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Fandom A Friend on Omega

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krogan queen tabby#5445
Khel Lyze had never been on Omega before. Up until recently, she'd never left Tuchanka - hadn't even left the shelter of her tiny clan. Her mother kept a short leash on her, trying to mold her into her own legacy. Now, her mother was gone. Now, she was her own krogan. And she couldn't be happier. Going to Omega was probably not really a great idea; she wasn't a mercenary, didn't have any formal training. Everything she'd learned was from her mother, and Raigh's view of the world had been... skewed, to say the least. But then, Lyze was kind of the queen of poor decisions, or at least impulsive ones, and she wanted to see the galaxy. The Citadel was fun, especially compared to Tuchanka, but she couldn't even visit the Presidium without scathing looks from C-Sec. On Omega, no one would look twice at a krogan roaming the corridors.

Or so she thought. When she actually arrived on the spaceport, she was surprised by how few krogans she actually saw on Omega. Of course there were plenty of asari, and a lot of batarians and vorcha, but she wasn't expecting quite so many humans, salarians, and turians as she found there. At least from what her mother said, they were too - ugh. She knew better than to treat anything Raigh had told her about non-krogans as fact. It was hard to unlearn everything you'd ever heard, though.

Lyze was an average size for a krogan, but she still towered over most of the people she passed. Her bright pink crest and matching armor would stand out most places, but in the dim red neon, it was kind of washed out, painting the pink with the same reddish glow it painted her brown spotted skin. Her gun, which she never got to have on the Citadel, didn't cause her to stand out of the crowd, not on Omega - it would probably have been more out of place if she hadn't been armed. She hoped she wouldn't have to use it, though - she wouldn't admit it, but she'd never shot anyone, only ever pyjaks or varren.

The harsh lights and loud music of Afterlife drew in the rambunctious young krogan, and without really trying she found herself on the floor of the club. This was more her scene! There was more energy here than the entirety of her clan back home, and it was more intoxicating than the glass of ryncol she downed at the bar. She was enthralled by the dancers, the barkeepers, the lights - but she wasn't one to hold back. She threw herself onto the dance floor with the confidence of someone who'd been on a dance floor before, and she didn't even mind - or even notice - the wide berth she was given by the night club's other patrons.

Lost in the fun of the club, she let herself grow blind to any potential dangers that might have been lurking in Omega's many shadows, her guard lower with each shot she took. It would be a miracle if she wasn't completely wasted by the time she stumbled back to her meager rented room on the other side of the spaceport, but she wasn't worried about that. She was completely lost in her own world - and in her world, life was good, this was fun!

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Dark Emperor of Destruction
Da'Daka sat on Aria's couch letting her mind wander in the clouds as the asari spoke with a client. She often found herself getting lost in her thoughts and missing out on important information but more than half of the time she didn't mind. Aria was usually good at reiterating something if she thought it didn't get to Da'Daka but this conversation she was having now didn't sound interesting in the slightest. Something about a guy named Archangel who was meddling where he shouldn't. She could be asked to scare some sense into the guy but the small pieces of conversation she heard made him sound like he was good with a gun and wasn't afraid to shoot someone in his way. Of course, not that she couldn't take a bullet or two.

The song that was being played in the club below them was easy to tune after years of hearing it. Every song had started to sound the same and tuning things out made it easier to focus on her own thoughts and ideas. Her mind wandered from new drinks she could ask for to 10 ways she could kill a batarian without getting her clothes dirty. Maybe a gang war would break out and she could crack some skulls but it had been fairly uneventful these last few months.There wasn't much to do on Omega when people weren't fighting with each other. Go party at a club, buy some cheap parts and food, get mugged once or twice. It was, all the same, every day.

That was until Da'Daka saw something that was rare aboard Omega.
A krogan.
A Krogan that wasn't Patriarch. Sure Patriarch had some interesting stories but he didn't like the constant stream of questions that came from her mouth whenever she hung out with him. He'd just tell her to leave and bark up another tree. As for the blood pack krogan that talked with Aria from time to time, they didn't like her at all. Maybe it was because she was impure or just a freak of nature.
But this Krogan looked different. She looked to be having fun. Drinking and dancing, if you could call it dancing.
"Aria, excuse me please," Da'Daka said, afraid to take her eyes off the krogan as she stood up.
Aria followed her gaze and nodded before going back to her conversation with the mercenaries. Da'Daka smiled brightly but quickly tried to hide it as she walked down the stairs to the club floor. A few regulars stepped out of her way as she walked to the bar and sat down.
"The usual?" The bartender asked cleaning out a fresh glass.
"Yea sure," She said waving her hand still staring at the new krogan.
How would she know when it's safe to approach? Did she just walk up and say hi? Is that what krogans did? She knew that was what Asari did and most other races for that matter, but krogan felt to be in a different playing field. Aggressive, like a turian, but not so conceited. What if this krogan wanted nothing to do with her? Well, that wasn't new but it still hurt.

