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fleur de lis

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hello hello, welcome to my all-inclusive search thread! i've revamped this like twenty times by now but as of right now, i'm only searching for fandom roleplays so please don't message me with other inquiries. i'd really appreciate it if you read this thread in its entirety so we're on the same page—and whether we're compatible or not, i hope you all have a good day/night!

about me |

  • i go by fleur on the interwebs
  • she/they
  • 21 years old, a tired uni student
  • dog mom
  • i type in lowercase ooc + ic
  • est timezone
  • first gen french immigrant

rules |
  • i'm advanced literate/multi para, but not a novella writer. i'm capable of writing 3-4 well written paragraphs or more depending on what i have to work with and expect the same from you. in the same vein, i use third person-past tense for all of my responses.
  • character sheets are required for ocs, but the length of them is entirely up to you.
  • i'm open to any kind of pairing, lgbt or not, so refrain from messaging me if that's not your cup of tea.
  • i roleplay on-site only, whether that be pms or threads, but i'm open to ooc chatter on discord. just ask!
  • not ghost friendly. if you don't respond within a week without letting me know about your absence, the roleplay is over. please give me the same courtesy i'll give to you and let me know when you have to leave.
  • coding anything is not necessary at all, i just do it for the aesthetic.
  • doubling up is usually required, but it all depends on the story.
  • we'll be plotting and moving the story along together. i don't want the work to fall on one individual.
  • lastly, please follow all site guidelines and be respectful.

fandoms |
currently, i'm looking for canon/oc pairings only. the following fandoms are what i'm interested in, but will be updated in the future. canons in brackets are the ones i'd prefer to play against in order of preference. i'm able to play almost any character in return, just ask me. fandoms with hearts next to them are cravings.

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀anime / cartoons

  • attack on titan [ eren jaeger ]
  • avatar: tlab [ zuko ] ♡
  • black butler [ alois trancy ]
  • durarara!! [ ask! ]
  • gravity falls [ dipper gleeful ]
  • hazbin hotel [ alastor ]
  • moonbeam city [ pizzaz miller ]
  • noragami [ yato ]
  • soul eater [ death the kid ]
  • the venture bros [ dean venture ] ♡
  • voltron: legendary defender [ keith ]
  • young justice [ tim drake ] ♡

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀tv shows / movies
  • the walking dead [ carl grimes ] ♡
  • chilling adventures of sabrina [ harvey ]
  • 1922 [ henry james ]

  • creepypasta [ ben drowned ]
  • fables comics [ boy blue ]
  • fire emblem: awakening [ henry ]
  • fire emblem: three houses [ ferdinand ]
  • red queen series [ maven calore ] ♡
  • wicked + the divine [ baphomet ]
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