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Caffeine Addict
Hello fellow writers, I am looking for some casual to more advanced roleplays to get started with people. I want to build a good story with strong characters, a colorful settings, plenty of plot to hold both our attentions. Just have a few basic things get over before we manage to get down to the good stuff. You know the basic things that everyone likes to cover the quick bits about me and what I am looking for in a partner. You know the usual boring stuff, but after that I swear I'll get to the good stuff.

Current Cravings :: Red Dead Redemption, Devil May Cry, Firefly, Twisted Fairytales, 1920's Gangsters
Idea for Red Dead Redemption and Assassin's Creed crossover, PM me as I'm still writing it out!

    1. I am a genderless blob, but I do prefer female pronouns.
    2. I roleplay both male and female characters and I double, triple, or more if needed.
    3. I like MxF and MxM relationships when it comes down to romance.
    4. When it comes to fandom I am a sucker for canon x OC, but also do canon x canon, and OC x OC
    5. Please be comfortable with writing darker themes as I very much like them. Violence, coarse language and other themes are often in my writing. So please tell me your triggers if you have any.
    6. I like to chat in OOC. I have way too much free time on my hands, I want to be social in some format as I am stuck in my home and don't get out much.
    7. I suffer from a chronic illness. This can put me out of commission during flare ups. I'll try my best to post while I'm suffering, but sometimes all I do is curl up in a corner and cry. Most flare ups last a day or two at their worse points, but can last up to a week or two.
    8. I am ditch friendly, but I would like to know if you lose interest. Don't be afraid to poke me if I am quiet for a few days. Chances are I might have just misplaced our RP or thought I replied even though I never did.

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Storm of Eternal Rage
I'd be open to the DMC plot. I actually do have an OC that has been revealed to be a sibling to Dante and Vergil that was cast to another dimension. Could be that the characters go there to find peace from the 'family business' of demon hunting?


Finally got to it
Popped by to wish you luck on the search and with getting back into the swing of things! I'd ask about an rp, but unfortunately I don't quit meet the 18+ yet. Good luck!


And... We're doomed. Fun times.
Would you be interested in a Skyrim role play? I noticed you put down Elder Scrolls, but I thought I'd ask before barraging you with information and ideas (I have a slight tendancy to ramble as you can probably tell) 😺

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