Da'Daka's mind raced as struggled to find the right way to approach this new face. The bartender set her drink down but she had already forgotten she had ordered it. Instead, she stood up from the bar and tried to look natural as she walked around the club. She was tall and large so she turned out looking more awkward then apart of the crowd. She could feel Aria watching her struggle through the crowd making her more nervous then she needed to be.

Before she knew it she had made to the dance floor but she wasn't paying much attention and tripped over one of the dancer's feet. She managed to catch herself but only just. Trying to make sense of what just happened she stood still for a second before turning to apologize to the dancer but she was already gone. Turning back around she noticed that she was now practically right next to the new krogan.
"Hi!" She half-shouted over the music, "I'm Da'Daka. Are you from the krogan homeworld?"
She cursed herself for jumping straight in but she was too nervous and excited to really think anything through.


krogan queen tabby#5445
Lyze, certainly tipsy and generally oblivious, didn't notice the tall asari at first. She was still taken by the music, the lights, the pretty asari dancers that attracted the attention of aliens of all sorts in the club. She absolutely could see herself partaking in this kind of night life more often. If only they had night clubs on Tuchanka!

She didn't quite register that Da'Daka was talking to her until she heard the word krogan. But when she did, Lyze returned the alien's smile, and waved in return. Lyze wasn't really used to anyone being that friendly to her, let alone here on Omega, but she certainly wasn't complaining! She did take a moment to assess the asari - she definitely didn't look like any asari she'd ever seen before. Her crest was heavily plated, it almost reminded her of a krogan. Maybe her father was a krogan, Lyze mused, though she always thought that the asari's father was less obvious than that. She could be wrong, though; almost everything she knew about other species had come from Raigh.

"Yeah, I'm from Tuchanka," Lyze finally replied, mild confusion present in her tone but definitely no aggression. "The name's Lyze. Nice to meet ya'." She didn't have a whole lot of trouble speaking over the sounds of the club; she had a naturally booming voice, one that was often regarded as 'extremely annoying' by most people within earshot. Especially when those people were Ahnra, the grouchy old krogan who'd taken Lyze under her wing.

"Are you from... here?" she offered, not quite sure how to continue the conversation, but willing to all the same.


Dark Emperor of Destruction
"Oh, Tuchanka," Da'Daka said taking a mental note. She'd have to remember what the home world was called if she wanted to be more in touch with her krogan side. Hearing the other actually introduce herself and sound interested in the conversation sent a wave of relief over the Asari. Perhaps this encounter would be easier then all the rest.

"I'm Da'Daka and It's nice to meet you too!" She said with a bright smile. Her voice was strong and assertive but not loud unless she was shouting which she was having to do with the loud music and her excitement taking over. A few regulars that danced around them didn't pay them any mind but a few travelers made sure to give them a wide berth.

"Um, well no not really but I live here on Omega. Though I'm not from the krogan-I mean Tuchanka if thats what you meant." Her mind was racing at this point trying to gather all the questions and thoughts that flew around her mind. The fact this Krogan or Lyze as she called herself, seemingly wanted to talk to her and the moving bodies around them paired with the air that was thick with sweat and music she was maybe getting a little over excited. "All the Krogan that pass through here are usually real jerks, always saying they have more important things to do then talk with some hybrid freak. Which I guess that makes sense but they usually spend their nights in the clubs dotted across Omega anyway. Aria says not to let them get to me...but you probably don't care about that..." Da'daka had to pause for a second and remind herself that not everyone liked having their ears talked off. "I'm sorry. I just don't uh, see nice krogan that often."

Taking a deep breath she glanced back to Aria's booth that over looked the club to see her standing there with a thumbs up. This gave Da'Daka a sense of calm and the ability to get a few questions straight. "If you don't mind, did you want to sit with me at the bar? I have a lot questions about Tuchanka and well, everything. If you have time of course." She asked running a hand over the hard plates the covered her head. "Drinks and food are me! I'm kind of a bouncer here." She said with a small chuckle.

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