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Mentally ill they/them kinda guy
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
I've never made an RP ad like this, or at least haven't in awhile lol so bare with me!

I'm looking for somebody to roleplay something about animals with me! I'm a huge animal nerd and will likely surprise you with facts and stuff if you aren't also a massive animal nerd (which you don't have to be lol). I write 3rd person, past-tense, 1 to 3 paragraphs, semi-literate to literate and to write sandbox to build trust with my RP partner. I have some plot/prompt ideas at the end, so pick what you like, or make up your own ideas and give them to me! I'm open to all kinds of landscapes and new ideas and stuff so don't hesitate to just shoot out ideas like it's goin' outta style!! Also, I'm not sure why this needs to be specified if it does, but I love OOC chat so much, I wanna be your friend not just somebody you RP with online. I hope for a long-term RP partner with maybe multiple RPs which can be long-term or short-term!

Animals I'd like to RP
The animals I've listed here are my suggestions for RPing, feel free to suggest others though! I don't do mythical animals very often anymore though, fyi.
  • Domestic cats
  • Rabbits
  • Spotted hyenas
  • Wolves
  • Dogs
  • Meerkats
  • Lions
  • Crows
  • Cheetahs
  • Deer

Themes I like
Themes and concepts I like, so that you don't have to do as much guessing
  • Warrior cats inspired (more Fandom-based)
  • Supernatural/paranormal
  • Dystopian worlds
  • Nature reclaimed Earth and humans are gone, good luck
  • Semi-realistic scenarios (I can think of some off the top of my head quite often)

Genres I stay within
I do venture to other genres, but only if the story includes a genre that I favour as well.
  • Coming of age
  • Horror
  • Slice of life
  • Found family (my personal favourite)
  • Modern fantasy

Prompt Ideas!

1. The barn cat and the house cat. ((0/2 - open))
A housecat with no outdoor experience is adopted by a new owner, who's a farmer and wants another cat to keep the barn cat company. Just days after the housecat is adopted and let outside to meet the barn cat, the farmer dies under mysterious circumstances and the cats are left to fend for themselves. The barn cat has never been a housecat and vice versa, so the differences between the two cats are extreme, and the barn cat must teach the housecat how to survive in a less forgiving place than indoors where humans will protect you 24/7.
  • You choose if you want to play the barn cat of house cat
  • Found family, slice of life genres
  • Very open to adding fantasy or magical elements

2. Never talk to your prey. ((1/2 - open))
A lone wolf that's been without a pack most of his life, finally finds himself face-to-face with the first easy meal he's seen in years. A fawn, all alone. All wolves know that deer will come back for their young, so in hopes of getting a bigger meal he waits for the fawn's parent to return. He waits. And waits. And waits. Wasn't the mother, or a heardmate coming back? Even if the mother died, surely somebody would've come back? No, they had all fled the responsibilities of this fawn, and suddenly the wolf begins to feel terrible for the little one, knowing what it's like to have your family walk out and never return. Regretfully feeling a connection to the young deer, despite his gruff exterior he goes up to the fawn, coming out from hiding he asks "How long has it been since you've seen your mother?" The deer doesn't flinch at the sight of the wolf, another strange occurrence. The deer was so alone they didn't even recognize a predator when they saw it. The fawn replies "5 days now. I've waited right here where mama told me to.. she'll come back. She loves me, she told me before she went out." The wolf's heart breaks. 5 days, deer don't leave their offspring for more than 24 hours if they're coming back. He couldn't walk away now, and he couldn't eat the little deer either. "So this is why I was always told to never talk to your prey", the wolf thinks to himself, wrapping his body around the fawn's to warm them up.
  • You choose if you want to play as the wolf or the deer
  • Found family, slice of life genres
  • Very open to adding fantasy or magical elements

3. Losing it all, for a chance to save you. ((2/2 - closed))
Every lioness knows that once a new male takes over the pride, he kills any cubs he can find so that he may mate with the females and have cubs of his own carry on his lineage. So when her pride's beloved king dies to the teeth and claws of another, more ruthless and heartless male, one lioness knows what she must do to keep her young cub(s) safe. She can try to drive him out, but it's unlikely she'll find any success in that. So she opts the other path, and runs away with her litter. She will do anything to protect her cub(s), even if that means she must hunt alone and live without her pride.
  • You choose if you want to play as the cub or the lioness, and we can decide together if we want more than one cub and who'll play them
  • Slice of life, adventure genres
  • Semi-open to adding fantasy or magical elements
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Might I add I'm extremely open, and can think of lots of different ideas and worldbuild with you as well. The prompts I gave were just off the top of my head lol
I’m interested in the never eat your prey one, preferred role fawn. is it ok that I’m a minor?
I'm open to RP with ages 13 - 40, and there's nothing romantic or innapropriate for an adult to talk about with a minor in the RP, so it should be fine yeah!! Shoot me a DM
Hey! I’m interested in #3. I prefer my role be the cub/s. I wouldn’t consider myself an animal nerd but I do love animal facts lol.
Hey! I’m interested in #3. I prefer my role be the cub/s. I wouldn’t consider myself an animal nerd but I do love animal facts lol.
Alright, I'm down for that! Shoot me a DM and we'll talk about it!

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