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Chitchat Any unusual/useless Talents you have?


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for example, I have the ability to completely memorize any song after 2-3 listens, I can write the lyrics to rap god solely based on memory


I can make my eyes vibrate and simultaneously pop all of my toes more than one time without using my hands.


Chief of Panda Division
Not that I've found many on here that know much about Edinburgh, but I know exactly when it's safe to cross the road at which lights down Princes Street. I also once managed to walk the full length of said street without bumping into a single person - which in Edinburgh is a talent.


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I can simultaneously make both eyebrows and my nose twitch for as long as I want simply by making a questioning face. Pretty good for a laugh but nothing else XD


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I can immediately guess a game's control scheme by just knowing the genre and age, great for skipping over tutorials but sadly I still have to translate it to real world stuff like cars or the blender :(

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Have a lazy eye, so I can look in two directions at once.
Looks pretty stupid and makes me feel awkward, but I guess it’s a skill?


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I can wiggle my ears. I can cross my eyes. But the weirdest of all? I can slightly dilate my pupils on command.


Minor Trickster & Cuddlebug
I can seperately move my three middle toes on both feet, keep them from touching, wiggle them. I don't know anyone who can do that so I think it's unusual.


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I can stick my shoulder blades out..it isn’t useful but it’s fun to show to some of my friends who can’t do it.

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Due to my brain being much, much better with the left hemisphere, I'm incredibly good at wordplay and sarcasm. So good that even the people who know this can't tell solidly if I'm being sarcastic or not.

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