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Harbinger of War, Chaos, and Poptarts
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Our World Changes
Both Allies and Enemies must Unite
The Keeper of Peace Prepares to Take Control of Us All
Two Mysteries Unravel
The Abandoned Seeks Redemption
The Deceiver Rises
The Mindless Grows in Power- It Must Be Stopped at All Costs...

-The All-Seer's Prophesy, recorded exactly One Minute Before The Incident.

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Out of Character
In Character

Joe sat at his desk in his 15-meter middle class- single living cube. The design was clean, a simple cube with a single window, a desk, a twin sized bed, television, and his most important possession: his Government Regulated and Approved Personal Computer. The device was both for official work and his own enjoyment, with the systems for his work in evidence database entry, giving him fast access to the restricted images, files, and reports that concerned his department: Public Dissidence. Sure it wasn’t as well paying as a security and anti-terrorism or Paradox/anomaly detection, but he was still payed extra if he wanted to buy extra things that the government didn’t give him anyway.

He was given daily rations, a synthetic compound of all base nutrients with a selectable flavor (Vanilla, Chocolate, Beef.) occasionally either buying or gifted with actual food or different flavors on holidays or from his work. He had his Cube, a bit more cramped than the family module he lived in before turning 18 but this was fine, with the automated cleaning and surveillance systems he was able to spend his regular (Required) breaks on the web or using approved virtual reality servers to relax. He checked his email after finishing the report, some residue left at a Paradox site. He had logged the lab data along with any other information, even though this was odd- usually he would file anyone who showed disloyalty so they could be tried, but he supposed this could be part of a case. He opened the email, finding his bimonthly incident report.

Had it already been 28-31 days? He wondered before shrugging and filling out the form. First came the usual spiel about public safety and the value of honesty, something he had read bimonthly since starting middle school in the scholars district, class-area 278A. He accepted the terms and conditions before starting. The first page showed a behavior chart. He slid the cursor towards the Agreeable option before he felt an odd pinch. Joe looked down at his leg, finding an odd red mark on his leg. He sighed, reminding himself to call a medical line to try and schedule an appointment before he looked up.

Joe froze when he read the screen, knowing he had screwed up. Whether it had been during the odd pinch or when he looked down at the rash, he had clicked prematurely, like under unsatisfied. He began to sweat as he read the red angry text.


Second later, Joe felt the ground shift as the mechanism that moved his cube along the Solitary Living Middle Class Building began to move to the ground floor. He could see the bustling city through his window as he moved from the clouds and towering skyscrapers to the crowds of people minding their own business, and the security craft. The aircraft touched down at the Security Vehicle Launch area, agents covered head to toe in standard security gear emerging from the vehicle as he felt his cube lock into the ground floor.

Joe stood up as he raised his hands, hearing the front wall retract, bathing him in the spotlights and allowing the secure access to his cube. Half of the men had cordoned of the area as the masses watched, the rest pouting firearms at him. “Citizen 21A73, please raise your hands and come with us for mandatory loyalty questioning.”

“But I didn’t do anything.” Joe said, tears filling his eyes as he tried to shield them from the vehicles light. Joe panicked as he tried to wonder what he could do. This was a accident, surely he wouldn’t join the ranks of criminals he processed on the daily, the embarrassment- if he wasn’t detained for his crimes, surely he would be fired when this appeared on his record. A slim woman in luxurious battle dress emerged from the vehicle, two decorated guards behind her as she set her piercing eyes on Joe.

The woman was important, but something about her eyes were off. After a second, he could tell what it was. All enhanced shared one trait, glowing eyes. These eyes stared through him as she approached. “My name is Lieutenant Ingrid Burns, Enhanced Loyalty and Security Consultant.” She said as she looked him up and down. “I am here to ensure this is all just a misunderstanding.” She said after a second.

