name as Crimson Shield. However, feedback for this new alias was lukewarm at best, leading Albert to eventually give up and just go by "Baron."


The Backlash Engine -
[Breaker – Level 8]

Albert absorbs energy in all its forms, although kinetic is the easiest for him to utilize. After absorbing the energy, his body can store or expend the energy. Stored energy has increased potency, but even immediately released, Albert's powers will increase the payload of the energy it's received. For this reason, Albert is widely considered someone not to get into a brawl with - the stronger his opponent, the stronger the Baron will become proportionately.

Certain forms of energy seem to require more effort for the Backlash Engine to process, but it seems relatively unaffected by powers that "remove" energy, such as cold or draining powers.

When expending energy stored, Albert's speed and power increase, and he can even blast energy outwards from his fists. These blasts seem to have the same properties as a solar flare, with high heat and the side effect of disrupting radio and even shorting out electronics in the nearby vicinity. Albert also can heal very quickly by using stored energy, although injuring him is also difficult due to the nature of his powers.

Power Origins:

Falling several thousand feet through the air appears to have been the traumatic incident that turned Baron's Backlash Engine on.
Joseph 2.jpg

Full Name: Joseph Wright
Alias: Wrath
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Asian-Hispanic (American)

Hair: Black

Eye color: Grey

Body: Slim

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 140 lbs.

Hometown: Crescent City, California

Affiliation(s): N/A

Personality: Seems cold and calm, but prone to explosive bouts of anger. Has something of a god complex.

- Being right

- Power

- Coffee cake

- Himself

- Milk

- His father

- Being afraid

- Himself

- Being alone

- Pain

- Death

- Cooking

- Writing, especially fiction

- Ping pong

- Sketching / drawing, mostly with pencil

Costume Identities:

Wrath has been seen in different armor and outfits, but most commonly it takes the form of a jacket over multiple layers of lightweight plate armor, similar to pictures you'd see of samurai.

Wrath has a taste for oni masks. They change color based on his mood, and may emit steam or flame. This one depicted is a common example.


Wrath most often uses guns, but can and will summon swords or other bladed weaponry.


[The following transcript is an excerpt from the interview with Joseph Wright (dubbed JW) on the night of his parents' murder, August 4 2042. Agents {redacted} (dubbed A1) and {redacted} (dubbed A2) were sent to question JW about his parents' deaths. This is provided in the hopes it will provide insight into JW's psyche and motivations, as well as his potential powers.]

[A1 & A2 enter the room.]

A1: Good evening Joseph.

JW: Who are you?

A1: I'm Agent {redacted} and this is Agent {redacted}.

A2: Pleasure.

A1: We're here to ask you some questions about your parents.

JW: I already told the police everything I know.

A1: This must be hard for you. But...

A2: We think you may have something else to say.

JW: Is that why I'm still in handcuffs?

A1: Put simply, son, yes. The good policemen here are a little nervous. The handcuffs help them feel a little more secure.

JW: I didn't kill my parents.

A2: We believe you, Joseph. We just need you to go over what happened one more time.

JW: Fine. I woke up to a scream from downstairs. It sounded like my mom. At first I thought my dad was just drunk again, but then I heard him screaming too. When I went downstairs to see what had happened, I found them both... dead.

A1: I know this must be hard, son. Can you describe what they looked like?

JW: They were in pieces, is that you want to hear? They were cut into pieces.

A2: Calm down, Joseph. It's all right to be shaken up about that.

JW: I didn't see who did it. I didn't hear or see anything else besides that.

A1: All right, Joseph, all right. Let's go back a bit. You said you thought your dad was 'just drunk', is that right?

JW: Yes.

A1: Can you elaborate? Was your dad abusive?

JW: That's one way of putting it.

A2: We're just trying to help put the story together, Joseph. My own father used to hit me when I was younger. Is that what happened with you?


A1: It's all right, son. You can talk to us.

JW: My earliest memory is him spanking me. He spanked me so hard I bled. I still remember seeing my blood on his hands. It hurt... hurt like you wouldn't believe.

A2: How old were you, do you recall?

JW: ...Three... or four I think.

A1: He hit you often, then?

JW: He did. Until it started hurting him more than me.

A2: What do you mean, Joseph?

JW: It was about five years ago. He was hitting me, and I was angry, and I wished he would feel hurt just like me. And, well, I guess he did cause he stopped and was like, holding his hand and staring at me.

A2: He didn't hit you after that?

JW: Not that I can remember. But he started hitting my mom after that.

A1: When he got drunk?

JW: Yes.

A1: I see. Let's change the subject a bit, son. It says in your profile here you were bullied in school, is that right?

JW: Yes, but I don't see what that has to do with my parents.

