1. StrawbBucket

    Realistic or Modern Animal RP - Multiple species - Open

    I've never made an RP ad like this, or at least haven't in awhile lol so bare with me! I'm looking for somebody to roleplay something about animals with me! I'm a huge animal nerd and will likely surprise you with facts and stuff if you aren't also a massive animal nerd (which you don't have to...
  2. BryTH

    Fantasy M/M experienced/Lit+ partner wanted for a specific plot, Come inside and see!! DnD and Disney vibes, anyone?

    Looking to RP the very specific plot posted below! Really interested in doing something long term with this plot so I will focus on the plot here for now. Feel free to contact me in PM if it interests you and we can discuss more! Share more detailed rules and requirements and built on the...
  3. Avatar_Erikson

    Fantasy Exploding Into The Magical World (Characters)

    Alrighty, here is the character skeleton. Post your characters here. Approval will be a <3 on your post. Any feedback will also be provided here regarding any/all aspects of a character. (picture should be aligned for the right side of the profile and no bigger than 550 px wide by 850 px long.)...
  4. Avatar_Erikson

    Fantasy Exploding into the Magical World

    So I have had this idea for a while, but working out the actual plot has always been a challenge. Mostly because of the sandbox nature I want it to evolve into. So instead of working on the beginning plot at this moment I will post some of the core plot points I would like to have as a backbone...