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Fantasy ☼ Ghibli inspired story? ☼

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Alright friends, let's get our bread and cheese, place them neatly on our little cloth, and pack up for a whimsical adventure!
In the midst of this quarantine I find myself (even more so than usual) wishing for some sort of otherworldly (outside) escapade, and recently I have been rewatching all of my favorite Studio Ghibli films, because they bring me joy. Now that I have exhausted those, it's time for me to seek the help of another, and write a story that can further satiate my cravings.

First and foremost:
About Me & About You
☼ I tend to write at least 3+ paragraphs, novella if I feel like it, so please match that energy.
☼ I want this to be fxm plot, and I would like to play the female role, so be willing to play a male as a main.
☼ Stories are done in PM's. I do have a d*scord, and could potentially go there, though.
☼ I don't double. I'm sorry, my fragile autistic brain can't keep up.
☼ That being said, I can and will play side/ background characters, please be ready to do the same.
☼ I am very friendly, and adore ooc chatter, so please match that energy as well.~
☼ I only have (1) trigger: pregnancy, so don't expect that in our story.
☼ Hopefully be okay with all sorts of themes (within rpnation's guidelines/ rules of course). I say this because I tend to add dark/ mature themes and elements in my stories. I'm not quite sure how far that'll go in a Ghibli inspired story, however, I prefer that you be open to whatever. This one is pretty negotiable, though, so if you do have triggers/ themes you prefer not to deal with, tell me and we can work it out!

What does a Ghibli inspired plot entail?
☼ The way I see this plot going, it would follow the same general plot line as most Ghibli films do, which is: Character A stumbles across a magical world different than their boring every day life, more than likely by accident. This is where they meet character B, who will be someone native to the world. Character A (and possibly B) will come across an issue that needs solving (more than likely an issue directly related to character A's discovering of the strange world). A will have to enlist the help of character B to solve the issue.
☼ Sprinkled in the plot will, of course, be fantasy elements, magic, mythical and maybe even scary creatures, and of course loads of adventure!
☼ I am aware that, since this idea is based off of the layout of movies, this may seem as a plot that won't/ can't last long. Though, I am creative (and I am sure you all are too!! We're writers, after all) and have full confidence that we can come up with different plot points and twists to add longevity. Though, I am also not opposed to at some point completely ending the story with an actual resolution. I don't know that I've ever actually done that with a roleplay.
☼ I am alright with playing the character A type role, or the character B type role.

☼ I have many ideas floating around in my lil noggin about specifics as far as plot goes, but I'd love to hear what you want to incorporate into the story before I give those out. I tend to tailor my plots to the interests of my partner.
☼ That being said, I particularly would love to essentially steal the plot of spirited away (as it is my absolute favorite Ghibli movie), with some tweaks and changes, so please let me know if that particularly interests you. And if you don't mention it, don't be surprised when I pitch it! Lol.

So, yes, I would prefer you to DM if interested. Thank you for reading. ^^.



Ya Boi
Interested in this as I’ve watched a fair share of the more iconic Ghibli films. Just wondering, would it be ok for character B to also be from our world instead of a fictional one?

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