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Young InJustice (DCU Villain RP)


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To: Various Allies
From: Ra's Al Ghul

A Proposal

My friends, after much investigation i have learned the truth behind many of our organizations failures. My spies have learned that the Justice League has assembled a team of young heroes and sidekicks who act under the direct orders of The Batman himself. Forming a team of covert operatives that preform clandestine assignments that just so happen to come in direct conflict with our plans.

I had always suspected this was the case, after so many of our allies reported being stopped by the same team again and again. But my spies have confirmed my suspicions and provided me with very valuable information about their operations, identities of their members, and the location of their headquarters. However, i am no fool. Launching an assault on the sidekicks will not only result in failure, but the backlash may be so severe that our goals may suffer the repercussions.

So on this day, i put forward a proposal. A plan to counter these 'children' so that we may continue our work without interruption. May i suggest, that we ourselves put forward our brightest and most prodigal students to assemble a task force of our own to carry out our will. A small team that can directly counter the leagues children and provide them with a challenge to keep them pre-occupied while we focus on the bigger picture.

And as a show of good faith in this plan I will finance the entire operation and be the first to put a candidate forward. My youngest daughter, Scheherazade Al Ghul has agreed to become the first official member of this team. And with this i hope that many of you find worthy candidates to recommend as well. If you do, simply bring them to my manor two weeks from today.

Let us rid ourselves of The League...and their sidekicks.

End Message~

So after some back and forth in discord with some friends of mine i decided to throw this idea out here to see if i could gather some interest from anyone who may be looking for plots and what not in a slightly different theme than usual.

So to elaborate, this LFG is meant for those who wanna try something different in a hero settings. To form something of a organization among the most promising sidekicks and children among the villains of the DCU to create a group specifically designed to counteract the Heroes sidekicks. Its members will consist of those with unique skills and abilities, personality traits, and backgrounds who can utilize their strengths and cover each others weaknesses for dangerous assignments that could otherwise not be tackled alone. This group, while ultimately answering to the higher ups will mainly govern themselves and work together rather than relying to heavily on the traditional system of having someone babysit them 24/7. While they will have a mentor, they will mainly just be around to make sure they don't all murder one another.

This group will rely mainly on themselves and each other in order to achieve growth through the experiences they forge. Train with one another, eat, sleep, and ect all under the same roof; creating relationships and developing strong team-work with those of a very similar level/caliber as themselves.

Rivalries will be undoubtedly be present and this group will usher in social interaction and conflict to allow for good storytelling. This group will have to solve problems for themselves and act on their own accord with the main interest of The Light at heart. While they still answer to those above them, there is much less hand holding and they will be forced to approach situations with their own wit and find solutions to things with the help of those around them. Similar to how lone villains operate.

Huzzah for drama lol. Anyway, on another note, i'm not going to demand that you make super long character sheets to be in this RP. You can if you want, but getting to the fun part should not be a hassle. Therefore i only require the basics of the character, a tiny bit of backstory which can be summed up in bullet points and a good description of their powers/abilities and then you should be gold.

And another thing. This RP is meant to be an OC/Canon RP. Thus, if you want to make a son/daughter of Bane and initiate them into the group then you can. Or you can take Rose Wilson and throw her in if you want. I wanna encourage creative freedom but if you do make an OC that is related to a canon make it at least plausible. That is all i ask~

But yeah, potentially a new Brat Pack. Anyone think they'd be interested?


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What are the posting requirements/expectations?
At least a healthy level of posting. I myself can't be expected to post every day all day but at least once every couple days is the bare minimum. No sense in having a stagnant RP and such. As for the quality of said post i'd be happy with at least three paragraphs per post if possible.

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