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Realistic or Modern A Legacy Written In Blood: Season 1 [Mature]

M.J. Saulnier

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(I'm putting this out as a probe of sorts. Most people are done with vamp/lycan stuff, and believe me, I get it. This is not your typical 'monster mash' story. I have another RP in the works, so this may not happen right away, I just want to see how viable it would be in this community.)


Since before the first era of recorded history, vampires and lycans ruled the lands of Europe, Asian, the Middle East, and Africa.
Centuries ago these creatures of the night were written out of the history books...but they still exist alongside humans.


“This is the legacy of our people, Allison...and it’s written in the blood of both vampire and mortal alike.” — Lucavi Blackheart


Vampires are known to have originated somewhere in ancient Asia. They amassed wealth and power which they used to lead lavish lifestyles of influence and even worship. The mustered loyal subjects as well as captive slaves to build networks capable of extending their reach of influence and power. They valued similar aspects of life to that of mortals such as possessions, social and political power, wealth, and dignity.

The exact origin of Lycanthropes is ferociously debated by experts. Lycans believe they are the descendants of Romulus and Remus, who were exiled for their lycanthropy. According to lycan mythology, Romulus and Remus migrated north into Slavic lands such as ancient Russia. Modern experts believe they originated in these northern lands. They lived in the wilderness, keeping almost no possessions or wealth. They valued freedom, family, and physical power.​

The Balkans
Vampire vs Lycan.png
As cultures and kingdoms began to spring up and flourish in the Balkans, vampires were drawn to the prospect of sharing in the wealth and power. Vampiric activity attracted lycan opposition, and the conflict was inevitable. They ruled the night, waging bloody wars against one another, reducing the Balkans to a proverbial orgy of bloodshed. These rancorous conflicts left mortal men caught in the center of the chaos. This vitriolic animosity would see the world of men perish under the heels of vampire and lycanthrope kind, unless something was done.

The Hunters
Mortals began to train highly qualified individuals in the art of hunting and killing vampires, and sometimes lycans. No mortal can match the might of a lycan, or the speed and cunning of a vampire. So these hunters were hand picked from the best soldiers the lands had to offer. They received years of brutal, specialized training designed to either break mind and body, or transform them into living, breathing weapons.
(It's extremely hard for even a group of hunters to kill a lycan.)

The Crusades
Choosing to take their own fate in hand, Europe waged war upon their enemies. Masked by the Crusades, they rose up, crushing the opposition, seizing wealth, property, and culling both the vampiric and lycanthrope populations. This victory was a slow process costing countless hunter lives.

This birthed the myth that a simple cross could make a vampire wince or flee in terror.


Facing absolute defeat, and potential extinction, a treaty was formed to protect the interest of vampires by policing them, and the Vampiric Order (‘the Order’) was born. Each vampire must belong to a Covenant. Each Covenant is ruled by a pure blood Master who answers directly to the Vampiric Order. The rules were rather simple. No vampire may feed on innocent mortals, nor shall they sire any fledglings without sanctions from The Order. No member of any Covenant may kill any member of any other Covenant. These simple rules protect all vampire kind, ensure peace, and when they are broken entire Covenants are ‘liquidated’ seemingly overnight.

The Vampiric Order is based out of London, England.

The Order of The Dragon
The formation of the Order left a power vacuum for lycans to step in and wreak havoc on the mortal population once again. In time humans requested that vampires form a military unit to quell the lycanthrope threat. The Order of The Dragon was founded in 1408 to hunt and destroy lycans from Europe to Asia. The order drove the lycan population to the brink of extinction and solidified the vampire’s place at the table alongside humans. Instead of a problem, they had become a useful ally.

Vlad III Dracul
After the Order was formed, the Balkans remained a haven for vampiric families.
The Dracul Covenant, led by Vlad II Dracul, and the Corvinus Covenant, led by Matthias Corvinus, were among the most respected, powerful families in the Balkans. In 1675, a dispute between the sons of the families erupted into bloodshed when Vlad III killed John Corvinus, the only son of Matthias. This marked the first major transgression of the Vampric Order, and would come to be known as the greatest of them all.

Matthias called for the head of Vlad III but Vlad II indicated that it would come down to killing the entire Dracul Covenant before he would hand over his son. Being the two most powerful and respected families in the Balkans, the Order was faced with a dilemma. In order to satisfy Matthias, the Draculs were stripped of all land, ranks, and possessions, and relocated to the American colonies. The Corvinus Covenant would take possession of their land and territory. For a vampire of the Balkans, this was the greatest dishonor one could endure. But the consequences of this transgression were just beginning. Matthias was still unhappy, and demanded blood. With the help of supporting Covenants, he convinced the Counsel that a clear message needed to be sent. The Order called for the execution of Vlad III, but Vlad II offered his life in place of his son's, and the Counsel agreed simply to bring an end to the matter. Vlad II was summoned to London where he was ceremoniously executed, leaving the title of Master to Vlad III.