A1: Just bear with us, son. Your bully, a {redacted}... He died in an accident outside your school?

JW: Yes. I saw the whole thing. Some asshole in a car ran him over.

A2: Do you remember the make of the car?

JW: Ford Civic. It was bluish-gray. It's... stayed with me.

A2: Understandable. Would it interest you to know that the car was never found from that accident?

JW: I heard they never found the guy who did it, yeah.

A2: That's right, they never did.

A1: Do you need some water, son? You seem a little shaken.

JW: I'm fine.

A2: Okay, Joseph. Let's talk about {redacted}. She was a friend of yours, wasn't she?

JW: ...Yes.

A1: Can you tell us about her?

JW: I don't want to talk about it.

A2: That's okay, you can just listen Joseph, that's fine. {redacted}, she was submitted to the hospital with a broken back and a fractured skull. Seems like she fell from quite the height... The person who called the hospital was you, Joseph. Do you remember?


A2: I've got the transcript from the call. You told the 911 operator that she fell from a tree you both were climbing.

JW: I told you I don't want to talk about it.

A1: Son, I know this must be hard. But {redacted} said there was no tree. She never remembers climbing, just falling. Can you explain that, son?

JW: I don't understand the question.

A2: Joseph, we have thirty-seven other incidents we could go over with you. With your parents' murder tonight, that's thirty-eight.

JW: What are you talking about, incidents?

A1: Son, you know there are people with superpowers out there, right?

JW: I'm not an idiot.

A2: Have you ever been tested to see if you have powers?

JW: Is that what this is about? You think I have powers?

A1: It would explain a lot, son.

JW: I don't.

A1: We'd like to believe you, son. But I think you and I both know what happened tonight.

JW: I didn't kill my parents.

A2: Joseph, we'd like to take you into custody. Protection. But we can't do that unless you tell us the truth about yourself.

A1: How long have you known you've had powers, son? It's okay, you can talk to us.


A2: Come on, Joseph, we...

JW: Shut up.

A2: Excuse me?

JW: I said, shut up!

[silence, audible gasp from A1]

A1: Joseph, please stop.

JW: No.

A1: Let him go, Joseph.

JW: You come in here, and sit down with your file, and you think you know everything about me? You don't know me.

A1: Son, we're here to help you.

JW: You want to help? Really?

[sound of Joseph's handcuffs hitting the floor]

A1: How did you...?

JW: This is your only warning: stay out of my way. I'm done living under someone else's thumb. My father was a drunk bastard, and he deserved what he got. My mother... have you ever known what it's like to have your own mother look at you with fear? Disgust?

A1: Joseph, please, calm down.

JW: I am calm. But I'm done here. You can't stop me from leaving. No one can stop me. Not anymore.

A1: We're not your enemy, Joseph. Not if you do this the right way. This is the wrong way. We don't care that you killed your parents, or killed that bully. We want to help you learn to control your...

JW: I don't want your help. Goodbye, Agent {redacted}.

[footsteps, followed by the sound of a door opening and closing. A few moments later, there is a clang of something metal hitting the desk (later identified as a sword that had been pointed at A1's throat).]

A1: Are you all right, Agent {redacted}?

A2: ...Yeah, he just... sewed my mouth shut.

A1: His powers must be proximity based.

A2: Maybe. This sword's still here though.

A1: Well... You recorded all that, right?

A2: Yeah.

A1: All right. Let's report back and put out a warning. Super gone rogue. Damn it, he's just a kid.

[end recording]


Wrath has only been rarely sighted since he was listed as a rogue super three years ago. One of those sightings occurred during the Beast of Decay's attack when he seems to have saved several hundred civilians from injury. Wrath himself did not appear to participate in the battle.


Name - Imaginarium
[Trump・Level 9]

Wrath's power is his imagination. If he imagines it, it can become reality. At the moment, the exact rules for these powers have yet to be understood, even by Wrath himself. For the moment, Wrath seems satisfied in emulating only small changes to reality, all manifesting as what has been dubbed "creative" abilities - he will summon weapons or armor, food, doorways or stairways, etc.

There is strong evidence to support that Wrath's creative abilities are supplemented by "destructive", as well - the capability to erase things from existence by imagining them destroyed or "not imagining" them. Wrath also likely has the capacity to "revise" - examples include making himself impervious to damage or healing from wounds. He may even have the potentiality to grant himself, or others, additional superpowers.

As noted, the full extent of Wrath's strength has not been measured, but more than anything, his potential has granted him the high level of Trump that he currently has. Whether Wrath will live up to this potential remains to be seen.

Power Origins:

Wrath seems to have this power since birth, although it did not manifest until he was a few years old.

