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Fandom Yugioh canon rp on convo if interested

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Anime
Plot of Yu-Gi-Oh!: Reign of Z-arc New


A custom dude
it takes place in a world in complete chaos as an evil being known as Z-arc (which that's my role in the RP) cloaks half of the earth in darkness but wishes to cover the entire planet and rule it. Yugi Moto forms a team of willing duelists to defeat Z-arc for good, hoping that all goes well. But Yugi is not the only one who formed a team; Z-arc combined Barians, Shadow Riders, Dark Signers, And Illiaster into a team to destroy all who oppose Z-arc. more of the story will be decided by you...
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A custom dude
Characters in the rp:

Yugi Moto/Atem
Joey Wheeler
Yusei Fudo/and the other signers
Jaden Yuki
Seto Kaiba
Yusaku Fujiki
Yuma Tsukamo/Astral
Kite Tenjo
Aster Phoenix
Gong Strong (because its fitting for Yuya's best bud to try to talk sense into him)- me
Weevil Underwood

Main Bad guy= Z-Arc (Yuya,Yuto,Yuri,And some other guy)- me
Shadow Riders (even Kagemaru)
Barians (even don thousand)
Dark Signers (even Rex Goodwin)
Illiaster (Even Z-one)


A custom dude
say yes here and tell me 2 characters from the list (for barians, illiaster, shadow riders, and Dark signers you pick the character from those guys) above


A custom dude
i just want someone to rp with
one who plays and loves yugioh
someone who knows yugioh characters personalities
and yeah you get it

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