(Paramount info for character creation!)
There are 3 types of vampires depending on their genesis.

Pure Blood
Description: A vampire born of two pure blood parents.

Abilities: Perfect night vision, empathy (able to sense emotions), superhuman speed, enhanced senses (not nearly as potent as lycans, but superior to any mortal).

Weaknesses: Sunlight (prolonged exposure results in death), trauma to the brain or heart.

Half Blood
Description: A vampire born of at least one pure blood parent.

Abilities: Night vision varies in half bloods, enhanced speed, enhanced senses.

Weaknesses: Photon allergies vary in half bloods, trauma to brain or heart.

Description: A born human who was bitten and turned by a vampire. (children born of two Fledglings run a 50/50 chance of being either 100% mortal, or stillborn)

Abilities: Enhanced speed, slightly sharper senses.

Weaknesses: Trauma to brain or heart.

The Dread

When a human is bitten by a vampire, they don't melt sensually within their embrace, rising from a pool of blood to flash their fangs with a hissing growl. The neck is usually broken to ensure a peaceful meal, but when a mortal becomes a Fledgling vampire, they undergo a brutal process known simply as the Dread by those who survive it. This is the process by which the vampiric curse enters the new host body. Over time the curse begins to bond with the new host, becoming one with the host's mind and body. During this time, the host cannot feed themselves because no fangs have grown in yet. Drinking blood would result in little more than vomiting or sickness. Instead an insatiable thirst builds up until the body is rocked into shock, falling unconscious. At this time, the curse assumes control of the host body, and drinks the blood of a random victim, usually the closest living creature with enough blood to satiate the curse's appetite. When the host awakens, they have no memory of what transpired, so it's not uncommon for a host to wake up in a strange place, covered in blood, perhaps next to a corpse or two.

As time goes on, the host's canine teeth loosen and fall out, allowing fangs to replace them. When fusion between the host and curse is complete, the body is rocked into shock one last time, and they awake as a very thirsty Fledgling, eagerly awaiting their first proper feed (with fangs).

This process can take weeks to upwards of a month, depending on the strength of the host willpower (a strong will resists the curse). Some do not survive this process, ensuring only the strongest of mortals enter the vampiric ranks.

When Covenants sire Fledglings, they keep them locked in cells, for everyone's protection.
Description: Lycanthropy cannot be passed via bite, or scratch. It is strictly genetic, meaning a lycan can only be born of two lycan parents.

Forms: Lycans can occupy three different forms: Human, standard wolf, and Lycan (werewolf. Maintaining form expends energy, resulting in exhaustion).

  • Human: Canine senses (smell, sight, hearing)
  • Wolf: Canine senses (smell, sight, hearing), canine agility, canine stealth
  • Lycan: Canine senses (smell, sight, hearing), superhuman strength, superhuman endurance

Weaknesses: Silver weapons (capable of penetrating the armor-like layer of skin, although great force is required. As such, bullets and crossbow bolts have been the favored methods of delivery for humans), 23 to 54 kHz frequencies, trauma to brain or heart.

(Where to start, and what to spoil. . .)

Present Day, New York

In the sleepy, fictional town of New Haven, NY, Nathaniel Fletcher, Master of the Fletcher Covenant has been mysteriously killed following a visit from the Dracul Covenant liaison, Samuel Blithe. This will result in a representative of the Vampiric Order (Lucavi Blackheart, the oldest living vampire, and more or less the Boogeyman of vampires) being sent to investigate the tragedy, and try to prevent a war from breaking out.

Meanwhile, The day-to-day grind of mortal life as a New Haven Sheriff’s Deputy has Owen Reznik longing for something more. After a mysterious brush with a violent offender, Owen becomes convinced that something about his little town just isn’t right. Something inhuman is lurking in the forest. His pursuit of the truth will lead him down a deep, dark rabbit hole full of ancient secrets. Never in his wildest dreams would he imagine that his fiance, Allison Watson, would follow him into it.

Legacy embarks on a journey into the world of a Vampiric Covenant, and all the drama, politics, and horror that comes with.

This is probably the story i'm most proud of as a writer. This is my baby.
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