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Realistic or Modern Young Justice (Veil) Character Sheets


Veil Walker

Here is the character skelly for sheets. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for it, as it is much appreciated!

Appearance(Realistic FC, please!):
Costume (Comic images fine for these):
Powers and Abilities:
Personality Traits)Three good, three bad):
Reason For Joining the Team:
Short Bio:
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Veil Walker

Name: Virgil Hawkins (Static)
Age(17-19): 18
Height: 5'11
Weight: 185lbs
Appearance(Realistic FC, please!):

Costume (Comic images fine for these):

Hometown: Dakota

Powers and Abilities:
-Electromagnetic Manipulation: Virgil can control and manipulate electricity and magnetic fields in a limited capacity. He can bend various strong metals, such and steel, and can even lift up a compact car if necessary. He also uses magnetic repulsion to fly, whilst using a specially designed disk.

-Electrical Absorption: Virgil can absorb electricity from his surroundings, using it to enhance his own electrical field, creating barriers. He can also channel it into electrical blasts from his hands. The limits of his ability to absorb have not fully been tested, as he tends to try not to draw too much power for field it would overload and leave a bad mess.

-Genius Level Intellect: Despite growing up in a poor environment, Virgil possesses a razor sharp mind and an enjoyment of the sciences, though he often told his father he preferred literature. This means he picks things up quickly and has also led to the creation of many devices to aid him in his heroic endeavors.

Personality Traits)Three good, three bad):

-Empathetic: Virgil tries to see from the perspective of the other person as best he can. He learned that skill from his father, a counselor in his home town of Dakota, as well as trying to honor the memory of his mother.

-Jokester: Virgil is quick with a joke, and tends to use them to keep the outside world out. It's a barrier he created after becoming Static, never knowing who he can trust in a world full of powered people, most of whom seem out for themselves.

-Loyal: Virgil has always done his best to stand up for the people he is loyal to. It may take a while to earn his loyalty and his trust, but once you have it, it is typically yours for life.

-Closed off: While Virgil can be quick with a smile or a joke, and doesn't seem cold, getting to know the real him takes time. It takes an actual investment. Gaining powers made Virgil more serious about protecting his feelings than he might otherwise have been.

-Thoughtless: While Virgil does his best to be empathetic, his mouth can sometimes run off ahead of his brain, and the result can be hurt feelings or even the presumption of disrespect. It has led some of the heroes he has come into contact with to think that he doesn't have a brain in his head, even though he is a fairly bright person.

-Nosy: Virgil likes to get to the heart of matters, and sometimes oversteps societal norms in his pursuit of the truth. It's cost him a few friendships over the years, though at times it has saved his life, as knowing something he shouldn't as Virgil has been very helpful to Static. Still, it is definitely something he is working on getting better at.

Reason For Joining the Team: Virgil has worked as a solo act for a few years now, and so far it has worked out okay for him. But he feels okay is no longer good enough. He wants to do more, be more. So when he received his letter, he thought it about it a lot. He had almost turned it down, until he found out Robin, who he had worked with previously, was joining as well. If it was good enough for Batman's protégé, it was good enough for Static.

Short Bio: Virgil Hawkins grew up in a poor neighborhood in a poor city. He was raised by loving parents, until one night his mother, a police officer went off on a call and was shot and killed by a local gang. His father, left to raise him on his own did his best to teach him how to be a good person, and for the most part he was. Still, one night a friend who had protected him from a long time bully came to call in the favor. He pressured Virgil into taking a gun down to the docks to help in a turf war. In the middle of a hostile environment, Virgil panicked and tried to run, just as the police arrived. They fired a new type of tear gas into the crowd, which combusted. Coughing, half blind and deaf, Virgil managed to stagger home and get some sleep. In the morning, he found himself able to control both electricity and magnetism, and the hero Static was born. For three years he battles threats from other Bang Babies, individuals who had been exposed to the same gas he had been and given powers just as fantastical. He had a few teams up and he did his best to keep the city of Dakota as safe as he could. He made some allies, both in Dakota and throughout the League, and has a small name for himself in the superhero community. When he received his letter, he spent days wondering if he should go. It took a call from one of his heroic acquaintances, the boy wonder himself, to inspire him to head for California.
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Name: Bree Zuel
Alias: Undecided
Age: 17
Height: 6' 4" (Varies)
Weight: 210lbs (Varies)

