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Realistic or Modern Allison Is Missing...(YA/ Supernatural Mystery) Re-Launch

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  1. Horror
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  3. Mystery
  4. Realistic
  5. Romance
  6. Slice of Life
  7. Supernatural


Sicarii Assassin
Allison Is Missing 1.jpg

Allison Chelsea Rivera had always been a bit of a mystery to all of us. You see Ali was almost a girl without a past. I met Ali about four years ago at a frat party outside of town. She was a kind of quiet, yet outgoing chick at the same time. I already had a girlfriend at the time, but that didn’t stop me from doing a double take at the cute goth chick. Over time she just kind of worked her way into our close circle of friends and before anyone knew it, she was just a normal part of the gang. But the strange thing about Ali, was that she didn’t have any family…like any family at all. Whenever one of us would question her about where she came from, what school she went to etc…she would give dodgy answers and eventually just wormed her way out of the subject altogether. After awhile all of us just stopped asking, we just figured Ali was Ali, end of story. I even dated her for a brief period of time and there was nothing unusual about her at all, just a fun loving, caring, albeit sometimes quiet girl. About eight months ago four of us, including Ali, decided to go in on a rented house together. We were all twenty somethings, without much direction or money, so we figured, why the hell not. We hung out together, laughed, partied, drank…all the normal things twenty somethings did. Than, without warning, Ali just disappeared…poof, gone. It hit all of us like a ton of bricks. It was an unassuming day during mid December, when she just never came home. Little did we know that our search for answers would lead us all down a dark path of unspeakable nightmares and unfathomable mystery. What happened to Ali, why did she disappear and just who was this mysterious girl that none of us ever really knew? This is that story…

Allison Rivera

*This will be a re-launch of YA supernatural mystery/slice of life story centering around the mysterious disappearance of our friend Allison. It will be a gritty atmospheric RP that will chronicle our search for answers filled with suspicion, eerie occurrences and plenty of mystery. All of us will be the tight circle of friends that usually hung out with Ali and like mentioned before, will center around our search for what happened to Allison and our decent into the depths of madness trying to find her. Since the Halloween season is right around the corner, I thought this would be a good creepy idea to re-visit.


Sicarii Assassin
Note...the IC will be going up tomorrow. The house where some of our characters are roomed together has spots for four people (my character included). The rest can have other accommodations. The characters that I've approved thus far get first dibs. So as we all know, this will be a supernatural mystery. Now what I'd like to implement here is the spooky and unexplainable phenomena that each of our characters will be experiencing in the wake of Ali's disappearance that will eventually start driving us to the edge of insanity. This phenomena will manifest in a different form for each character. What I'm going to do here is assign a specific supernatural occurrence to everyone's character. As more characters come in, I'll update, but here's what I have for now. I will just give you the basic generals of each occurrence and leave it up to you to decide when and how your character experiences these, also how your character copes...please get creative, lol.

Darrian- Will be experiencing "Shadow People" that will follow him just about everywhere he goes. They will leave cryptic written messages, invade his dreams, peek in his windows at night and just generally torment his every waking moment.

Wilder28 Wilder28 Patrick- Will be experiencing disturbing emails and social media PM's. These untraceable messages will contain cryptic and unsettling content and others will be ghastly and even violent on occasions, however all will relate in some way to Ali's disappearance.

KaigerGalaxy KaigerGalaxy Keito- Will experiencing frightening occurrences with one of Allison's creepy porcelain dolls. The doll will seemingly move on it's own, appear in different places around the house and even whisper to her.

Xeppy Xeppy Christian- Will be experiencing mysterious and eerie phone calls at all hours of the day and night. Sometimes the calls are silent, others contain frightening and unexplainable noises on the end...and still others will contain creepy voices that seem to hint at Allison's whereabouts.

FactionParadox FactionParadox Therese- Will be experiencing hallucinations and voices. Ghostly visions of Allison and almost demonic voices that will torment and mock her. The voices will claim to know where Allison is.

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