“T-This is all an accident- I just incorrectly answered in the Loyalty form.” Joe said, his voice shaky as he awaited the officials judgment. Her smile went into a wide grin as she leaned closer to him, staring him down for a second before gesturing to the guards. The men grabbed him, cuffing his hands before heaving him into the security vehicles cage, leaving him in the soundproof cell on his way to punishment.

But he was innocent- how could this be happening?

Within a glass room, one of the city's most feared villains sat in the middle of The Heroes League Headquarters. Silver Reaper sat, content in her prison. She didn’t care that the public constantly leered at her or pounded on her glass prison- she had been given one-way mirrors as per her request, though the heroes had thought that this was to fuel her infamous vanity- though no one noticed she never used the makeup that was provided. Reapers cell was designed to exaggerate some dreadful creature, mimicking the system of caverns under the city, with a stone throne in the center of the room. Reaper found the throne to be uncomfortable, but she occasionally perched on it when she heard a visitor grow increasingly obnoxious, before pointing in the direction of the jeers with a sadistic smile.

The terrified squeals and yells of surprise always made her laugh before she got back to her business, which was usually her flowers. It must be an odd sight to see the serial killer villain tending to roses, seeing as her touch- and occasionally a single gesture could leave anything or anyone dead. Reaper had already dealt with what guessed was a group of young Security Agents, their panicked footfalls still echoing through the long hallway leading to Reaper’s cell, funny how something like a small gesture inspired such fear in anyone ignorant of her unique situation. Reaper stood up, plucking a rose from the bush before walking towards her private room, a heavy iron door separating her from the public eye. There was a vast contrast between her living space and her “Stage”, with a small kitchen (Knives removed), a bed (Sheets fixed to the bed), and a simple bathroom. Reaper sat on a bench next to the door and sighed- The old Reaper would have torn through her prison and murdered anyone who dared show anything but absolute terror and subjugation, and here she was gardening while she was mocked by Schoolchildren and Drunkards. She was unlike the quiet school teacher who would have curled into a corner and cried after the first insults thrown at her- but she was still strong. She pushed back when the Heroes demanded she do their bidding, no matter how tempting some of the more- Secretive offers were if she bent any more they would see enough weakness to strike, and she had already lost too much, but then again- she would do whatever it took to survive.

In the year 3076, the world reformed. Both the cataclysmic World War and the many Revolutions had destroyed most of the previous world governments, with millions perishing from nuclear and biological weapons. As the earth grew more and more inhospitable, many walled cities sprang up to escape the mutated predators and anarchistic raiders.

The Walled Cities continued to wage wars for the scant resources while a single isolated and island-based city made up of several cooperative cities was organized, escaping the chaos and disease of the outside world within a walled-off paradise- or at least that was what the forebears of this new world intended.

The Island was walled off, with several cities formed under the banner of a new world, working together to live in this new existence, led by a benevolent machine, created as a wise and just leader for all, with enough restrictions to stop the stereotypical Ai takeover- even if many believed even a corrupt AI would lead them better than the corrupt upper class of the old world. With the limited and damaged information of the old world, this new society eventually forged a new society, though conflict was still rampant.

Tension rose between the two biggest cities, the center of the walled settlement, known as Genisis, and the underground mining city below, the tension culminated into a bloody civil war, taking lives in a deadly stalemate until the surface built a blockade around the Underground, starving them out until they begged for mercy.

Soon after, a virus broke out in the impoverished underground, quickly spreading to the surface through the platoons of guards sent to keep order within the newly conquered “Pales”, unintentionally carrying an invisible enemy that quickly ravaged the entire civilization before extermination wiped out every carrier.

