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Multiple Settings A Monster Hunter RP?

Sub Genres
  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. AU
  4. Horror
  5. LGBTQ
  6. Multiverse
  7. Mystery
  8. Romance
Hello everyone, my name is Reaper and i will tell you all about an idea that i was having since a year and a half. That is, as you've all seen, a Monster Hunter Roleplay.

So first of all i'll explain what would i need to be able to pull this RP to it's max potential:
  • Some people that are interested in joining me to polish the story of the RP and will be in charge when i'm absent and tell the story. (3 vacants)
  • some people that will be in charge of the moderation of the future Roleplayers in the discord server and for it's organization. (2 vacants)
  • Some people that will document and inform me, or the others in charge, the actions of the Roleplayers. (3 vacants) 2 left
  • One person that knows about Monster Hunter at it's fullest and it's Monsters. (1 vacant) Taken.
Second thing are the themes, they'll be listed here:
  • Romance.
  • Horror.
  • AU.
  • Multiverse.
  • Combat
  • Action
  • Science fiction
  • Post apocalyptic
  • Mystery
  • Drama
The third and most important thing is the story and i will give a little bit of the story... sort of:





Report on the inspection of the specimen.

Date xx / xx / xx Time 20:39

This day was one of maximum benefit, as we have obtained a specimen. The field report was also a good one, a camp has been set up in a hidden area with many resources just in case something happens one day. There are medicines, painkillers, bandages, walkie-talkies, and food for at least three months.
Right now we present the specimen at the facility, we have sedated him and we also have weapons pointed at the individual at all times. But there is no need to worry because he is chained to the ground.
This specimen has quite a few scars on its tail, head and one of its wings. Although the marks on the tail and skull are much more abundant than on the right wing of the animal.
The wounds were somewhat strange and it seemed as if something had attacked him.
If all goes according to plan, we'll start the Hunter program in about seventy-two hours, and counting. If all goes well ... We will revolutionize this world and the next.


[End of report]


I hope all of you who watched the thread enjoy it, and if you are interested on joining me. I will leave my discord in here so everyone interested in joining can send me a message and we will talk about the position, or you can leave a message on private or even here public.

Thank you all for reading.

Discord: Reaper#6418
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Just a Typical Icathian
How many people have shown interest thus far? This looks rather interesting and I would rather not want to see an idea like this just simply be glossed over and left behind?


Just a Typical Icathian
Just gonna throw this bump here to see if if this thread will manage to wrangle anybody's attention.


Ku#*a, brother, ale kombo!
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I've been thinking of joining an RP server for quite some time and your idea seems super nice. Hope you're still looking
I and other users already made a discord server. But it still need preparations and fixing.
Thanks to the users that are now helping me to achieve this Roleplay.
Something that I and the other users that are part of the staff, is that:
We'll be not using MH Rise mechanics , monsters and everything related to the new game.
That, at least, could be subject to change in the near future.

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