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Multiple Settings Anima Studies [Closed]


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1701735627440.pngIt is the 21st century, the population has drastically increased and technology has developed exponentially, entering into an age of discovery and communication, an age in which the world is more connected than ever. Yet with all this time and all these developments, the world has seemingly failed to find a secret that hides right under their noses.

At a certain point in your life, you knew that you weren't like the others, not by the way you looked or by how you acted, but by what you saw and felt. Whether you knew why or not, you could see entities lurking, their forms twisted, unnatural, and invisible to all but you. These are demons, beings created from the pure emotions of a collective of people, beings that if left unchecked could grow and become a danger to those around it and it is people like you, so few in the world that are born to kill these abominations. Arcanists are their names, these individuals are born with the ability to manipulate their Anima, the essence of soul, to eradicate these demons from the world and in one fateful day you are admitted to Anima Studies, a prestigious school where the best of the best are taught and trained.

Written in the letter of admittance is a date and a symbol which lies now etched in a door you once were familiar with, but now a pathway to your future studies


1701735665269.pngAnima Studies is a school type RP in a setting heavily inspired by Jujutsu Kaisen. You will play as students newly admitted into Anima Studies, the most prestigious school in arcanist society, either due to the potential as an arcanist or the danger you might post to society. Characters can range from being part of a well known family in arcanist society, some random who by chance awakened their powers, or perhaps something entirely different.

A part of the RP will be the students learning different aspects about anima, demons, and simply how to fight, but the RP won't be exclusively in the school premises and will also have moments in which the students go out either to be tested on the field or simply wanting to sneak off and potentially get themselves in trouble. Whatever the case I want to allow a certain level of freedom in what the students can do and how they develop, however there will still be a story with secrets and mysteries that the students can stumble into or uncover alongside other shenanigans they might find themselves in.

If this RP interests you, then let me know and I will send you a DM with the discord link where you can find the rules, the OOC, and where you can ask further questions.

Intetested maybe?
Sounds interesting. If having watched JJK is not a strict requirement then Iโ€™d love to join this.
This sounds absolutely awesome. I'd love to join if you'd have me?
The RP is currently closed, however I will bump this thread whenever it becomes open again.

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