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Fandom Yuri RP interests (1x1) (Open)

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Anime, AU, Romance, Supernatural


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Haii my name's Kurazy, i love writing and roleplaying yuri scenarios. Making this thread for those who have yuri interests and fantasies can fulfill their wishes, and express their imagination. Hopefully in the process, I would be able to find long term RP partners to write more interesting RP stories. I dont mind RP-ing with anime characters as well :>

Below listed are the pairings that I pops up in my head, however you may request or mention new pairings in your reply as well. I like the pairings to be more based on fantasy / Super natural!

Fallen angel x girl
Half-dragon x girl
Demigod x girl
Mistress x pet
Mistress x captured slave
Yandere x Innocent girl
Psychopath x girl
Vampire x vampire hunter

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