Hometown: Hurricane, West Virginia
Powers and Abilities: Size Alteration, Speed Force Conduit, Intelligence, Creativity.
Following her induction into the more heroic elements of the world Bree managed through trial and error to develop her first costume taking heavy inspiration from her mother's old attire for both the colour scheme and design elements, though unfortunately, such a scheme along with her powers would just so happen to have a connection to a speedster villain leading to potential misunderstandings. The materials were not entirely simple to come by leading to such taking a while to complete even for her.
  • Suit: A unique polymer constructed and chemically treated to allow for rapid alterations to its dimensions without damage as well as provide a frictionless surface to withstand temperature fluctuations. A control element is installed within the forearm of the suit to control the inbuilt systems as well as a series of ball bearings, knife and wire held in a small compartment.
  • Boots: Similar to the upper suit the footwear has been installed with additional force absorption and distribution layer allowing for large weights to be placed upon them without excessive damage to the environment. The insulation is increased as well given the majority of expected temperature increases will originate from this area.
  • Mask: Contains reactive lenses interwoven with nano circuitry to provide an interactive HUD, a concealed communications system, voice modulator, speaker system and several filters in places to aid auditory senses at high velocity within active environments.

Personality Traits: Outgoing, Insightful, Confident, Willful, Protective, / Rulebreaker, Eccentric, Carefree, Rebellious, Stubborn, Wildcard, Frugal.
Reason For Joining the Team: Free-living arrangments, benefits as well as being able to use powers freely while still having a way to justify it to her mother.
Short Bio:
The product of a short romance/fling between a speedster hero Wally West and titanic villain Doris Zuel sparked in the climax of an unlikely team-up between several villains and heroes out of necessity. The two separated after several months however Doris herself would fall off the radar shortly after this returning to her original profession by taking up a medical research position in a far more legal line of work than she had previously been involved in, and of course, neglecting to mention her pregnancy with her prior partner.

Bree herself would grow up relatively morning or as normal as she could given the strong emphasis on concealing her metahuman nature, which quite frankly became more and more frustrating as the years went by even with the relative wealth her mother provided through both her profession and "prior investments", the everything was just so slow and small in the end. This would, however, take a slight change following her discovery following an incident at her school that leads to the destruction of the gymnasium during a pep rally as several hidden explosives detonated beneath. As the floor began to burst upwards with heat Bree sprinted into action with little choice otherwise, grabbing each of the occupants and dropping them off outside at speed before they could fully understand what occurred. Fortunately for her what actually occurred was mostly concealed from the public despite rolling footage, though on review by the league the more critical eye would notice the face of a cheerleader just before the detonation as well as the blurring of their form until the scene exploded into confusion and chaos when it flashed to outside with the telling facial reaction until they joined the rest in acting like confused. Further investigation also revealed several other incidents including her multiple part-time delivery jobs despite her lacking a vehicle, a homework hustle across the school and the dismantling of a local drug operation.

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And that makes you the Scarlet WItch!
Name: Nicholas Hart
Age: 17
Height: 5'11
Weight: 170
Hometown: Salem, Massachusetts
Powers and Abilities: Spellcasting, clairvoyance, and flight
Personality Traits:
(Good) 1. Kindness. Nicholas has a soft spot in his heart when it comes to helping people out.

(Good) 2. Courageous. Nicholas is someone who isn't afraid to jump into action. He fears no villain because at the end of the day if he dies, he died fighting for good.

(Good) 3. Creativity. When it comes down to being creative, Nicholas knows how to get super creative. It may be a creative spell or trap to hold an enemy but no matter what his creative side always shines through.

(Bad) 1. Narcissistic. Nicholas can sometimes be narcissistic in certain situations. He is trying to learn to not let his narcissism get in the way of making friends.

(Bad) 2. Impatience. Nicholas can get impatient when things take too long to get done. He is trying to control this as he also sees his fits of Impatientness as unacceptable.

(Bad) 3. indecisive. Nicholas can be indecisive when it comes down to doing the good or wrong thing. He is a good person but sometimes his magic makes him question himself.

Reason For Joining the Team: Nicholas is joining because he wants to be surrounded around positive people. His whole childhood was basically negative and cruel to him so he wants to be somewhere he can find a good-doing person to set him straight.

