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Chitchat Any unusual/useless Talents you have?


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I posted here before, and I dunno if anyone has said it but I believe this… Is it really a talent I dunno but… I can alter my feelings at will unless a very strong one is currently present, it may take certain triggers but they're easy for me to find. This isn't faking those feelings either, I can genuinely bring up feelings on a whim and keep them as long as I keep the trigger going I guess… Maybe I have them all bottled up somewhere? But I think it's unusual.


I can dislocate my shoulders. I can't do any double joined tricks or have it be useful in any way at all. I can also flip my tongue both directions.


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I can pop the knuckle out of its socket on my left hand, middle finger.

I have double jointed elbows and I can vibrate my eyes (although that's kinda common where I'm from)

I can memorise songs in a few goes, I can imagine scenes and visualise things very well which makes writing and drawing easier.

When listening to music my hearing blocks everything else out and I can put something down in one place and in a few seconds I forget where it is even if it's right in front of me XD

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My right hand can make crackling sound whenever I want, and I can keep doing it until my right hand get tired. Kinda useful for bragging and pranking though.

"Let's shake our hands"


"Ahh... You broke my hand!"
I'm pretty small and flexible so I can be an absolute nightmare to play hide and seek with. I was that annoying kid that used to always win and usually came out when I got bored. On the flexibility note, I saw someone else mention this, but I can put both legs behind my head.

Also! Tongue tricks! Rolling my tongue, twisting it up completely, touching my nose, etc. Not uncommon but still fun.
Uh, I don't know if this is really a talent, but often my quips and jokes end up timed in a way that the person laughing about them has food or some drink in their mouth at that very moment. The sheer number of times friends and family have almost spat the contents of their mouth across the room is actually more hilarious than any joke I ever made to cause that.
And I don't know why this even keeps happening - it's not like I try to time my remarks this way - but it does.

Also, apparently I can make a convincing pigeon coo.

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