Young Justice: Day of Judgement AU (Accepting!!)

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  1. Would it be okay to play Klarion in this AU? Since he's been known to time travel/dimension jump during canon before.
  2. Cool! I'll start on the character sheet then (:
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  4. i believe they meant a date not a time
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  5. Is it to late to join?
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  6. Sweet let me work on a char real quick
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    Done, let me know if I need to change something @DankWaffles
  8. You tagged no one I was unaware you even posted it
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  10. Looking at his profile it dosent even say he made a thread nor can it be found
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  11. I can't see it on his profile either
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  12. we should get an ooc running
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  13. Anyone.......I'm working on another character as of right now......everyone should just open, whether training or exploring, or whatever best fits your character @Lena Oxton
  14. Sorry, I had not received a notification that the RP started
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  15. more people are welcome! This will always be open to new people

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