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Fantasy —◦✧the world that time forgot✧◦—

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Adventure, Magical, Platonic


give 'em hell, kid.

Time forgoT


Once, in the floating world know as Ahressa, there was a humble orphanage on the poor side of town where a kindly old man would visit the children and lift their spirits with great tales of his adventuring days. Every week he would drop by with treats for the young ones and of course, some wild recollection of times gone by...

"Gather round, kids, I'll tell you a story... and not just any story, but your favorite one!"

"You mean the one about the World That Time Forgot?"

"Mhmm, I know you all love it so..."

"Yay! Thanks so much, Gramps!"

"Tell us even more this time, all the details!"

"Yeah! We're older now, nothing can scare us!"

"Yes, yes, I suppose that is true. Alright, if you insist..."

"We do!"

"Back when I was but a young sky sailor skipping between islands so many years ago, the airship I and some other youth were piloting had an unfortunate mishap and soon became quite lost. And by lost, I don't simply mean a bit off-course, if you understand what I'm saying. No, our little vessel ended up going right over the bounds of the known lands and out into the endless horizon beyond. The things we saw there... ah, words can barely describe them. Wonderful, glorious, unbelievably beautiful things that seemed more ethereal than any distant galaxy. Just to recall some of them makes this ol' wanderer's heart yearn to set sail yet again, even now. Oh, but there were also terrible things. Monsterous horrors, like a cavern that warped reality itself, swarming with creatures that weren't really creatures at all but instead the living spawn of your individual nightmares. We lost our dear friend Percy to them, may the Goddess rest his soul. But after a thousand days and a thousand nights at the mercy of the skies—"

"Woah, were you really out there for that long?"

"Ahem, well, maybe more like a hundred, but the point is that it felt as though we were drifting through cloudbanks forever, with no signs of civilized life at all, let alone other travellers. That is, until we came upon it. The most enchanting place in all of Ahressa and one only the most blessed of outsiders have ever so much as glimpsed... yes, I speak of The World That Time Forgot."


"It was unlike any of our simple flat islands. In fact, even the grandest parts of Phaland are and always will be nothing but pitiful in comparison. You see, this strange paradise was a network of hundreds of islands floating over and under each other and all were connected by shimmering pathways that traversed over endless waterfalls and sprawling palaces... and more importantly, there was no poverty here, no corruption or wars. The people of said world were so happy and kind to us that it seemed like a fairytale every time they spoke in their musical language. To have visitors from beyond was so rare that they cherished everything we could tell them, as almost no one ever left. I can't blame them. There was simply no need. The magic there was infinite and beyond what you or I could ever hope or dream... so much so, that they offered us each a wish."

"What did you guys even wish for?"

"Ah, good question. Marie, our lovely captain, she wished for immortality as she wanted to adventure forever. Alyx cared only about receiving a great fortune, that scrappy rogue was nothing if not predictable. Poor Elizabeth first wished for Percy to return to her, but such a thing could not be granted, and so she settled on staying in The World That Time Forgot as she had no one to go back with. As for me, I asked to be returned home right away, for my love was wating for me in Phaland and I dreaded to risk the journey again. As I'm here sharing this tale of mine now, I'm sure you're all aware it worked. In fact, I awoke safe in my bed not an hour later."


"I wanna go! Can I come with you when you go again?!"

"Wait, bring me too!"

"Now kids, I have no doubt you would be brave comapanions and use your wishes well, but I cannot accept such an offer. My sky sailing days are long over, you know. I'm not such a fit young thing anymore, heh..."

At least, that's what the kind old man known simply as Gramps to the many orphans of Phaland said. A while later however, he vanished leaving behind only a strange broken compass, a note stating his intent to once again seek out The World That Time Forgot and a promise of returning to the orphanage once he had.

Gramps was never seen or heard from again throughout the following years, leaving most to believe he perished during his attempt at reaching what was deemed to be a fictional place.

Not everyone loses faith so easily, though. The very orphans Gramps enchanted with his many wonderful tales had since grown up, and they were now determined to find the man who had been such a ray of light in their darkest moments and the magical world he loved so much... even if it meant teaming up with some odd and unlikely allies along the way.

—◦✧☽ ✩ ☾✧◦—

If you managed to read though all that, congrats! First off, this rp is inspired by one I took part in years ago on another site... so credit to lilmochiaddict for the general concept. After gm-ing another old-school fantasy rp, I realized just how much I enjoy them (and re-using my fantasy characters). Since that one has since slowed down, I figured I'd use the spare time create something similar in that it's an epic quest/adventure type setting, but still unique enough to be interesting.

