1. intenseandinsane

    Realistic or Modern  || friends || - i'll be there for you

    [class name=container] margin: auto; height: 250px; width: 400px; [/class] [class name=containercont] height: 240px; width: 390px; [/class] [class name=chapterpic] background:URL(https://i.pinimg.com/236x/ca/06/97/ca0697a5c1c10c714a6277941318883d--bestfriends-bff.jpg); float...
  2. LunaRhaps

    Multiple Settings  Searching for writing partners!

    Hello! I just joined and already felt the itch to post a recruit thread! Here's just a few basic ideas that I have swimming around in my brain. First idea: Modern/Supernatural/Romance Second idea: Medieval/Fantasy/Some magic/Maybe time travel/Romance Third idea: Western/Romance/Also maybe...
  3. Lg781227

    Realistic or Modern  18+ romance Roleplay

    18+ romance, looking for someone who is online alot, won't ghost me, and someone who won't just write one liners. I am 19 year old female raising my 2 brothers, one of them has special needs, while working a full time job and going to college online to become a lawyer Your a 21 year old male...
  4. NickNacks

    Realistic or Modern  The Sound of Silence (1x1 w/ @Tiff the Odd)

    Luca wasn't the kind of person that would be considered friendly. Virtually since he'd first entered the world, he'd drifted through life from place to place, seeking connection where there was none to be had, seeking approval where none was offered. After a time, he'd stopped searching for that...
  5. NightMoves

    Multiple Settings  A Casual, Semi-Awkward, and Fairly Vague 1x1 Search

    Hello. I've never really done a 1x1 roleplay as I'm far more comfortable in groups, but I've found the group rp section to be rather sluggish as of late. I'm looking for something where I can post more than once every two weeks. Perhaps even multiple times a day or at least once every other day...
  6. Steel Accord

    Fandom  Shadowrun romance

    MATRIX LOGIN:SITE: DAKIDAKILOVECLUB:ACESS=APPROVED “I was recommended to this site by a chummer of mine who doesn’t want to admit we’re friends. Running doesn’t leave a lot of room for romance. Plenty of flings for sure. Old fashioned as I am though, that’s not what I’m looking for. No I’d...
  7. Sindeerly

    Multiple Settings  Looking for rp buddies :)

    Hi there! I'm looking for some people to roleplay with, I haven't roleplayed for a while but I really want to get back into it. I have a few rules/requirements though: -please write more than one sentence ;_; other then that I'm very flexible, I usually write as much as my partner writes...
  8. Sakura_Blossom961

    Realistic or Modern  Beauty and the beast type roleplay.

    I want to do a beauty and the beast type roleplay.Me and my partner can come up with the plot more together. If interested pm me please or comment below. Also i only play females.
  9. Rinny

    Fandom  X-Men Craving (Thicc Plot)

    Charles sensed a powerful mutant, the only difference with this one? He felt it without Cerebro. He could sense pain, loneliness, but more than anything he could sense an overwhelming feeling of fear. Immediately Logan and Storm were briefed and Dispatched with a team to find him with the hope...
  10. ValentineTheEmotional

    Multiple Settings  *:・゚❀ Help me Find some Fantasy ❀・゚:*

    °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° Hi all! It has been a while since I've come online to write, but gosh darn it I miss it and gosh darn it I really want to write some fantasy. High fantasy, urban fantasy, future fantasy, any kind of fantasy you can think of - it's some fantasy I wanna write about! But there's...
  11. snowcat

    Multiple Settings  ➤ snowcat's rp search [original plots]

    write with me please about me I am a 20+ year old writing and rp enthusiast. I use she/her pronouns. I'm usually either in CET or GMT timezones, and I've been writing for around 8 years now. I always write third person/past tense, I am fairly active (I may be able to get multiple replies a...
  12. Dymaxion

    Fandom  Oh man, not another search!

    Hello! My name is Cyan. I'm 24 (so no under 18s!!!!), I live in the UK, and I like to pretend I'm a good writer. I've been writing for 10 years, if that counts for something? So let's bullet point! I don't care about post length. Or how long you take between replies. I'll happily do one-liners...
  13. stilinski.

    Realistic or Modern  ❝ 𝐃𝐎𝐈𝐍' 𝐓𝐈𝐌𝐄 ❞

    summertime, and the loving's easy bradley's on the microphone with ras mg and all the people in the dance will agree that we're well qualified to represent the l.b.c. ! closed 1x1 between @stilinski. and @intenseandinsane
  14. VivianThomas

    Fantasy  ~ ` * ` ~ You had me down as the damsel, but darling, I'm the wolf ~ ` * ` ~ (M/F)

    Name: Emiko Honda Age: 18 - 24 Nicknames: Emi; Koko Height: 5’4 Body Type: Slender but curvy Skills/Interests: Singing, playing traditional Japanese instruments like the Shamisen, fighting basics, and doing anything her father doesn’t agree with. Background: Emiko was born to a dark king and his...
  15. micole88

    Fandom  Thomas the tank engine

    Who wants roleplay about Thomas the tank engine! Characters are Gordon and Emily. I am Emily, who want be Gordon?
  16. wuhanpoison

    Fandom  (Multi-Fan!!) Kpop Rp

    Hi! I'm looking for a kpop rp partner to - well - rp with! I'm open to many groups as even if I don't know them well, I love to learn about new groups! I do M/F, M/M, F/F, canon x canon, canon x an oc of yours - I don't have one myself so I don't like doubling up ;-; - open to most everything...
  17. wuhanpoison

    Fandom  (Multi-Fan!!) Kpop Rp

    Hi! I'm looking for a kpop rp partner to - well - rp with! I'm open to many groups as even if I don't know them well, I love to learn about new groups! I do M/F, M/M, F/F, canon x canon, canon x an oc of yours - I don't have one myself so I don't like doubling up ;-; - open to most everything...
  18. BubblegumApocalypse

    Multiple Settings  Searching for a serious 1x1 partner [READ]

    I've got an entire list of possible plots, below is the super condensed basic explanation for each of them. Please read my rules, reply to this thread with the required info, and I'll pm you! Rules 1. Be descriptive. I don't need a novella each reply, but at least 4-5+ sentences with details...
  19. RomanticRPguy

    Multiple Settings  Looking for a partner

    Looking for long term female to partner.
  20. NeonRain

    Fandom  Stardew Valley | Doubling | Detailed Only | All Romance Types Welcome

    So uh, I want to do a Stardew Valley rp but instead of one farmer, there are two. They can be siblings, cousins, not related at all. I don't really care. But the bottom line is at least one (if not both) own the farm and they live together there and fall in love with one of the bachelors or...