Following the Virus’s eradication, individuals began exhibiting supernatural abilities in a trickle, many taking advantage of their newfound gifts to seize power, the few noble vigilantes drowning in an ocean of criminals. Eventually, the Vigilantes formed an organized guild, teaming up to bring order to the city. Tensions continue to rise between the inhabitants of the walled citizens, many preparing for a second civil war, while a recent attack by Rogue Enhanced has damaged the reputation of both The Underground and Unregistered Enhanced.
This is a Sci-Fi Dystopian RP, with superheroes and such (Of course they have to registered unless they want to be hunted down.) Suggested Roles (Feel free to create your own character that strays from these examples) will be:

World Building Overview:
Location: Genesis “The Capitol of a New World”
Environment: Moderate Heat, Low Humidity. Cold Winters.
Government Type: AI rules with a twelve member human council abale to veto any undesirable policies and even destroy the AI if need be.
Language: Mostly: English, Spanish, (Due to the large populatioon migrating from the american continent.) and Palish (Language of The Udnergroudn)

Landmarks: The Hub, Renegade Central, Gatlin Gardens, Security Tower, The North Side.
Groups of Interest: Security Corps, Mercenaries Guild, The Wanderers, The Inventors Academy, Hero League, The Underground.
Government Power: Nearly Complete

Religions: Many of the old world religions still remain, but a few new ones have sprouted up, one believing the AI that controls this city as a god being born in the digital plane (to her minor annoyance)

Government Overview: The Government has almost absolute power, the security officers having little restriction’s and few able to defy them directly. A totally not evil AI is in control, while being advised by a council of humans. One rule is that if all nine agree, the AI will be shut down, but the AI is kind enough and shows little interest in destroying the human race. The AI is also subject to many restrictions, keeping it from potentially turning on the citizens but also tying its metaphorical hands when it comes to corruption.

The Security Corps: The Security Corps is one of the most respected common professions, offering decent pay and lodging, anything an officer could need. However, corruption is still present, many taking bribes or working under crime lords.

The Wanderers: A silent merchant, the Wanderer(s) offers many different services, whether it be illegal weapons or information. The Wanderer(s) face has never been seen, their identity(s) unknown. The Wanderer shop resides within multiple properties in areas out of the eye of the government. It is unknown how many there are, some believing there to be a single omnipresent salesman, others believing there to be dozens of Wanderers, rumors of more shops across the country, even in the uncivilized settlements unaligned with the World Government.

The Heroes League: Following the outbreak, the emerging of heroes was chaotic, opportunistic villains and vigilantes fought in the streets, many innocents killed in the crossfire. Some of the most powerful vigilantes united, starting a guild with the permission of the government. They are unrestricted by the government and the beginning intentions where pure, but over time the newer generations have been corrupted by their abilities.

The Order of Beggars: The Order is a rebellion made up of those who hate this new government, plotting minor attacks and small rebellions against the government. Many of these live in the underground city, where they can escape the watchful eye of the security corps

The Knights: A more organized splinter cell of The Order, a team of renegade enhanced and their supporters plan small clashes with the Security Corps, occasionally joining the gangs in the underground.

Nova Team: A team of vigilante heroes, operating outside of the Hero League, a beacon of light as they unselfishly fought evil before they all disappeared one day, never to be heard from.

Aurum Gang: One of the biggest crime syndicates, lead by Midas- an enhanced with the ability to transform objects to gold. They primarily run gambling and a brutal gladiator game in the underground.

Reapers: Another rebel movement, prioritizing strikes against The Security Agency, but trying to avoid any Civilian Fatalities.

City Locations:

The Hub

The Hub is the biggest market in the underground, the original mining sector, where most of the poor resides. Disease is rampant and few will ever see the sun in fear of the torment of those who reside above, known as the Pales to the surface dwellers. It is the most organized out of the two Caverns, fewer warring factions. The Hub itself is in the heart of the Underground, home to some of the best known honest and dishonest businesses within the Underground, Including the Wanderers own shop.

Sub-Mining Facility Bravo “Sub-B”
The second cavern, more recently created is where many poor have moved to instead of the older layer of the underground, hungering at the prospect of jobs and the potential to come across some of the more valuable resources, setting them for life. Even more gangs reside here, where only the few assigned Security Agents step foot, most corrupt or able to turn a blind eye toward the illegal operations. The king of Sub B is Midas, leading the biggest gang, The Aurum Gang. There, a gladiatorial arena pits the poorest within the city for food and other prizes.