Wrath's Allies:

Wrath almost never works alone. Along with the normal street thugs he is known to employ, there are two major entities that work alongside him during his heists. These entities may be humans he has recruited to his cause, but it has also been theorized that they are actually figments of Wrath's imagination.

Joseph - Dirge.jpg
The entity known as Dirge appears in black and gold armor. It has manifested powers of superior strength, speed and durability. It carries a thick broadsword of unknown material that can be charged with energy. This energy can be discharged to create explosions. More data is needed on this entity.

Joseph - Stag.jpg

The entity known as Stag appears in grey, shadowed armor. It has manifested powers of superior speed and can at least partially control elemental properties such as fire, lightning, or water. It carries a katana of unknown material. More data is needed on this entity.
Cobalt clock logo.png


Full Name: Klaus Zeit
Alias: Cobalt Clock
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White

Hair: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Body: Athletic



Hometown: London, England

Affiliation(s): Oxford University

Personality: Klaus is generally laid back and relaxed. However, the understanding of the powers he wields keeps him up at night. He plays off the stress by acting carefree.

- Curry

- History

- World literature

- Reading

- Travel

- Injustice

- Ignorance

- Arrogance

- Bullies

- Being forgotten

- Unable to make a difference

- Undoing his existence

- Never getting home

- Speed reading

- Blending in with a crowd

- Research

- Martial arts

Costume Identities:


- Chrono Dialer: Allows Klaus to travel through time

- Tempo tracer: Small tracers that Klaus can use to solve crimes by tracking suspects anywhere along their timeline, provided they are still unknowingly wearing the device (Generally used on captured foes in case of breakouts or early release)

- Zeittasche: A small pellet-like device that spreads Chronons within a small radius that allows Klaus to use his Chrono Dialer to trap an individual in a loop or out of step with time, helpful in stopping would-be suicide jumpers and preventing lethal blows. Only effective for a short period as the chronons dissipate


Some people think Time Travel would be the most incredible job, but I can tell you firsthand that being a time traveler is the most lonely thing anyone could ever be. Sure, you meet many great people, and of course, you remember where you came from, but when you can go anywhere, be anyone, you suddenly forget what 'home' means. As if your home could ever satisfy you again after seeing such spectacular sights, meeting such incredible people, and doing monumental things. Yet, in the grand scheme of it all, you will forever be a footnote because if you step out just a little too far, do just a little too much, you'll be seen and remembered. And when you travel through time, the last thing you want is to be placed. However, as a human being with nowhere to truly call or accept as home, being remembered is all you have.

By 21st-century standards, I'm your average College History Professor. Anyway, that's neither-here-nor-there. Now, I can't explain how or why, much less why me, but one day while talking to a colleague about H.G. Wells' The Time Machine, he mentioned that he had been working on the concept of time travel. I told him he was crazy, and he invited me to his lab. There I was introduced to the Chrono Dialers. Strapping one to his wrist, he challenged me to try his device, and like a fool, I did. The world faded to black as I heard him begin to chuckle.
Sure, I was scared shitless when it happened. Imagine waking up at Stonehenge on the morning of a religious festival to find that we were the centerpiece. I took one look at those people, and they at me, and in the blink of an eye, we were back in the lab.

At first, I thought maybe he had slipped something into my coffee when I remembered he hadn't even offered a drink when we entered his lab. I entertained the idea that perhaps he had, in fact, discovered time travel and spent the next few weeks pouring over his notes as he made various adjustments to the Chrono Dialers.

We had grown comfortable in our studies, oblivious to the outside world and its changing political climate. The university was attacked, labs ransacked my colleague was left for dead. His dying breath was him entrusting me with his Chrono Dialers and research notes. I slipped one on and activated it as a way to save my own life.

Though in my haste, I wound up in the middle of a battlefield. 20th Century, France. All around me, there was the unmistakable stench of death and rot mixed with waste and mud. Shells exploded as men cried out for their mothers or clung fast to their slick rifles, drenched by the early morning rain shower that seemed to cast a shadow of doubt over both sides. I can remember locking eyes with a young man. He nodded slowly to me, trying to understand why I wasn't in uniform or holding a weapon. "Ange?!" He asked, his voice shaking. I dropped my gaze and shook my head sorrowfully. “Non, mon ami. Je suis désolé.” (Yes, I speak some French) I remember the expression on his face becoming sad, and all hope vanished from his eyes.

That was when I decided to use this power and become a hero. I wouldn't be an Angel, but I could do something for the little guy. I thought as I found myself back in my own time. That's when I took up the moniker: The Cobalt Clock. I began to grow more comfortable with the technology. I studied my colleague's notes and all his research into Chronons and adapted devices to better aid me in fighting for justice.
I was able to leap from year to year through centuries in the blink of an eye. I could sit on top of a dune and watch as the Pyramids of Giza were built, as if I were watching a fast-forward film. I got spooked when I realized I was able to affect other people as well, stopping a young man from jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge.

