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Okay... so I just really, really, really, REALLY wanna RP as a goblin in a Freeform (no dice/stats) Group Roleplay. So, here I am again looking for a group.
I'm not even super particular about the setting. I can write a goblin in anything ranging from the typical medieval fantasy to Wild West, to steam/cyber/atom-punk, all the way through to far-flung futuristic space settings (SPACE GOBLINS!) and just about anything in between. Though, admittedly my least favorite setting is anything modern day.

I really only have three caveats (hard limits) to the RP Settings I would join:

  • That the RP not be one of military nature. In other words, the player characters are not soldiers from kingdom X off to partake in an epic mission to save the land, or space force commandoes on a mission to explore some hostile planet, etc. I generally do not like to make soldier/guard (any kind of rank and file) archetype characters.

  • The RP is not one that is a multi-fandom/multi-verse. I'm not fond of catch-all settings where anyone and anything goes. I will work hard to smoothly write my goblin into the lore if there is room for such inclusion. But if the lore is simply, "everyone from every universe can participate", it's kind of a put-off.

  • No school/academy settings. Magical or mundane, this is one of the most uninteresting roleplay themes for me. I have less than zero desire to participate in them.

And that's pretty much it. I can reply to the group once or twice a week, and not more than once on any given day. When I state interest in an RP I actually mean it and get ready to go pretty quickly. I won't keep you waiting for days on end to get started. But I will more than likely need a decent amount of information about the setting before I will commit to making a character for the RP. So, I'll be asking questions about the setting so that I have a solid grip on it.

Please, and thank you.

As a last minute add in, I should mention that the RP should be moving with at least a couple of posts a week by the other participants. If the RP is so slow that days upon days are going by without anyone posting anything, I'm definitely going to drop out. I can't keep my enthusiasm up on a roleplay that moves that slowly.

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