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Realistic or Modern Writing our Sins one at a time

Max looked at Gareth and Carmen as she came in "I-I-I didn't know where else to go..." she said quietly trying to keep calm "Aaron....he....something.....his heart stopped twice.." she told them just stuck in place now.

Gareth got up and frowned deeply going over to guide her to a seat "Shit...alright just sit for a minute." He said quietly
Carmen frowned and got up to get her some water. “What happened? Anyone see you both on your way home? Didn’t run into anybody?” She asked her worried that they had been followed.

It was a few hours before his name was called and one of their guys went to get the information for him, heading back up to Ed’s room and seeing max sat there. “He made it through surgery. Five broken ribs and a lot of internal bleeding. Took a beating at some point. Probably the day before the warehouse. He went in alone for some info to see the Irish and came out pretty roughed up but he didn’t say anything.” He frowned. “I can take you to his room.”
Max took a deep breath and shook her head some "No...no I don't think we were followed." She said quietly. She sat there for a while until one of their men came in. She frowned deeply when he mentioned the beating and quickly got up "He...he never said anything about a beating.." she whispered while following him to Aaron's room.

Gareth took a deep breath and shook his head as Max made her way out "This has to be Rick's old partner...he's the only one that would know how to strike us like this." He said quietly
He was awake if more than a little groggy and just frowned seeing max come in. “Where’s my wife? I told them I want my wife.” He muttered, frowning when she came over and started picking up his hand. “No… no you can’t be touching me like that lady…. My wife won’t be happy.” He told her, his nurse explaining he was on a lot of morphine right now which was making him a little loopy.

She frowned but nodded, sitting back by Eddie again and sighed. “I bet the boys are so confused.” She mumbled, seeing Eddie waking up again a little and took his hand. “Hey there handsome… can you move your hands yet?” She asked him quietly, smiling at him to try and help him feel a little more at ease.
Max thanked the nurse as she explained why he was so loopy. She smiled some at him and giggled quietly "Oh really? Well what do you think she'd do if she knew I was touching you?" She teased softly just watching him some.

Eddie was staring at her and gave her hand a tighter squeeze this time. He frowned some and began to struggle some with the tube in his throat, his body finally starting to breathe on its own again.
She frowned and just smoothed his hair back, seeing a nurse come in to make adjustments. “Just a little longer sweetheart. They’ll take it out this afternoon.” She murmured, having him squeeze her hand until they had him a little more comfortable again.

Aaron shook his head and frowned. “She’s gonna yell at me… she can be really mean sometimes.” He poured a little. “But where is she? I want… I want her here.” He told her looking a little stressed. “I don’t wanna… I don’t wanna be here on my own.” He mumbled
Eddie squeezed her hand again as a sign of understanding. He kept his eyes on her trying to tug her but he didn't have the energy to do it.

Max frowned seeing the stressed look on his face and gave a nod "She is on her way, she asked for me to come sit with you. Got caught in traffic, apparently a three car pile up. Listen just try to rest okay? I'm sure she will be here when you wake up."
He just nodded, eventually passing out from all the drugs in his system, still not looking good

She smiled and leaned over, kissing his forehead. “I’m here. I can’t sit with you yet but I’m right here okay? Just gotta be patient puppy.”
Eddie grunted very softly but relaxed when he felt her kiss his forehead.

Max sighed heavily as she looked him over just concerned about him.
He woke up later in the afternoon feeling like he’d been hit by a truck and looked around a little disoriented before seeing max sitting there watching tv and he groaned quietly. “What time is it?” He asked her, his voice all croaky.

She smiled and gave his hand another squeeze. “We’re gonna get you better enough so we can get you home and you can rest and recover there with me and the boys.” She told him.
Max turned the TV down and put her attention on him when she heard his voice. She gave a small smile and squeezed his hand gently "Almost six." She said softly not realising at that point that tears were starting to fall from her eyes out of relief that he was doing okay now.

Eddie squeezed her hand again before his eyes started to get heavy and he started to drift off again. He was awake a few hours later and by that time they had taken him off of the ventilator. He groaned quietly his throat raw and dry from the tube that had been in him.
She smiled a little and reached for the cup of ice chips his nurse had dropped off a bit ago. “Do not go choking on these. Just suck em.” She murmured, kissing his cheek and putting one in his mouth. “Gonna help you get rid of that dry throat gently.”