Short Bio: Nicholas was born to Henry and Ida Hart. His mother is a full witch and his father is half wizard half-human. When Nicholas was 13, his mother was kidnapped and beaten to death by a group of thieves who thought Ida would have money. After that, his life went downhill. At age 15, his father beat him to near death after a late night of drinking. Nicholas fled that same night and came back 2 weeks later to exact his revenge. Nicholas entered his childhood home using magic and released a wild pack of hyenas into the house. For the next 3 days, Henry would be torn apart and mutilated as Nicholas slowed down the hyenas eating rate so the pain would last. Now he uses magic for good and is joining the League to become more positive.
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Name: Simon Evans
Alias: Pscion
Age: 17
Weight: 227lb





Suit: Common Bulletproof skin suit with modified bracers, utility belt, goggles and rebreather.

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan


Psionics - The ability to use Psychic abilities. Contrary to other notable psychics who possess powerful forms of telekinesis and telepathy, Simon’s abilities are weaker yet more varied; starting with an instinctive use of telekinetic strength and durability but near zero telepathic or kinetic potential. Over time with hard work he’s advanced his powers to be able to use both abilities skillfully and has developed a small skill in Psionic projections.

Genius Level Intellect - Having to teach himself and seek out personal means of advancing his knowledge as the speed of his learning grew Simon has accumulated a vast knowledge of basic subjects aswell as History, Mythology, The Occult and Metahuman Sciences in his fervor to learn more of the key figures of the world be they heroes or villains. His natural curiosity has also led him to have a keen eye for investigative subjects and picking up on complicated puzzles and riddles, whether it be in his civilian identity looking for the redacted parts of history or as Pscion picking apart criminal motives and finding answers to solving crimes he always has his mind working to figure out any problem in his way.


Hand To Hand Combat (Brawling) - Having had to develop his own style of fighting based on his instincts and the advantages given to him by his powers Simon focuses on using his physical strength and durability in tandem with his environment to overwhelm his opponents, he has to keep steady control on his attacks to not harm normal people too badly but he still packs one hell of a punch.

Superhuman Parkour - Even before he gained his abilities Simon was in tune with his body and moving through the rooftops as a means of travel, with his psychic enhanced abilities he was easily able to turn his skills into a means of travel by leaping in great bounds on builds or large structure. Though the maneuvarability is quite predictable it is a reliable method transportation in the urban city he calls home.

Personality Traits:

Enthusiastic: If there's something that you want to do you might as well do it with all you've got, perhaps due to his dedication to growing both as a person and a hero Simon has an energetic outlook on things he takes an interest in which can easily spread to anything else he deems worthy of putting effort into. Once he's started something he's bound to finish and do it with almost boundless enthusiasm, whether it's study into a historical event or using his powers in tandem with his hobbies he always gives it one hundred percent.

Inquisitive: Born with a busy mother and no one close to manage his time Simon easily found himself asking questions as any other child did, only where other kids asked why they had to go to school or eat their vegetables; Simon wondered how far the Skies reached, he wondered what laid beneath the seas and could be found all across the place he called home. When he found out that the place he called home had been the birthplace of people who went down in history for their deeds he had no choice but to look deeper, and with his curiosity he developed a knack for looking underneath the meaning of things and connect the dots; always watching but never waiting to move to the next great mystery or adventure the world had to offer.

Fun Loving: Being alone with only his mind and his knowldege to occupy his time had taugh Simon one thing, and that was how to have fun with as little as possible. From turning mundane reports of battles from the past into epic tales he'd act out on his own to exploring the city he was born in with the eyes of someone looking for even the smallest spark of eventfulness he was always able to keep himself entertained no matter his lonesomeness. Gaining powers simply expanded his options as he found new exciting ways to test himself while also incorporating a feeling of accomplishment into his training, suffice to say if there was fun to be had he was the first in line.

Aimless: Though bright and driven there are times where Simon fails to set a distinct goal or path for himself, thus leading him to feel like his accomplishments mean less in the bigger scheme of things. Whenever he gets caught up in questioining his reasons or decisions he always needs a good shock to get him back into gear, he loves doing good and having powers more than anything else but before that he only ever wanted to emulate his idols. It's hard sometimes to feel like you're changing things when you're a small fish in a big world, but he'll keep trucking like always and maybe a team will give him some needed direction.

Self-Doubt: In his two years as a vigilante Simon (or Pscion as he likes to be called) had busted drug rings, faced armed assailants and put his life on the line more than once yet that never put to rest the feeling that he wasn't doing enough. While others were fighting for the fate of the world and traveling to different dimensions on adventures through space and time here he was still trying to figure out how to use his powers better, the sense of doubt runs deep and though he's tried not to he can't help but feel like he's not worthy of this new chance, hopefully he'll get to prove himself wrong.

