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Fantasy 1x1 Semi-Lit/Lit Fantasy Partner Search


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Hi all!
I am Skvppie and im 23F and I am looking for a long-term roleplay partner! I am a 1st grade teacher so I am available mostly in the afternoons and evenings. I can promise a nightly post, unless something crazy comes up (which we are all adults so we know occasionally can happen). I also love to chat OOC and get to know people. My maid of honor is actually someone I met from a roleplay forum (back in 2016 LOL).

I roleplay in 3rd person, typically hit the non-nitro discord limit on an average day but can easily double or even triple that with the right muse or a good post to respond to! I dont have a "list of characters" and prefer to make one specific to the story, but I do prefer to play women.

A few ideas I have currently I love fantasy and romance, and dont mind 18+themes if it is something me and my partner are down for. I am looking for a partner who is 18+! My pronouns are she/her.

1. Bridgerton-Esque
No specific plot ideas for this yet. I dont want it set exactly with the "coming our ball" idea, but something in the era with a slow burning romance. I just finished the Duke and I and JEEZ I crave some of that. This is something I am willing to work out with my partner.

2. Pack Mentality
This roleplay is something I have been fleshing out for a long time. It is based around two packs, one with very loose connections tot he werewolf world who lives out in the woods, and one who is the ruling alpha of the next region over who controls with an iron fist. The two children are thrown together (arranged marriage, kidnapping scheme, etc) and eventually fall in love. This would adventure through the different species lands and realms on an adventure we can build. Has some good romance vibes, slow burning. One idea I really like is a "mental link" between "lifemates" which is decided on by fate and can be ignored or not.

3. Soldiers Way
This idea follows a battalion of soldiers who are partnered up, a "human" with someone who has an ability they can control who is viewed as a weapon. It is a slow burning romance where they can eventually escape, and possibly even have some ability twists for the human too!

I have more ideas fleshed out for each of these but didnt want to explain every LITTLE detail, so if you find any of these please reach out and PM me! I am super nice, I promise!

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