Aaron frowned a little and closed his eyes, “what’s… wrong?” He asked quietly, opening his eyes again, seeing the wires everywhere and stitches, confused more than anything.
Eddie took the ice chips gracefully and a few minutes later he was feeling a bit better. He squeezed her hanf again and took a deep breath "Whats...whats the damage?" He croaked out.

Max frowned some and squeezed his hand gently "You had broken ribs and internal bleeding. They had to go in and repair everything." She explained to him.
She frowned and shook her head. “Uh uh no talking yet, take it slow.” She told him. “Tore up your left lung and got lodged in your spine. No spinal cord damage as far as they could tell. Lots of physio but you’re gonna be alright.” She told him, kissing his cheek.

He frowned and watched her, “I’ve had worse than that baby.” He mumbled, trying to stay awake but he was already exhausted again
Eddie gave a small nod and took a deep breath again as he listened to her. He squeezed her hand and shut his eyes a bit just starting to get tired again.

Max frowned deeply and nodded "True, but you aren't twenty anymore and you haven't.....you haven't...you've never coded before.." she said quietly biting back her bottom lip to try and keep her tears back.
He frowned and just watched her, still having no energy to move and gave her hand another squeeze “How bad?” He mumbled.

Carmen smiled, kissing his forehead. “Get some rest Eddie. I got entertainment enough. You need to rest.” She coaxed, worried sick about him still
Max took a deep breath "Four minutes....you were dead for four minutes." She said quietly letting a few tears fall as she looked at the floor.

Gareth came in with food for Carmen and smiled seeing Eddie drifting off "He doing good without the tube?"
He frowned a little and kept watching her, not knowing what to say to make it better or more accurately, knowing that nothing he said could make it better. “C’mere.” He mumbled trying to pull her closer.

She nodded. “They said he would probably make weird noises tonight but not to worry and that it’s normal.” She told him, “how long you gonna be here for?” She asked, starting to notice how gross she currently felt and wanting a shower
Max moved to lay her head on his good side and took deep breaths to calm herself "I love you so much Aaron." She said quietly

Gareth gave a small nod and shrugged "However long you want me here, I'll stay all night if needed."
He hummed in response but was already passing out again, still holding onto her hand as much as he could.

She nodded. “You okay to just stay while I go home and shower and change?” She asked stretching out a little.
Max stayed by his side not leaving him at all. It wasn't for another hour until the nurse came in to look him over "How are his charts? He is breathing okay."

Gareth gave her a soft smile and nodded "Yeah of course, go ahead." He told her before sitting down.
She thanked him and headed out, going straight home to get herself freshened up and hoping to be back before he woke up.

Gareth frowned when only a few minutes after Carmen had left Eddie was waking up again. “Hey… good to see you awake man. How you feeling?”

She frowned a little and checked everything over. “He’s doing alright so far, we want to get him moving here soon though to make sure we avoid clots. Someone will be down later on to help him get walking around…. He needs a physio test as well to make sure there wasn’t any damage sustained when his heart had stopped.” She explained to her
Eddie grunted softly and looked at Gareth "Like shit....can you get some....ice chips?" He muttered quietly

Max nodded some "I'll make sure he cooperates." She said softly before thanking the nurse and turning her attention back to Aaron.
Gareth nodded and went to tell one of the guys at the door, “Josh is gonna grab some…. We need to talk about Aaron.” He told him frowning. “He’s not doing great. That beating he took at Michaels? His heart gave out from it. Twice. He’s okay now but that was almost the end…. We gotta let him in on the know more.”

He woke up again hours later looking at max sitting with some lunch and frowned. “I’m gonna be sick.” He told her, frowning, trying to hock it in just a little longer
Eddie frowned deeply and gave a nod "Yeah do it, make sure he is alright." He muttered before taking a deep breath "Where is Carmen?"

Max quickly grabbed the trash can by his bed and held it up to him so he could let it out. She rubbed his back gently and soon pressed the call button to make sure this was normal.

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