Awkward: Simon loved heroes, he loved working out and getting better, he loved researching about old and obscure facts but despite having so many things he loves with a passion he can't help but notice he'd neglected the world around him. With his head concerned with fantasies and dreams the common goings of the social world escape him somtimes, scratch that, oftentimes. Not having any peers to really keep up with him or other people that thought like him around left him with only his night time interactions and his mother as the biggest part of his social life, a fact he's very much hoping to remedy by joining this team and hopefully getting to know more of the super community, god he hopes he doesn't fuck things up.

Reason For Joining the Team: To learn to be better, to broaden his experiences and hopefully make friends, even with years of vigilante work under his belt he feels in comparison to others his age or the history defining supers that he’s subpar and has a deep wish to reach and surpass his full potential, this comes in pair with his immense desire to discover what it's like to meet other people like him and see what the world has to offer. Also in his fervor to learn about supernatural phenomena and mythology he tended to neglect social interaction, something he’s hoping to fix by meeting fellow young heroes.

Short Bio: Born to a single case worker mother in the bowels of Detroit, Michigan with no friends to occupy his time or toys to distract him Simon often found himself with his head in the clouds or hunched over in books on history or fiction. Reading about stories of the heroic Super humans from WW2 opened his eyes to how vast the world could be to have people such as them exist, and lit a flame in him to study the extraordinary that couldn’t be stopped.

Over the years his love of the supernatural and events outside the norm lead him to becoming an unofficial explorer/researcher in his own right, never staying in one place and always seeking the next hint of phenomena. Whenever he’s not trying to find antique items or haunted sites, he spends training and studying to make his mother proud and achieve his dream of exploring the world. At least that was before he got his powers, one severe head injury and two months of recovery later he was bending spoons with his mind, while at first he wanted to stay hidden and slowly train his powers he quickly found himself falling onto the path of a vigilante after saving a city official from a sudden kidnapping attempt. From there he would spend the next two years putting himself to the test against all the worst his city had to offer, with the occasional superhuman or mad scientist.

For him becoming a hero and using his powers wasn’t something forced on him or a legacy, it was a treasured gift and he was just happy to be able to help out, so imagine his surprise when he’d somehow got the attention of supers much more experienced then himself. He didn’t know what to expect but if it was anything like what he’d experienced since he started his journey he was gonna be in for a wild ride.
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Name: Cordelia Owens
Alias: Phantasma
Age: 18
Height: 5’7
Weight: 140 lbs.
Hometown: ???

Powers and Abilities:
Cordelia is a telepath and mind manipulator. All of her powers are mental-based and she is only able to affect peoples’ minds; physically, she is a normal (albeit well-trained) human being. She is careful about the way she uses her powers, and tries to not make her telepathic abilities obvious to her enemies. She has also kept the true extent, strength, and potential of her powers hidden from the League and her teammates*. She greatly dislikes using her powers on her teammates and innocent people, and does her best to avoid this. She is best suited for missions involving stealth and espionage.
  • Mind reading: She can hear the thoughts of other people around her. Usually the closer they are, the easier it is to hear their thoughts. This is not something she can fully control, and is always turned on. She has become skilled at dampening and silencing this ability, and tries to avoid actively reading the thoughts of those around her. She sometimes can’t help it though, as sometimes people’s thoughts can be really loud. It’s also harder to control in large crowds and can be disorienting with so many voices. She typically uses this ability to skim the surface thoughts of her opponent in a fight to stay one step ahead of them. Typically, the more strong-willed a person is, the harder it is to read their thoughts. Also takes a lot more focus and preparation to read a person’s deeper thoughts

  • Psychic link: Capable of communicating to someone in their mind through establishing a psychic link. Can only do this with one person at a time, and the further away they are the weaker the connection. Can’t really psychically speak in full sentences, only communicate through ideas/feelings and short phrases. Only uses this with her teammates’ permission and in emergencies

  • Perception alteration: Able to change and affect a person’s perception of reality, typically by weaving illusions in their minds. She is usually subtle with how she does this, such as making herself appear to be standing a foot to the left of where she actually is so her opponent misses

  • Memory viewing: Able to view a person’s memories, but takes a great deal of focus and preparation. Leaves her physical body vulnerable while inside the other person’s head

  • Memory manipulation: Can change and alter details of a person’s memory. She usually uses this to change minor details in a person’s mind, but can go as far as to insert false memories or completely delete ones. The more details/the greater the extent, the more focus and preparation it takes, and the more difficult it is

