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Realistic or Modern A whole new meaning to “crash and burn”


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Lakeside Academy’s Boys’ hockey team was on their way home from a game that they could barely believe they won. They were laughing, enjoying time with their friends, and they felt good. They felt really good.

Maple Ridge Institute’s Girls’ lacrosse team was on their way to the first game of the season, feeling excited and ready to win.

Neither team could have known what would happen next.

Now, trapped in the middle of nowhere with no cell service, no adult supervision, and no apparent hope for rescue, these teens will have to find a way to survive. But various injuries, exposure to the elements, and an incoming storm are not the only things that threaten the survivors. Something is in the woods, something that’s after blood…


Hey, it’s Olive, back at it again! I dug up this old interest check and edited the concept for a little more mystery, a little more danger. Any previous players are welcome (this was previously titled “Cross Check” btw) and any new players of course! The rules are as follows:

1. All RPN rules apply, you all are not getting me banned today 😂
2. Beware of mature/sensitive themes including: gore, death (of teens and adults), wild animal attacks, starvation/dehydration etc.
3. Feel free to make your characters quirky and weird, but remember that goofing off causes consequences in survival situations
4. Ask any questions you feel are necessary
5. There are no age restrictions here, but beware that your GM is a minor and other players could possibly fall under that umbrella. If that bothers you, this rp is not for you!
6. Have fun!

OOC: Realistic or Modern - crash + burn (OOC)
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As a hockey player myself irl (and just because this plot looks super interesting and appealing to me), consider me very interested.

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