After that experience, I spent the next week alone in my dwelling. Afraid of the technology I had. I had nearly given it all up and left London to lead an unassuming life when I remembered that there was still something I could do, a difference I wanted to make.
However, if I'd known that the next time I would leave my time would be the last I'd ever see my home again, I may have reconsidered my mission. For some reason, I can no longer travel back to the future I'm from; my Chrono Dialer can't find it, it's like my future no longer exists, like time has split, and I have no idea when or why, but I intend to find out. For now, I'm stuck in 2045, as going any further forward seems to drain me and my technology.


Chrono Control -
[Shaker – Level 7 | Thinker – Level 5]

Using technology given to him by a colleague, Klaus can travel through time anywhere he wants. He is also gifted items that can be used to disrupt the time of others, however, only temporarily. He can interact with the past and the people in it. However, he can not change the past; some events are considered fixed points in time and can never be prevented or altered, lest he inadvertently becomes the reason those things happen. However, something has seemed to cause a shift in the timeline or created a new timeline as he can not get home, his Chrono Dialer cannot find his point of origin, and his abilities to go into the future at all drain him.

Power Origins: Technology

Color Code:DodgerBlue #1E90FF


Heads Will RollYes Sir, I Can BoogieKiller Queen

Full Name: Liz Delgado
Alias: The Alchemist
Age: 62
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Latina
Hair: Grey
Eye color: Gold
Body: Thin
Height: 170cm
Weight: 58kg
Hometown: Atlas City
Affiliation(s): Victory Force (formerly), NAHLA (formerly)
Personality: Liz is a real boss. A queen. An empress. She can get away with almost anything she wants. Money? It's hers. Fame? Naturally. Hailing from one of the most notorious and beloved American hero groups in the early 2000's, The Alchemist has since become a household name across the world. In her old age nobility and patriotism has faded into a mild, chaotic nihilism. If only you had seen the shit Liz has seen.

- Expensive liquor
- Gold
- Looking hot
- Fashion
- Animals
- Women

- The weak willed
- Cheap shit
- Hero culture
- Time wasters
- Sleeping

- Failure
- Losing loved ones
- Being useless
- Her past

- Alchemy
- Marksmanship
- Battle experience
- Not getting arrested

Costume Identities:

Back in the day she used to have an official uniform whilst part of Victory Force, but nowadays she tends to wear whatever the hell she likes. Most of her outfits consist of the colors black, white and gold.

- A cool fucking cane
- Fools Gold



In the 70's there became something of a hero crisis in America after supervillain Weiser destroyed a small town in Minnesota. After one too many instances of such acts of destruction the general public ostracized and even began to fear those born, or given, super human abilities. More and more children were developing abilities beyond comprehension, thus NAHLA formed a subgroup of heroes called the Victory Force in order to quell tensions between supers and non-supers. It worked. Victory Force became a popular and beloved name in all American households, their messages of peace, justice and harmony striking inspiration into the hearts of the public. Eventually the group moved on to a global stage, meeting and forming bonds with other budding hero groups in Europe and Asia, until super heroes were mostly accepted and respected in all parts of the world.

This was what Liz called the 'Golden Age' of Victory Force.

The Alchemist joined the group in 2002 when she was 22 years old after being accepted into the ranks of NAHLA from a young age. There she worked alongside other heroes such as The Wyvern, The Telepath, The Immortal and The Radioactive Man who quickly became her family as they fought to protect the world as one. Herself and Angela 'Angie' Baker (The Wyvern) became particularly close over the years until they announced their relationship to the public in 2009. Their public declaration of love paved the way for gay rights activists, both Liz and Angie becoming loud advocates for the gay marriage movement until it was legal and they were able to be wed. It was some of the happiest moments of The Alchemist's life.

Like all things, however, happiness is fleeting. Victory Force began to slide downhill just after Liz's 40th birthday. The Radioactive Man was suffering from terminal cancer, The Telepath was steadily losing her mind and the rest of the team fell into shambles after their leader, The Immortal, died. 6 years later a tragic incident in Washington lead to the deaths of every Victory Force member, all save for The Alchemist and The Telepath.

After the government officially disbanded Victory Force, Liz distanced herself from hero work. She had lost everyone she had loved, most especially her wife Angie, and cared less and less for heroics until her early retirement. She now resides peacefully in the Moldives, sipping pina colada's and enjoying a peaceful life.


[Shaker 1 - 10]

Power Origins:

Liz was born with her abilities during a time period called the 'super boom'. Many children of that time were mysteriously born with super human powers.

Color Code:#cfad00

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