Gatlin Gardens
Gatlin is one of the most beautiful places in the city, where many public events take place. Surrounding The Spire, it is also one of the most secure, though none believe any would attack the government’s seat of power. Call it ignorance, that has remained mostly true with one short riot reported years ago.

The Spire
The Spire is the seat of the capitol, part a school for both government and judicial branches, along with most courtrooms, including the most important room in the city. In the top floor resides the conference room, where the entire human council and all regents, barons, and any other important individuals meet with the AI that rules this city for major debates and the passing of laws.

Security Tower Alpha
Many security stations and towers reside across the seven sectors, but Security Tower Alpha is the first, the second most secure building in the city. All Security Agents are trained here, all technological advances for the Agency occur here, at least the ones that are documented.
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Thanks! I wanted to know:
What sci-fi elements are present in the world besides superpowers? (as an example of what might exist: flying cars, time travel, other classic sci-fi tropes, etc)
Besides unregistered superheroes being hunted down, is there anything else dystopian about the setting (like a deeply corrupt government or maybe mass surveillance to keep a lookout for unregistered superheroes?)
Is this a scenario with clear cut good guys/bad guys or more of a situation with morally grey superheroes and supervillains? (Because either sounds interesting to me.)
Thanks! I wanted to know:
What sci-fi elements are present in the world besides superpowers? (as an example of what might exist: flying cars, time travel, other classic sci-fi tropes, etc)
Besides unregistered superheroes being hunted down, is there anything else dystopian about the setting (like a deeply corrupt government or maybe mass surveillance to keep a lookout for unregistered superheroes?)
Is this a scenario with clear cut good guys/bad guys or more of a situation with morally grey superheroes and supervillains? (Because either sounds interesting to me.)
There are flying cars and such, but time travel is largely illegal due to some negative effects. The exact cause for most superheroes is largely unknown with the rest using technology to fight crime or as a result of experimentation. It has been documented that whatever the cause is, can corrupt those who possess these powers, upstanding citizens who never showed any villainous tendencies becoming monsters after a day of having their powers.

As for the dystopian factor, plenty of registered heroes and enhanced consultants are corrupt, toying with normal people with little consequence. There are some other bits that I will not discuss for now.
I’ve fixed the description for you
adding overviews for major groups, people, locations- should be finished later.
Finally finished the descriptions of major locations- RPN ate the previous two attempts.
I suppose I have some interest in the setting but what will decide whether or not I join is what the plot is going to be.
I suppose I have some interest in the setting but what will decide whether or not I join is what the plot is going to be.
It depends mostly on what the players decide, but there will be some world events throughout the game while players do what they want.
Sort of, those events being Gang Wars, Robberies, Assassinations and such.
Mm I see. Okay then I'll actually stay out of this one then. I'm looking for something like this but with more direction. Looks good though man. Hope it goes well.
Most NPC CS has been completed, once we have at least four more characters we can start- feel free to ask me any questions about world building. Due to previous questions, I have added a bit more of a overarching plot- mostly the events leading up to a civil war between The Underground and Surface Dwellers.

Lore Page Posted.
Interested! Though I have some questions. How does the roleplay begin? Do all the characters just get kidnapped by weird implied-to-be-brainwashed people like your character at the beginning of the roleplay? Is that how they all meet? Love the worldbuilding in this BTW!
Interested! Though I have some questions. How does the roleplay begin? Do all the characters just get kidnapped by weird implied-to-be-brainwashed people like your character at the beginning of the roleplay? Is that how they all meet? Love the worldbuilding in this BTW!
I'm planning on letting the players post for a round or two before starting a world event- most likely a bank robbery since majority are vigilantes and heroes
So it's kind of like an open world sandbox kind of roleplay?
Yes and no, there is a main plot going on (leading up to a second civil war) along with other plots but players are free to do whatever

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