  • Emotion manipulation: Can influence or change the way someone is feeling. Usually only effective when the target is unaware

  • Mental compulsion/persuasion: Ability to mentally compel or persuade someone to do something or behave a specific way. Only really effective when the target is unaware she is manipulating their minds. One example of how she uses this is to get people to ignore or not notice her presence to boost her stealth

  • Sensing lifeforms: She can reach out with her telepathy to sense the presence and location of nearby lifeforms in the vicinity. This works on anything with a brain, but it is tuned by default to sense anything with the brain power levels of a human or greater

  • Psychic harm: Psychically cause pain, usually with extreme and debilitating head pain. She usually only uses this power on accident or when she’s desperate

  • Others*
  • Combat: Training in as many forms of combat as anyone will teach her, mostly in forms of hand-to-hand combat. Her fighting style mostly relies on speed, agility, and precision. Obsessively trains, even in her free time. Relies more on her combat skills than just her powers

  • Tech knowledge: Knowledgeable when it comes to tech, and is capable of effectively using a variety of weapons and gadgets. Can usually get the idea of how something works after looking at it briefly

  • Strategy: Has a knack for tactics. Tends to win battles by outthinking and outmaneuvering her opponents

  • Social manipulation: She is capable of being a social chameleon; she can blend in and make it look like she belongs anywhere. She knows all the right etiquette and social cues, and her ability to smoothly change from one persona to the next is admittedly a bit unnerving. Extremely good at acting and manipulating people
Pushing herself too far and overusing her abilities can result in various negative effects including confusion, weakness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, nosebleeds, fainting, and more. Large crowds can also overwhelm her powers and make her sick, even when she isn’t intentionally using them. Although she has strong mental fortifications against other telepaths, she is vulnerable to the effects of telepathic and psychic abilities, so if one were to invade her mind they could cause severe damage. Looking too long or diving too far into the mind of someone who is insane can cause damage to her own mind as well. Telepathic abilities that require great amounts of focus and preparation also tend to leave her physical body vulnerable and in harm’s way. The greater someone’s willpower, the harder it is to use her powers on them.

Personality Traits:
Perceptive: Not much gets past her notice, both during missions and in mundane day-to-day life. While this sometimes seems to border on paranoia, it also helps to make her seem empathetic among her teammates as she can usually pick up on when something is wrong and help them out.

+ Clever: Cordelia is both intelligent and creative, and is skilled at thinking outside the box and coming up with unique solutions to difficult problems. She can be quite cunning at times, which makes her a good tactician, both during fights and in social settings where she can manipulate things to be as she wants. This also means she is incredibly quick-witted and silver-tongued, and is constantly making jokes and cheeky comments. This does make her a bit of a smart ass, though, and she sometimes runs her mouth off when she shouldn’t.

+ Calm: Cordelia always seems to remain cool under pressure, and can be relied upon to make smart decisions even in incredibly stressful situations. She is one to always think things through before taking action. She is also good at keeping her emotions under control. This does, however, make it all the more concerning in the moments when she does finally lose her composure.

- Secretive: Cordelia doesn’t open up easily and plays everything close to the chest. This has resulted in her being rather aloof and standoffish to those around her, and has made her an incredibly convincing liar. She is masterful at deflecting away from personal questions, but when someone begins to pry a bit too much, she can get very agitated and defensive. She has an overabundance of secrets, but has so far been quite successful in hiding most of them, even from the League. Because of this, it isn’t easy to get to know the true version of her.

- Stubborn: She is very opinionated and obstinate, and not easy to sway. While she does listen to reason, she can be prideful and doesn’t like to admit when she’s wrong. When she is proved wrong, she often gets annoyed and defensive over it. This also means she is very argumentative, and will argue for the sake of arguing (something she especially does when she’s nervous and refusing to admit it). While she is generally a team player, she will sometimes ignore the plan if she disagrees with it, and really thinks she knows better. This is partially due to her trust issues and belief that she must only ever truly rely upon herself.

- Rebellious: Cordelia does not respond well to most forms of authority. She dislikes being told what to do, and will sometimes argue. She is naturally suspicious and untrusting of people in positions of power, and is often wary of their intentions and motives. She enjoys testing limits and seeing how much she can get away with, and is extremely good at getting under people’s skins. She also has the tendency to cause problems on purpose and stir up drama. However, she is always very careful and subtle with how she goes about it. While she has been branded as “difficult” or a “problem child” she isn’t always like this with everyone.

Reason For Joining the Team: wip

Short Bio: wip

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