Friends and begrudging rivals going on an adventure through a world where the sea is the sky, with a stolen airship and a strange, possibly broken magical compass? It's just the kind of pick me up setting I need these days. Now, this rp will absolutely have its darker moments, but it's generally on the more light-hearted side... if it's dark fantasy you crave, the next rp I'm working on will be more your style. There's gonna be plenty of monsters to fight, treasures to find and mysteries to solve along the way, but the relatively small main setting should allow for some great character-based drama too.


This will be a multi-para rp, meaning 1 solid paragraph is the bare minimum and 2+ much preferred. I understand that post length can vary based on how much there is to react to and I'm not going to yell at people for the occasional single paragraph, but absolutely no one-liners, thanks.

Please be able to post at least once a week. If circumstances occur that prevent this I promise I'll get it (especially with what's been happening these days), but I'm hoping for a fairly active rp.

All of the characters will be human, but magic powers are cool and to be expected here for many characters. Their strength and flashiness levels can vary, but think along the lines of useful quirk rather than super powerful.

Should go without saying but the usual rules still apply... no godmodding, killing or seriously injuring (anything more than a bruise or scratch) other people's characters unless both players have agreed on it, creating super op or ridiculous characters, adding powers not listed as playable and/or just generally being an annoying drama llama.

Characters do not have to be nice people with the purest of intentions, but no insane, evil or murderous individuals, please and thank you. I've seen too many rps die from those, so I'm going to have to ban them here. Villain roles may be a thing (and if you're interested definitely let me know!) but otherwise I'm generally looking for good or neutral types.

You may make two characters maxiumum to start off, one main and one side that you're welcome to kill off for dramatic potential if you so desire. Death in this setting is possible but not likely to be super common, and I won't kill off any player characters without express permission. It will absolutely be possible to pick up new characters throughout the rp, so if you get bored of a current one that's always an option.

If you want to leave the group, that's okay. Real life happens, I get it. Just please please PLEASE let me know or write yourself out first. If you don't, I'll have to either say your character left, or if that isn't possible in the current scene, kill them off. If you know you'll be away for a while, tell me, we can safely send your character elsewhere until you're ready to return.

Codes are fully optional, but if you choose to use one, it MUST be mobile friendly!

I'm not fussy when it comes to character images in a fantasy setting, realistic or drawn are both fine so long as they aren't super low quality (think like stick figures or MSPaint 'masterpieces' lol). Oh, and no using your own selfies. That's awkward. Adding a written description as well as an image is still encouraged however, as it can tell a lot of things a picture can't.

If you have any questions, want to share ideas or just chat about the rp in general or want to run your character/idea past me to make sure it's accepted before you post it, send a PM. I'd be happy to talk to you! The lore will be up soon, so check back often.

If this catches your interest, please let me know!


code by @spookie spook


give 'em hell, kid.
So totally onboard (pun intended ;P ) <3 And I promise I'll have a post up for the other one as soon as I can manage!
welcome aboard! happy to have you here as well ^~^ and that'd be great but no pressure, life is crazy right now for everyone.


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Ooh, yes! This sounds great! I absolutely loved your intro, has such a classic legend-esque kind of feel, the kind that sparks your imagination and leaves a lot of room for fleshing out. Yeah, I'd love to join!


give 'em hell, kid.
Ooh, yes! This sounds great! I absolutely loved your intro, has such a classic legend-esque kind of feel, the kind that sparks your imagination and leaves a lot of room for fleshing out. Yeah, I'd love to join!
aww thank you so much! i'd be happy to have you along for the ride and i'll add you to the ooc now ^~^


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I’ve been playing final fantasy IX (the best one don’t @me.) recently and I’ve been craving a beautiful fantasy adventure. Take me money..er interest.

Jolly Roger

Dreamer of Dreams
This sounds pretty cool! Your introduction to the setting has already left me thinking about a lot of exciting possibilities.


give 'em hell, kid.
I’ve been playing final fantasy IX (the best one don’t @me.) recently and I’ve been craving a beautiful fantasy adventure. Take me money..er interest.
This sounds pretty cool! Your introduction to the setting has already left me thinking about a lot of exciting possibilities.
Absolutely love this. Count me interested!
This hits a niche I've been looking to satisfy for so long...I'm definitely interested.
honestly was not expecting all this interest! i'll add you to the ooc

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