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Fandom 1x1 Deltarune Roleplay Request!-


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I mostly do my oc but I can try some of the cannon characters! Also I’m totally fine with other
ocs and also ships! I mostly do romantic/ship rps like oc x cannon but I'm fine with anything else! So pm me so we can discuss rules and stuff! Also no werid/gross stuff please! I'm semi-lit but I can try my best to maybe do literature! I'm sorta up for oc x cannon rn with me as oc at the moment So If that's cool with ya PM me! But I'm up for anything else too.

(I have a plot with oc x cannon thats around Bigshot era spamton since hes my favorite,,lmfao so I would love to that but like I said other stuff is cool with me! :0)

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