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  • *dies of embarrassment*
    Last message got taken down. =/ dunno why
    Razoril menya
    Sweet Flow.
    Flowiest of them all.

    Google translate slaughters languages.
    I hope I really didn’t ruin you.
    I want you happy too!
    You’re sweet for trying your best!
    Even if those words were a mess.

    Come close, let me flow at you
    Stand next to me, I’ll show you
    The words I say and type are true
    You make a fire turn green and blue
    You make a fire jump and dance
    You make a dingo believe in romance
    You make a dingo happy for the chance
    Shush little bunny now is the time to sleep
    Rest you cute head and start to dream deep
    Dream of fluffy things and stuff that’s warm
    And awaken feeling better, forget the storm
    I want you in perfect form
    Think of how much better you’ll be
    A full nights rest just wait and see
    Drink lemon tea and hunny bunny, even give rest to the insults
    Cause whatever plan you have I’m probably joining your cults
    *this person doesn’t approve of cults, this person just approves of freestyle*
    Look alive,
    a dingo is stalking and hunting
    I strive,
    to have her grinding and bumping
    blazing and stunting
    Leaving me hunched over and grunting
    Like a game of tennis

    The bunny has fangs! And she spits venom
    Makes me jealous
    something horrendous
    But when I have her I feel stupendous
    I should mention
    This is like my trademark
    I pissed around the profile,
    A dingo a bat and massive fucking fat
    To put down any stupid debil cat
    Bash them to the mat just to prove my point
    And leave some schastlivyy smoking like a joint
    Return right back to where I feel a need
    The bunny has me flying with ambition and speed
    This is just one of my calls
    But i wish to empty my balls in these halls
    And cover the walls
    With Flowiest flowcakes to prove your mistakes
    Flowiest doesn’t need them all
    Flowiest just needed to fall
    Talking Pokémon? Fuck mewtwo
    I have seduceapuff “I choose you Lyublyu”
    And I’m not even in a battle
    I herded these flows, I’m the farmer of flow cattle
    You could ride this Flowiest dingo, no need for a saddle
    As I’m not a horse but of course
    I trot
    I brag about my shot
    I claim it hot
    I say sick like I’m snot
    I’m addicted like it’s pot
    Spit so much it’s grot
    Someone would say “fucking stop that Ay?”
    And I would say, “I wouldn’t even if you pay”
    Come forth you witty souls. Let me insult you.
    Oh funny bunny,
    Making insult money
    Leaving me sticky like honey
    Making me burn like curry
    To know you sweet Lyublyu I feel quite lucky
    If only my insulting would be gaining me money.
    I’d be a rich little bunny.
    Wouldn’t that be so funny?
    Number one fan best be for the Flowiest man
    Cause if it isn’t this here is my plan...
    List out the reasons, here is number one
    Flowiest is manly and burns like the sun
    Flowiest is hairy like a dingo it’s true
    Flowiest goes nunchucks and coo coo
    Because Flowiest. Has rhymes like bookoo
    That means a lot
    So if you want someone to swoon at, give me a shot?
    Oh Flowiest of the Flow.
    All your manly desires.
    Egnite my fire.
    Desire lighting my way.
    I turn to you and say,
    “ Oh sweet Flowiest D.”
    I blow you a kiss full of glee.
    My bust full of trust as I swoon to the lust.
    I’ll swoon for you.
    Sense I am your number 1 Boo.
    Reading this over made me smile so much
    Thinking just how much of my serdtse you touch
    I’ll offer a Australian’s quote “life is such”
    And my zhizn is for tebya
    You know I hope for your ulybka
    I would would work for that
    For the one I obozhat’
    Ya Lyublyu tebya
    Tebya ob’’ yatiey moy dusha

    (Please tell me if this is understandable aha)
    The mask we all wear to hide what we are ashamed of when we shouldn't be ashamed of anything after all.
    Flowey... your constant rhyming loses edge after a while... go back to Master Xandred... you will draw no tears from the humans
    Your constant creeps never lose the ability to make people go “yuck”
    This is my fan, go away you weird, lonely, confused, thirsty fuck
    Quenching the thirst is what I shall do

    What do I have to do
    To get you to suck
    My little kazoo?
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