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Realistic or Modern Agency X

Literally Batman

World's Greatest Detective
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Ars Est Occisio

The world is a dangerous place. Everywhere you go, crime follows. Massive criminal organizations and shadowy groups blanket the Earth in a network of illicit activities and political dominance, leaving few areas on Earth safe for the common folk. Major areas, both urban and rural, rich and poor, have criminal presence, mysterious behind-the-scenes organizations using their money, contacts, blackmail, and pure strength to gain control over both basic needs and luxuries. Criminal organizations have the power to fix prices, extort the common people, and remove any threats to their power with a snap of the fingers.

If that scared you, a certain meeting, estimated to have happened sometime in the mid 20th century, will terrify you. At this meeting in an unidentified Atlantic island, representatives from major criminal groups from across the globe agreed to pool their power together to make a new criminal syndicate, one that would be even more unchallenged, even more domineering, and even more dangerous than their local empires. The result was a secret society of unrivaled power- the Hand of Crime. The Hand of Crime connects the world's biggest politicians, wealthiest businessmen, most powerful generals, most brilliant scientists, and the most dangerous criminal overlords into a global system of terror and chaos. Events such as the civil wars in Africa and the Middle East, the Cold War, and major assassinations (such as those of the Kennedy brothers, Dr. King, Indira Gandhi, and more) were the products of Hand of Crime conspiracies to consolidate power.

For those reasons, in 1964, a secretive organization rose to counter the threat of the Hand of Crime. Its name was Agency X, a conglomerate of some of the world's top assassins, hitmen, hackers, swindlers, and hired guns. Agency X is an elusive group with one goal - eliminate the Hand of Crime. The principle concern of Agency X is the extermination of any and all members of their nemesis, preferably raising as little suspicion as possible, though as long as the end result (a dead Hand of Crime associate) was present, the process was irrelevant. By the end of the 70s, Agency X had transformed from a small firm of assassins to a global enterprise of hired murder and surveillance with offices established across the planet.

Agency X is no altruistic charity for the good of the people. While the Agency is not a villainous office, it doesn't change the fact that the Agency indiscriminately murders anybody involved with the Hand of Crime. Typically, these individuals are professional criminals, corrupt politicians, or dishonorable military men, all justifiable kills by many, but it is murder nonetheless. Agency X is not one for the faint of heart- being a professional hitman for the world's biggest assassination order is a difficult job. That being said, it is a job that pays well. Agency X receives large sums of money from their Board of Directors, the big wigs that run Agency X, alongside the payments for accepting contracts to eliminate the Hand of Crime.

Agency X's reputation is spotless. Known for committing some of the cleanest assassinations known to man, Agency X has upgraded its armor with some of the finest weaponry in the world, and has recruited some of the human race's finest agents to strengthen its cause. Agency X has accomplished major progress towards their endgame goal of defeating the Hand of Crime, but there are still hurdles to leap, paths to walk, people to kill, before the most despicable international network of all time is brought down.

That's where you come in, Agent. The clock is ticking.

I'll leave you to prepare.

There's a super scary crime network across the planet, so in the 60s some guys make a business of DEATH to try and stop it with murder.

This RP will take place in a slightly post-modern alternate reality where all of the world's events are controlled by a crime network, and Agency X is brought up to stop it. You will be playing as an agent of Agency X, working to stop the Hand of Crime from completing its nefarious goals, and using whatever skills you have to eliminate top politicians, criminals, secret agents, generals, celebrities, doctors, socialites, and CEOs affiliated with the Hand of Crime.

Any questions/concerns, please ask. Thanks for reading and I hope you join!

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RPN’s Residential Politician
My eyes on this. I’ll have to decide between 2 RP’s, but I’m leaning towards this one

Literally Batman

World's Greatest Detective
I'll make an OOC thread in the site as well at some point.

I'd recommend using the discord though, with an RP that's moderately larger (more than I expected haha) it really does make things easier.

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