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Kemii Lu

Junior Member
&& Welcome!

>^> I am currently open mostly to originals with the exceptions of a Voltron (!!), The Maze Runners (!!) or The Last of Us setting. <^<A
First I'll thank you for looking at my little, not pretty one on one search thread.

I’m new to this forum, coming from Gaia and a few other places like Tumblr and such, but I’ve decided to come and explore this community!

Actually a guy despite most people who role play m//, ironically enough. Though I don't care if you're a male, female or penguin.

I am semi-lit to lit. When I say lit I don't mean ' Wall 'o text lit.' I mean 2-5 good but not stupidly long paragraphs. My writing only suffers when I have writers block, which isn't all that often anyway. In an rp partner I expect someone with a decent grasp of the English language and such. I want you to be able to write at least 2 good paragraphs...is that so much to ask?

I'm only looking to play the use / more sub character right noq. Not looking to explain myself or justify it, it's simply what I prefer. I wont bother giving you the whole 'Oh, but my Uke's are different' because I can play anywhere from the stereotypical cute, blushing type to the type that are pretty much dominant everywhere but bed. Two things, though. I will contribute to pushing the plot forward and my characters aren't chicks with dicks even if you do want the blushing type. Period. End of.

Besides that, I'm an easy going person, rather flexible. I'm a mature roleplayer.

Have some favorite face claims/people you'd want me to use? Let me know. I usually do too. I’m happy to stick with anime or just descriptions, too.

*** Please note I am always looking!***

---- My Inbox likes to play tricks on me, I might not get your PM. If you think I haven't gotten it or read it please leave a message here and I will get back to you! ----

(Still here? Go on for details.)

Any way. I have quite a few pairing I love to do. Some of these are your usual, others I like to think you don't see everywhere. But remember: you can add a twist to even the most stereotypical plot.

A ♥ means I am craving it, a ! means I have a plot listed below, a • means I have a plot bunny, which isn't listed below.

Crossed out means too much of it.

Angel x Demon !
Brother's Best Friend x Younger Brother ♥
Player Classmate x Class President ♥
Foreigner x Native ♥
Working Class Step Brother x Wealthy Step Brother •
Step Nephew x Step 'Uncle' • ♥ (Like 26-30, I have a small idea)
Romeo & Juliet-Esque • ♥
Werewolf x Vampire • ♥
Demon x Human/Pastor's Son
Vampire x Human
Kitsune x Human
Anthro x Human
Anthro x Neko
Human Soldier x Dragon Shifter • ♥
Prince/King x Bodyguard !
Prince/King x Revolutionary !
Prince/King x Commoner/Stable-Boy •
Detective x Serial Killer's Target • ♥
Grand Thief x Detective !
Student x Teacher !
School Rebel x Popular Student
Hockey Skater x Figure Skater ♥
Youth Group Leader x Youth • ♥
Celebrity x Fan/Nonfan
Amnesiac x Boyfriend ! ♥
Former CEO's Son x Father's Affair Partner •
Soccer (Football) Player x Soccer Player (Rivals, Newcomer x Veteran, Etc)

I also have an idea (OC x OC) for The Maze Runners / Scorch Trials I'd really like to do right now!

Use Tom Holland / Noah Centineo / Nick Robinson as your faceclaim and I'd loveee you for 2x infinite. Definitely not required though.
oc any race x oc any race (ME1,2,3)

Food for thought

★ Culture Clash Ex. San Fran + Alabama, Royal/Rich + Non-Royal/Rich, Native American + Colonialist
★ Life, Ex. Popularity, Rebels, Drugs, Scandal, Pressure, Parties, Rivalries
★ Paranormal/Fantasy Ex. Werewolves, Elves, Investigators, Alpha/Omega
★ Mystery, Suspense Ex. Serial Killers, Detectives
★ Conflicts of Interest, Ex. Ulterior Motives, Opposite Sides, etc
★ Musical Industry, Ex. Bands, Fans, All of it
★ Interracial Couples, Ex. Racism, 1950's or Modern, Interreligious Couples.

Concerning M-Preg - I'm really not much into it. The only time I'll consider this is if we can come up with a valid pseudo-scientific reason for it to happen. Like Alien x Human or something. Maybe Alpha/Beta/Omega, too.
Concerning Anthro - I am not inclined to play an Anthro character myself. That being said, you're free to if you'd like. I have a friend who is into the fandom and I've role played with him a lot, so I'm sure we'll be able to come up with something.

If you have any other questions, ask.

And don't forget to suggest! Also, people with plots to suggest to me are adored.
Also please, feed my cravings! =P
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Just a girl, trying to find her way.♡☆
Definitely not a penguin, but if you’d feel like writing at m/f story I’d love to, just let me know!! (:

saturday shorts

its about the yearning

im interested in the brothers best friend plot and also literally any of the prince ones lmao

and uhhhh guess im too new or smth cause i can't pm you but just message me ay


Jumin's Bae
Ello! I'm interested rping with you!
Hmm.. how should I introduce myself?

I've been role-playing for nine years, and I believe I've improved a lot. I post semi literate to literate posts, and by that I try to post at least 3 paragraphs with proper grammar and spelling. I like role-playing doubles, triples, or even more characters! I'm a sucker for dark themes, medieval, fantasy, and romance. But never sci-fi--sci fi is the worst. I'm also a sucker for opposite-personality-species type of romance (e.g vampire x werewolf or angel x demon). I don't normally use profanity, but I will only use profanity and language if it fits with the character's(s') personality or mood.

Now that that's out of the way...

Player Classmate x Class President ♥
I'm pretty interested in role-playing this idea! I've never done it before--so it'll be unique!

Kemii Lu

Junior Member
Hey, merry Christmas XD and if you're still looking I actually have a human x anthro plot
I'd love to hear it, go ahead and message me? ( :

Merry Christmas (at least, the last hour of it) to you as well! I'm actually listening to some Christmas jazz right now, ; P

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